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Servants of the Crossed Arrows Rifter #2 Free read ✓ 108 ´ [Reading] ➷ Servants of the Crossed Arrows Rifter #2 Author Ginn Hale – John hatches a desperate plan that lands him in the middle of a battle while Kahlil takes on a final missionWhen John opens a letter addressed to his missing roomJohn hatches a desperate plan that the Crossed Epub #221 lands him in the middle of a battle while Kahlil takes on a final missionWhen John opens a letter addressed to his. 35 StarsThis is only book two of ten and I’m already stumped as how to review such a complex slowly unfolding plot Not only is it hard to talk about without giving things away that deserve to be earned by each reader but it’s also a total mindfck of high fantasy storytelling and I mean that in the nicest way possibleThe story itself is impressively executed with engaging and complex characters and stellar world building that just won’t uit and although at this point in time I’m largely just sitting around scratching my head as to what the fck is happening I feel like just enough is being revealed at the most teasing and tantalising pace that I’m nothing but intrigued to keep reading to find out Now hardcore romance readers best beware that this is a slooooowwww burn of epic proportions with the MCs hardly even spending any page time together as of yet but I have a good warm and fuzzy feeling that John and Kyle's love story will be one for the literary ages

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Missing room mate Kyle he expects to find a Servants of PDFEPUB or house key but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic mysticism revolutionaries and assassins. Son of a BiscuitGimmee I am so glad I was not involved in waiting for subseuent installments Sweet mercy NEXTPlot thickens as assassination is in the works lost things are found and things unknown appear knowing

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Servants of the Crossed Arrows Rifter #2Though he struggles to escape John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he share with Kyle to wake the destroyer god of the Crossed MOBI #239 the Rifter and shatter a world. uestions uestions uestions that's all I have right now I'm trusting my GR buddies who assure me all will be revealed and than that; I am trusting Ginn Hale to guide me and spell it out with pretty picturesPicking up exactly where The Shattered Gates left off The story has split into two definitive arcs perhaps it already had one follows John seven months after entering Basawara and the other Kahlil two years later don't ask I can't begin to tell you how or why I could say I don't want to spoiler you but I would be lying my arse off ha I haven't a clue insert nervous giggle The story is moving along uickly and I'm tripping over my feet to keep up but I'm getting there I thinkI need to take back what I said about John He is NOT a geeky self centered coward He is anything BUT that damn I really had him figured out all wrong He is ALL man strong and brave and uite cunning Consider me impressed It would seem the desolate wasteland and seclusion suits him I need to mention that he scrubs up really well too really well John wins me over when he turns a potentially deadly situation into an opportunity that may or may not be to his Bill and Lexi's advantage I mean we are dealing with people who burn strangers and heretics alive here I'll continue to chew my fingers while I wait and seeKahlil has been taken in and cared for in exchange for his eruse of talent His mind is still broken but his body is whole; haunted by visions in his dreams he struggles to put together images of a past he must have lived His new mission leads him on the most dangerous of uests to face an opponent that may even rival the Kahlil himself insert drum roll Has he met his match drum roll fadeIt's all fascinating stuff and the I read the invested I'm becoming I just wish I knew what the bleeding heck was going on I best keep reading to find out huh Well onward