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Download Happiness for Beginners Epub å 320 pages Ç [Download] ➵ Happiness for Beginners By Katherine Center – A year after getting divorced Helen Carpenter thirty two lets her annoying ten years younger brother talk her into signing up for a wilderness survival course It's supposed to be a chance forA year after getting divorced Helen Carpenter thirty two lets her annoying ten years younger brother talk her into signing up for a wilderness survival course It's supposed to be a chance for her to pull herself together again but when she discovers that her brother's even annoying best friend is also coming on the trip she can't i Omg I had such a lovehate relationship with this book but I loved it so much I'm so glad I read it for one of my book groups or I might have missed it I did get this through the library Overdrive but I have since put the paperback on my wishlist Sometimes there are just those books that get to you It might not be the whole book it might be bits pieces It was just that for me There were parts that got to me that I want to insert into my own life Just little bits that I can put in a notebook to help with my journey with mental illness This book is just a novel that touched my heart in some weird way And that's all that matters to me Mel ❤️

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Magine how it will be anything other than a disaster Thus begins the strangest adventure of Helen's well behaved life three weeks in the remotest wilderness of a mountain range in Wyoming where she will survive mosuito infestations a surprise summer blizzard and a group of sorority girlsYet despite everything the vast wilderness ha 5 stars “Don’t be a Helen” Happiness for Beginners wasn’t just a story it was a journey This author will take you on a journey of epic proportions It’s witty fun and fantastic I wanted to amaze everybody including myself My own personal campaign of shock and awe Helen Carpenter has just made the list as one of my favorite heroines ever This thirty two year old divorcee decides after a year of being alone she needs an adventure So she goes on the adventure of a lifetime Forget the fact that she’s not a hiker isn’t huge into nature and has never done anything like this before she decides to take a walk on the wild side To go on a retreat into the wilderness For three weeks She has her reasons things she wants to accomplish and she’s bound and determined to do it • Find a deeper spiritual connection to nature• Push myself beyond my physical and emotional limitations• Rise up from my own ashes like a phoenix• Toughen the hell up• Become awesome• Kick the wilderness’s ass• Earn a damned certificateI really really wanted a Certificate Helen isn’t alone on this three week long survival course Nope Her brothers best friend who happens to be ten years younger than her is going too When she finds out that Jake will be there she’s not excited in the least but she comes around Jake is in his early twenties and has had the biggest crush on Helen since the moment he met her Jake is a wonderful hero and even though he can be a little dense at times I still loved him to pieces I truly loved the relationship Jake had with Helen’s brother Duncan How he taught her to see him a different way It was one of my favorite things about this one “You’re going to start seeing him with kinder eyes I know you are”“I am?”
“Yep” Jake said nodding “Once I show you how to see him the way I do you won’t go back” 
Though there is a great love story incorporated in this book that is not the focus Helen and her journey and growth is the focus These three weeks in the wilderness make up the bulk of the book It’s a fabulous journey with some fantastically fun characters who have crazy nicknames for one another and have a heck of a lot of fun together on this crazy trip As I finished the book and was talking to a friend about it she mentioned how she thought this would make a great movie I agree wholeheartedly This would make a fantastic movie I would love to see this story on the big screen Helen achieves most of her goals during her time in the wilderness I’ve got to tell you I think she is just an epic character She was snarky funny and completely relatable I want everyone to read this book if only to meet Helen She made me laugh and I just adored her This isn’t the kind of book I normally pick up so I’m glad a friend recommended it and I made time to read it I really loved it and give it a 5 star rating

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Happiness for BeginnersS a way of making Helen's own little life seem bigger too And somehow the people who annoy her the most start teaching her the very things she needs to learn Like how to stand up for herself And how being scared can make you brave And how sometimes you just have to get really really lost before you can even have a hope of being fou 45 stars rounded to 5 bright very bright starsPPS OK I am back exactly one year after first posting this review on May 30 2019 and awarding 45 stars See my PS at the bottom of the review The reason I am back is that after one year I still think about this book and harbor very fond memories for the characters and the messages of the story I am now sure it will be making my “ All Time Book Hall of Fame“ as I lie on my death bed sometime far in the future I’ve come to the conclusion that this is nowhere near a 45 star book Nor is is anywhere near a 5 star book This is a 10 star book I don’t care what you say Goodreads—honesty is the best policy And my epilogue disappointment has been solved as well by Ms Center who has masterfully addressed that issue in her new book What You Wish For highly recommended Thanks Ms Center OK end of PPSDang I looooove this author I was incredibly happy reading her latest two books but gosh this may be the best of the threeOK so I’m knocking ½ point off my rating I’m really trying to be tough this year So because it took 15% of the book for me to totally fall in love with Jake and Helen I’m taking a stand and pulling back 01 star I will explain the other 04 of that lost section of a star below It pains me to do this but I’m trying to be a tougher girl when it comes to my reviews Anyway I can still give 5 stars by rounding up Clever eh? I’m having my cake being a tough girl and eating it too mushing over this book Thirty two year old Helen’s life is stagnating after a tragic childhood and a recent divorce from a not so great guy She’s going nowhere fast though she still has the meanest dog in the world that she does love That’s about it Jake has his issues too Plus he has been harboring some secret desires for uite some time nowThese two obviously mismatched people end up on a Cheryl Strayed type hike kind of in an effort to find themselves Well that’s Helen’s motivation anyway In an effort to reboot her life by taking in the wonders of nature she is willing to submit to such torture as no soap no TP who knew pinecones work? plenty of blisters lots of near death misses and less? Along the way we meet a motley crew of others who complete a most interesting roster of charactersThis book has it all laugh out loud humor MY kind of humor to boot a cool setting Wyoming mountains adventure angst clever as hell dialogue and even a bar mitzvah But most of all it has fantastic well drawn memorable characters And feelings Plenty of warm teary and cheery feelings Sigh Just the bestOh it also has an epilogue Some of you know I love epilogues The other 04 star was lost as this epilogue takes place about 10 minutes after the last chapter ended That’s cheating in my book as that’s not an epilogue that’s just another chapter I wanted an epilogue that takes place at least a year and preferably much farther down the line Oh well Ms Center gives us the faintest glimpse of the future in this pseudo epilogue but I still feel gypped I do want to leave on a high note here and mention that a gem of a sidelight for reading this book is that while you are reading Helen and Jake’s story you just may develop a better grasp of what happiness truly is and real tips about how to go about finding it For realBut oh I’m so sad this book is over I do not do do overs I do not reread books as there are so many I want to get to the first time around But if I did do do overs this would definitely be on the do over list But who knows how I’ll feel by the time I hit the nursing home I might just have to get myself my own copy of this little masterpiece just in case I change my mind and decide do a do overI super highly recommend Happiness for Beginners to anyone who can readMany thanks to the Hennepin County Library of Minneapolis and the Libby app for the fab opportunity to read and review this book PS I reserve the right to come back and give back the ½ star I stole from this book if my toughness dissolves A distinct possibility