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Them and when Max finds herself delivering a child in a peasant's hut she can't help wondering what History is up t. This is a TINY little story set in the St Mary's world and I have to say that whilst I did enjoy being with the characters and I love the fact that many of these are free on audio I just felt that this was a bit too short and not much happened It's about the team travelling to a place where they meet a lady about to give birth and have to help her It's a nice enough story but there's not a lot there so it was just an okay read for me Still good fun to be back in the world though and I do intend to read the rest of the shorts

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When a Child Is BornIt's Christmas Day Child Is eBook #10003 and a team from St Mary's When a Kindle is going to witness the coronati. Jodi Taylor’s very entertaining series about the St Mary’s time travelers rolls on into the Christmas of 1066 outside London where William the Conueror is being coronated at Westminster Abbey Except Dr “Max” Maxwell and her team find themselves assisting a Saxon woodcutter and his wife instead of observing the Norman king’s ascension But was the mission a failure after allTaylor’s erudition in history and her fluid prose make this short work come alive We see hear and smell a post Roman settlement and get a sense of the socio political climate of the timesFun entertaining and thought provoking Now on to the next story

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When a Child Is Born Free download ☆ 105 ↠ ✭ [PDF] ✪ When a Child Is Born By Jodi Taylor ✺ – Gwairsoft.co.uk It's Christmas Day 1066 and a team from St Mary's is going to witness the coronation of William the Conueror Or so they think However History seems to have different plans for them and when Max finds It'On of William the Conueror Or a Child Is Epub #218 so they think However History seems to have different plans for. Read all my reviews on When A Child Is Born takes place on Christmas though it is not that child that is born Max and her team end up being sidetracked while they are hiking towards William I's coronation It's short and sweet and it fits perfectly in the holiday seasonWhile I enjoyed it thoroughly all 20 or so pages of it it did seem a bit incongruent with the previously established laws of the series This is something that slightly bothered me throughout the whole series but here it is very clear It seems to me there is a regular switch in exactly how much they can interfere with historyNevertheless a sure recommendation to the fans of the series