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Past who have known God deeply Each person helps you to grasp one of the seven primary paths to intimacy with God that have been developed throughout Christian history Chapters are divided into sections each segment surrounding a key figure and concluding with a reflection and prayer This rich resource can guide you into the same deep intimacy with God opening you to the Spirit's work of transformati This is a re read for me It's probably my third time through this guide into seven paths of Christian devotion The great cloud of witnesses always calls to me I need this refreshing in my life to prime the pump in my prayer life

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Longing for God Seven Paths of Christian Devotion2010 Christianity Today Book Award winner 2010 Golden Canon Leadership Book Award winner Think of the moment you last experienced God Do you know him that closely in this moment? Truly experiencing the love of God gives us a taste of his goodness and his love for us but often those moments are fleeting We get distracted by life Our awareness and understanding fade while our longing to experience him Great book Think of it as spiritual biography This volume looks at seven different pathwaysframeworks that the church has historically used in understanding the spiritual life in general and spiritual formation in particular For each pathway three to four historical figures are featured each among the great names in Christian spirituality throughout the centuries Gayle Beebe who wrote most of this volume and who is an amazing scholar and writer I look forward to his next book begins each chapter with an analysis of that particular figure's thought and their contribution to the church's thinking on spiritual formation Each chapter ends with a shorter reflection by Richard Foster who brings a deep familiarity and experience to each figure's work One gets the feeling that Foster has spent considerable time with each historical figure understanding their thoughts practicing the different disciplines that each recommends etcI read this book like a devotional spending two to three days on each historical figure It was fascinating as biography as well as spiritually nourishing For those enjoying this volume and finding themselves wanting I suggest Foster's Devotional Classics and Lawson's Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians Highly recommended

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Read Longing for God Seven Paths of Christian Devotion doc ☆ Hardcover ´ gwairsoft ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➷ Longing for God Seven Paths of Christian Devotion ➯ Author Richard J. Foster – 2010 Christianity Today Book Award winner 2010 Golden CanonThat way again increases In these pages you can begin to fill that longing by developing your capacity to receive and respond to God's love Spiritual formation is the process through which one's inner self is opened to the work of the Holy Spirit who forms us into the image of the Son Here Richard Foster and Gayle Beebe both experienced leaders in spiritual formation introduce you to people from the This was a good book but it was stuck in the middle It not only covered seven approaches to spiritual growth it covered them from St Augustine to the 20th century So he discussed so many people The reason I say it's stuck in the middle is that each person was given not enough space to fully embrace It felt like a lot of the book was reading bullet point summaries of historical figures and cliff notes summaries of their books Just when I'd think I wasn't going to read any he would start applying the ideas to modern life and the book would come back to lifeSo I think he could have shortened the book fewer examples of each path or lengthened the book gone deeper into each example and it would have been much better So if you're up for plowing through a lot of historical and literature summaries then this is a good book But if you're looking for a devotional book not the best Sadly not the best historical book either It's somewhere in the middle