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DOC Ô READER The Blindspots Between Us Þ GWAIRSOFT ´ ❮Epub❯ ➟ The Blindspots Between Us Author Gleb Tsipursky – When what you think you know gets in the way—this eye opening guide offers a clear path to forging stronger healthier and meaningful relationshipsWe all want positivWhen what you think you know gets in the way this eye opening guide offers a clear path to forging stronger healthier and meaningful relationshipsWe all want positive productive and genuine relationships whether it’s with our family friends peers coworkers or romantic partners And yet time and time again we all seem to make the same thinking errors that threaten or sabotage these relationships These errors are called cognitive bias and they happen when Gleb Tsipursky combines cutting edge research and pragmatic case studies to show the kind of problems that result from falling into these mental blindspots More importantly The Blindspots Between Us offers science based strategies that anyone can adopt immediately to address the problems caused by our relationships because of cognitive biases helping their relationships not only survive but thrive”

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Motives You’ll also learn to consider other people’s points of view and past experiences before rushing to judgment and potentially undermining your relationshipsBeing a human is hard None of us are perfect and we all have our blindspots that can get in the way of building the relationships we really and truly want deep down This much needed book will help you identify your own blindspots and move beyond them for better relationships and a better wor Most of us don’t want others to misunderstand us and most of us also want to clearly understand others We all generally want to have our interpersonal relations with family friends business associates and just casual acuaintances flow smoothly Nevertheless we regularly find ourselves in situations in which we or those we interact with inadvertently cause confusion hurt feelings and distrust through miscommunication If you’ve experienced this problem then cognitive neuroscientist and behavioral economist Gleb Tsipursky PhD has written the book for you In his new book The Blindspots Between Us Dr Tsipursky who full disclosure is a friend of mine brings together in a concise yet substantive manner over 15 year of research teaching and consulting on “cognitive biases” that is modes of thinking that are hard wired into our brains These biases served humans well in their relatively simple prehistoric environment but often lead us astray in our highly complex modern world In a series of short highly readable chapters illustrated with examples from his own work and life Dr Tsipursky discusses several categories of these biases and provides techniues for “debiasing” that is for recognizing and counteracting these biases in large part by fully understanding how others view the world in order to improve our relationships BSBU is an excellent companion to another recent book by Dr Tsipursky Never Go With Your Gut which deals with cognitive biases specifically in the business arenaAt any time a book such as BSBU written before the emergence of the new coronavirus would be an important contribution to enhancing our lives by improving how we communicate with and understand each other But in the present context as I write this in mid April 2020 the COVID 19 emergency has made it glaringly obvious how important it is not just for the uality of our relationships but for our livelihoods and very lives that we understand our world and the motivations and goals of ourselves and others in clear rational terms For example recognizing how the Optimism and Pessimism Biases BSBU pages 125 139 may impact our views on when the economy should be restarted or on the trajectory of the coronavirus is literally a matter now of life and death Where do we fall on the Authority Bias BSBU pages 148 153 our tendency to give credence to authority figures than we objectively should when we try to determine which authorities or experts to heed on the danger of COVID 19? These are only two examples but every chapter of BSBU provides practical insights and guidance on how to assess the dynamics that impact both our personal lives and the entire global community

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The Blindspots Between UsOur brain attempts to simplify information by making assumptionsGrounded in evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy CBT The Blindspots Between Us reveals the most common “hidden” cognitive biases that blind us to the truth and which lead to the misunderstandings that damage our relationships With this guide you’ll learn key skills to help you debias to stop pause and objectively observe situations before jumping to conclusions about others’ As the podcast host of Brokenhearted I interviewed Gleb on about this book and here's what I think this book is my new go to for navigating how I show up in my interpersonal relationships So much discord and heartbreak for that matter can be avoided if we all make the conscious choice to view the world from a different lens The Blindspots Between Us provides a brilliant starting point for doing the necessary inner work to acknowledge and accept what cognitive biases are standing in the way of harmonious interactions with the important people in our lives