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T talked about writer to come out of Chile since Bolaño” New York Times Book Review are distinguished by their striking originality their brevity their strangeness and their flouting of narrative convention Now at the height of his powers Zambra returns with a book that is the natural extension of these ualities Multiple Choice   Written in the form of a standardized test Multiple Choice invites the reader to complete virtuoso language exercises and engage with short narrative passages via multiple choice uestions that are thought provoking usually u. This work is all kinds of novel Chilean novelist Zambra really puts us through our paces by making us actually participate in the process of his fiction He gives us choices on how to finish his sentences He starts simply enough asking us to decide which word has no relation to the words given The structure of the book copies the Verbal section of the Chilean Academic Aptitude Test reuired of all applicants to university in Chile Our minds race with the possibilities he’s given us and we can be as cynical and hard eyed or hilarious and droll as any teenager in marking the answers and thinking of our own Next comes “Sentence Order” and the test maker is acting like a disaffected teenager himself his sentences starting out short and perhaps only a little sarcastic progressing to longer sentences that sound bitter and angry to his last uestion featuring a page of sentences we are meant to order including words like “pain” and “tumor” and “going from the general to the specific” and mentioning General Pinochet for the first timeThe section marked “Sentence Completion” is pretty easy because the test maker does not give us as many choices as he might have He seems almost to be steering us We can’t just think up answershe is strong arming us to conclusions as a result of his sentences We chafe a little under his direction In the penultimate section “Sentence Elimination” we start getting the feel of the potentiality in this form Zambia here reminds me of a famous Chekhov monologue called “The Evils of Tobacco” In that monologue a distinguished educator who has been asked to give a speech on tobacco veers off topic into the state of his health what he likes to eat and how he despairs of his wife Our test maker in “Sentence Elimination” starts with short sentences though they are already evocative and gradually starts talking about family a hated father government eliminations and other soul baring terrors We forget which sentence to eliminate The final section “Reading Comprehension” evokes Saramago Remember in All the Names Saramago created a government functionary who was supposed to do a boring job filing the names of all the folks who died That bureaucrat started getting creative investigating the deaths instead of just filing them away Well here our test maker uite loses his detachment and begins a long confession on how he learned to cheat on tests and how it brought his cheating classmates togetheronly to further disclose how his classmates lived loved playedYou get the picture In the final uestions to test comprehension we see that he has lost all objectivity and is telling us instead what he has learnedBravo Zambra The form fulfills its potential Translated by Megan McDowell

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FacsímilNanswerable and often absurd It offers a new kind of reading experience one where the reader participates directly in the creation of meaning Full of humor melancholy and anger Multiple Choice is about love and family privacy and the limits of closeness how a society is affected by the legacies of the past and the conviction that rather than learning to think we are trained to obey and repeat Serious in its literary ambition but playful in its execution Multiple Choice confirms Alejandro Zambra as one of the most important writers working in any language. If this were graded I doubt I would receive better than a C Presented in test format I found this to be too much work and often confusing This could be a brilliant stylistic choice but I tired of it uickly 25 stars

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Facsímil Read  eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ ✼ Facsímil Epub ✿ Author Alejandro Zambra – Gwairsoft.co.uk “ Multiple Choice is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before Reading this book is a wonderfully disconcerting and unforgettable experience” —Francisco Goldman author of Say Her Name   “ Multipl“ Multiple Choice is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before Reading this book is a wonderfully disconcerting and unforgettable experience” Francisco Goldman author of Say Her Name   “There is no writer like Alejandro Zambra no one as bold as subtle as funny Multiple Choice is his most accomplished work yet This book is not to be missed”  Daniel Alarcón author of At Night We Walk In Circles A masterful pioneering new work of fiction by “Latin America’s new literary star” The New Yorker   The works of Alejandro Zambra “the mos. A magnificent collision between Dadaism literature A radical experiment that depicts a solemn reality behind much artifice minutiae It is risky Overall one great find for me at the Denver Public Library as per usual