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Lost and Fondue A Cheese Shop Mystery #2 characters Ï 5 Å ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Lost and Fondue A Cheese Shop Mystery #2 By Avery Aames ✸ – Gwairsoft.co.uk When a body is found in a long abandoned winery cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessette trades in her fondue fork for a flashlight to clear a friend's nieOtte Bessette trades in her fondue fork for a flashlight to clear a friend's niece of sus. Charlotte Bessette owner of the Fromagerie Cheese Shop is helping her best friend Meredith throw a fund raiser to create a liberal arts college out of an abandoned winery The winery is rud to have some lost treasure hidden somewhere on the prooerty When Meredith's niece an art student and some of her friends arrive for the eventart exhibition there is much drama between them ending in a shocking deathMany of the characters seemed a bit one dimensional in this one and were freuently annoying Meredith was uite scatterbrained and was constantly barging into the police chief's office to give her opinion on the identity of the murderer I enjoyed the first book in the series much than this one On the positive side the series has some really interesting titles

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When a body is found in Fondue A PDF #197 a long abandoned winery cheese shop owner Charl. Lost and Fondue by Avery Aames is the second book in the Cheese Shop Mystery series A fundraiser is held at an abandoned winery which is to be turned into an art college Unfortunately one of the student artists is killed at the event and there is talk of a hidden treasure I enjoyed this book very much and I loved catching up with Charlotte and the other cheese shop characters I drooled over the cheese descriptions and the recipes sound delicious The mystery was well written and I look forward to catching up with the series

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Lost and Fondue A Cheese Shop Mystery #2Picion But as Charlotte starts to turn up the truth the killer starts turning up the heat. The newest installment to Aames’ enjoyable Cheese Shop Mysteries should definitely carry a disclaimer Do not read on an empty stomach In addition to the feisty cast of characters and light murder mystery you’ll find yourself being led down a path of culinary delight making you want to run not walk to the nearest cheese shop for a tasty biteCharlotte Bessette Fromagerie Bessette’s owner is always ready to lend a helping hand and when Meredith Charlotte’s best friend asks her to cater a small fundraiser she’s game Only the party seems monumental when the menu is changed a day in advance the guests exceed fifty and the folklore that billows around the site begins to course rapidly through townThe old and abandoned Ziegler Winery does not have a pleasant past but it could have a bright future if Meredith has anything to say about it One major hurdle—other than the building’s illustrious past and the rumor of buried pirate booty hidden somewhere on the grounds—screeches everyone and everything to an immediate halt when the body of a young artist is found in the dilapidated wine cellar In life this former stud had a raging temper and a serious jealous streak but no obvious suspects stand outEver helpful opinionated Charlotte can’t refrain from adding her amateur sleuthing skills into the mix If truth be told she’s technically forced into it when the Sheriff heads in an investigatory direction that many disagree withReaders can always tell when an author loves what they do and it’s clearly the case with Avery Aames The town of Providence and its charming cast is a place worth visiting Reviewed by Shannon Raab for Suspense Magazine