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You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe world stopped in 1970 when Paul McCartney announced that he was through with the Beatles His statement not only marked the end of the band's remarkable career but also seemed to signal the demise of an era of unprecedented optimism in social history Though the Beatles' breakup was widely viewed as a cultural tragedy one of the most fascinating phases of their story was just about to begin Now for the first time You Never Give Me Your Mo A gripping enthralling record of the grotesue side effects of global fame and enormous richesYou Never Give Me Your Money The Battle For The Soul Of The Beatles” concludes with “The soul of the Beatles turned out to reside not in the boardroom of Apple Corps or the bank accounts of four multimillionaires but in the instinctive natural grace of their songs Their collective genius created something that not even money could destroy” It’s the perfect end to a fascinating book as for all the jaw dropping feuds and legal battles that characterised much of the aftermath of the Beatles Peter Doggett never loses sight of what made them so special in the first placeThis is only the second book I have read about The Beatles the first was the magnificent Revolution In The Head The Beatles Records and the Sixties by Ian Macdonald which is an indispensable guide to each and every track contextualising each song and thereby reminding the reader of why they're uniue and the most important pop group of all timeThis book by contrast is a grimly compelling look at the downside of fame and a global level of fame that few people can ever get to experience I suppose with the staggering amount of money at stake it is no surprise just how many people and organisations wanted a slice This and the byzantine contracts and companies set up during their brief career meant that simply walking away when they got sick of each other was never an option Instead there followed decades of feuding legal battles and lawsuits between The Beatles Apple EMICapitol Allen Klein and his company numerous other individuals even a lawsuit by Paul McCartney against the other Beatles to finally extricate himself from the group It’s all here and it is absolutely fascinating Meanwhile the lovehate relationships between the four ex Beatles and their partners especially Yoko continued along with endless uestions about a possible reunion which nearly happened times than I’d realised The book opens with John Lennon’s murder which is also explored later in the book This seismic event had huge implications for those that were left and even Lennon’s death could not stop the clamour for a reunion Ultimately what emerges here is just how damaging the experience of being a Beatle was to the four men in the eye of the hurricane and how it would always define and haunt them no matter what was to follow A gripping enthralling record of the grotesue side effects of global fame and enormous riches55

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doc Û You Never Give Me Your Money ✓ Paperback read À gwairsoft ´ ❧ You Never Give Me Your Money free download ➛ Author Peter Doggett – The world stopped in 1970 when Paul McCartney announced that he was through with the Beatles His statement not only markeFortune staked largely in Apple Corps You Never Give Me Your Money is a compelling human drama and an eually rich and absorbing story of the Beatles' creative and financial empire set up to safeguard their interests but destined to control their lives From tragedy to triumphant reunion and chart success to courtroom battles this meticulously researched work tells the previously untold story of a group and a legacy that will never be forgott Very detailed account of the Beatles post break up In depth in terms of all the lawsuits lawyers contracts drama and presents many cases for the Beatles calling it a career as a group I laughed out loud near the end of the book when George Harrison was told that someone was selling crusts of bread that he didn't eat for money Harrison said that it was all bogus due to the fact that he always ate his bread over breakfast The sad fact was that over the 1970's two or three of the Beatles would be up for getting together but there was always one who would abstain Doggett is a master of detail and leaves nothing out He had interviewed a lot of people with knowledge of the Beatles and is uite thorough in his research and documentation I highly recommend the book for anyone with an interest in The Beatles and why they called in a career in 1970

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Ney tells the behind the scenes story of the personal rivalries and legal feuds that have dominated the Beatles' lives since 1969 Journalist Peter Doggett charts the Shakespearean battles between Lennon and McCartney the conflict in George Harrison's life between spirituality and fame and the struggle with alcoholism that threatened to take Richard Starkey's life In vivid detail Doggett also describes the wild mismanagement of the Beatles' Speaking as a super fan of the Beatles I can honestly say I was never one of those people who thought the group should reform as it seemed that the results could only be disappointing However that doesn't mean that informal collaboration should have been impossible It took years for the acrimony to die down sufficiently especially between John and Paul Then in 1976 they made tentative plans to get together in New Orleans to write songs together Lennon's Lost Weekend was ending and he had just released Walls and Bridges And perhaps just as importantly he was still with May Pang who McCartney did not view as an antagonist However an afternoon meeting with Yoko that was to last perhaps an hour or two turned into an invitation to stay permanently He never went back to the apartment he and Pang shared and remained a recluse in the Dakota until shortly before his murder in 1980 Did Yoko exert some strange mind control over John? Perhaps not but this strange story is just one of the frustrating tidbits that make you wonder if things might have turned out differently if he had not had not gone back However Yoko was not the only problem as it turns out George still resented Paul for being bossy during the Let It Be sessionsAlthough there is nothing radically new here the battles involving Allen Klein are well known and he doesn't actually come off all that badly; I am not used to such a relentless barrage of unpleasantness when reading about the Beatles They fared better than other 1960's bands whose entire earnings were stolen outright by thoroughly dishonest crooks and never recovered However a lot of money was wasted on lawyers for no good reasonFor me the most depressing parts of this book deal with the deaths of John and George and the effects on the survivors A lot has been written on John Lennon's last day but I didn't have all the details on George who was famously the victim of a crazed intruder The hideousness and extent of his injuries was downplayed at the time and are revealed here His pre existing cancer which was in remission almost certainly came back because of the physical and psychological injury resulting from being stabbed 40 timesHell even good natured Ringo does not come away entirely unscathed I'm glad I read this but it is definitely not for anyone looking for a fun nostalgia trip