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Free read ¼ Paper in My Shoe 100 ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Paper in My Shoe By Catherine Yronwode – Learn how to craft spiritual name paper links to distant people employ written commands to get your way in life use printed prayers and paper currency in candle spells and carry prepared papers on you Learn how to craft spiritualLearn how to craft spiritual name paper links to distant people employ written commands to get your way in life use printed. THis thin little volume is packed with information on practical spell craft There is no theory or theology in this onestraight up Hoodoo spell craft involving written petitions Written by Cathererine Yronwode a foremost authority on Hoodoo this books tells how to use written petition in Hoodoo Using the written word for magic has a long history in magic going all the way back to the Sumerian times THe Sumerians would use clay bowls with writing that started from the edge and made it's way to  the center That way when demon's read it they  would go all the way to the center of the bowl and be trapped ANother version has it going in the opposite direction THe sumerians were not the only ones to use writing in magic THe Greeks used lead tablets to write down spells AFter writing what they wanted they would fold the lead sheet and nail it shut From their they would throw it into a body of water or bury it in a graveyard THe Norse used rune staffs to cast magic spellsAmong the several techniue taught are how to make a name paper a paper petition and some cool ways to write words to increase the effect Written parchment can be carried on your person made into a mojo bag even burned with the ashes being swallowed or used as a linament Uses for these techniues include money spells love spells protection spells and crossing spell Would like to give you an example of eachFor example if you are a gambler you might get a whole nutmeg and wrap it with a signalized two dollar bill including a mercury dime Fold the money toward you A simple mojo to attract love would be to write out a suare name paper of the person you wish to attract Fold it into a packet along with dried rose petal coriander seed tonk a bean and the person's hair Once complete you can keep this as part of your person A good protection spell would involve writing psalm 91 on paper and then burning it to ash This could be mixed water for drinking or rubbed in as part of a massage oilDynamite comes in small packages and this book though 96 pages is loaded with techniues For all you spell casters this book is for you

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Prayers and paper currency in candle spells and carry prepared papers on your person for mastery and control Paper in My Shoe. A second book in the collection that I have come to like very much the progressions and possession of Ive also landed a signed copy of this one as well There are a great amount of components that I use to repackage sigil work now thanks to this I also love how Catherine breaks down scripture to show how it reconciles occult teachings throughout and some can be really harsh You really have to work on self development in the mindset a lot prior to this It can be easy to use some of the information in bane ways although its not expressed This is definitely a book to keep on hand for sure

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Paper in My ShoeIs a practical manual that will teach you the art of written magic in the African American traditions of Hoodoo and Rootwork. First reading September 22 2016 October 2 2016 Very good It's one of those books I wish I could give seven stars to but can't So it's stuck with only five Try not to judge it by its early twentieth century looking cover It's not as cheesy as it might seem to be on the surface Some of what I liked about the book were It gave thirty pages of historical background which was very nice good line illustrations clear detailed instructions even if they did feel like baby steps flexible ways of doing some of the same things and examples of different goals There's not many books out there that can walk me through instructions in such a way that I can actually see myself doing them That gives me a lot of satisfaction I can imagine it giving my artistic abilities something to do besides empty activities without purpose Very practical very useful For a book with only ninety six pages it had the feel of a little over two hundred and fifty I had to put it down several times to absorb what I readand to let my imagination run amok with possibilities There was a lot of info there yet it felt compact I'll probably go back and refer to it often as with the other books by both this author and publishers I don't usually do that with booksEdit second reading June 5 2020 June 20 2020 This review was posted during Black Lives Matter Reloaded The Coronavirus The book is just as good as when I read it the first time Last time it seemed I was just reading it; this time I was really getting into actually studying and analyzing it So why was I doing that when it’s only ninety six pages and I read it already After all there’s not a lot of books that are good enough to give a second runthrough to Well when things are practically getting nuked all around you and you want to get some useful ideas it doesn’t hurt to go over what you read to get a better understanding After all it’s a lockdown plus things are shifting at the same time like there’s no tomorrow And as of this time CHAZ anyone How about statues being pulled down I doubt this will be over anytime soon If anything there’ll probably be even coming News moves fast and breaks things So I thought I should reread something that could give me something practical and necessarysomething I could really use like Right tf Now Because things are kind of chaotic at the moment Well in rereading this I found things I missed Either that or else maybe I just read it even deeper this time than I did before This book seems to have been divided into three basic parts although they weren’t that clear and obvious at first glance First the book gives background history setting the stage for what comes later The premise goes like this Much of the use of writing and artwork for magical purposes can be found globally and historically in a number of different forms some rather ingenious So what this part seems to say is that when you do this kind of work you’re not just inventing something out of thin air although hey don’t you wish you did But oh wellon the other hand at least no one can accuse you of inventing things as you went either You got evidence to the contrary Second comes the process Apparently you’re not stuck with just doing it one way as if any other way is the wrong way You’re not restricted to just using paper using pens or pencils or to a strict form I tend to lean toward being a perfectionist and absolutist so if the traditionalist in me thinks there’s only one proper way of doing something because that’s the only way I think it’ll work I’ll go to the mat over it But the other side of me creative me who sees opportunities to be a rule breaker sees this book as giving me the means and the opportunity to play with some possibilities and see what works Who knows They might work even better The final part takes up the lion’s share of this short book I made the mistake of just seeing nothing but a bunch of spells you can try out but on second reading I discovered these spells were actually examples of how papers and other kinds of writing can be incorporated into ever complex ways The showcase is not the spells themselves The showcase are the examples on different ways of how using the base element in this case the writing can be included in spells with pretty much any intention in mind So my suggestion is to not to let sections about this spell or that spell distract you Don’t look at the spell Look at how each spell is constructed You can go back and use it in whole or in part later but for now take each spell apart in your head notice where the paper or whatever is located in the spell analyze which component or ingredient that’s also included represents what which actions in execution symbolize what and then mentally put the spell back together again as you would a clock or recipe What amazed me is just how much I might have missed when I read this book the first time aroundor else how much I forgot At least now I read the book even slower to get a better understanding of the materialor at least that’s what I think I did As simple as this book looks on the surface there’s a lot there to digest And yeah once again I had to put the book down a few times so I can absorb what I read I even got to sleep on the info but not on the bookthat would have been bad Some things just haven’t changed I’m kind of sure I’ll revisit it again