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Sleep Has His House Peter Owen Modern Classic Summary Ë 104 ↠ ❴Reading❵ ➺ Sleep Has His House Peter Owen Modern Classic Author Anna Kavan – A classic later novel by Anna Kavan A largely autobiographical account of an unhappy childhood this daring synthesis of memoir and surrealBe sharpened or decoded by contemplation in the dark Revealing that side of life which is never seen by the waking Has His House Peter Owen PDF eye but which dreams and drugs can suddenly emphasize this startling discovery illustrates how these nighttime illuminations reveal the narrator's joy for the living wor. I was tempted to give only 3 stars as I can't say it was a novel that floored me But seeing as I read it with a tired flickering world filled mind this lack of a strong connection may have been my fault than hers Beautifully written as one would expect from Kavan and emotionally rich I just think it is one of those works where one needs to be in the right place to receive it

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Ce from childhood adolescence and youth are described in what is defined as nighttime language a heightened decorative prose that frees these events from their gloomy associationsThe novel suggests we have all spoken Has His House PDFEPUB #228 this dialect in childhood and in our dreams but these thoughts can only. Described as a memoir Sleep Has His House charts a loosely connected course through dream time in order to tell the story of an isolated childhood and adolescence leading into a full scale retreat from society In between the dream seuences are straightforward bits of prose that help to maintain the tenuous chronology There are also recurring characters including Kavan's mother that serve as anchors within the dream textsI read most of this book on a series of nights lying in bed as sleep slowly curled into my consciousness I think this affected my reading of the book to the point where I didn't want to pick it up in daylight I also think it enriched my dreams although I did not specifically dream of the book But I did experience something new in one dream in speaking to someone I made a reference to a place I have only been to in my dreams; to my knowledge it does not exist in waking life I woke the next morning elatedThis book is said to be a Surrealist experiment although I don't think Kavan identified herself with Surrealism To me labeling it as such cheapens Kavan's achievement I think it's better to approach the book without any preconceived notions Consider reading it at night as your eyes slowly begin to close and you loiter at the edge of dream life

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Sleep Has His House Peter Owen Modern ClassicA classic later novel by Anna Kavan A His House PDF #10003 largely autobiographical account of an unhappy childhood this daring synthesis of memoir and surrealist experimentation chronicles the subject's gradual withdrawal from the daylight world of received Sleep Has Kindle reality Brief flashes of daily experien. A progressive withdrawal from the outside world from sun and reality from the true as accepted by consensus A retreat into oneself away from a comforting ersatz reality repeatedly rejected as unreal a duplicitous truth tarnished by tendrils of harsh falsity a retreat into a darkened inner womb world tomb world which for this troubled brilliant writer voice seems to contain much personal truth than that beyond Or is the self as deceptive as the otherOh Anna Kavan is this as they say your murk shaded memoir of a childhood of resistance against the sun blind day you were pointed into by rough authoritative hands Or a novel of the welcome embrace of madness that stands just inside the threshhold of genius Your surrealist paint smears of recollection and dream reformed into a new narrative of determined escape Or an essay on the dangers of two universes that struggle constantly for domination in each of us without and within Is the bright and sun burned plaza or the noirest of under cellars the guilty of obfuscationAs impossible prose this is magnificent and even at its most delirious there seems enough outside attachment imposition to give it meaning It's a slippery half seen meaning yes one that I find myself continually in struggle with Kavan for meaning that is a fight to keep hold of against her continuous receding receding receding back along those shaded interior horizons without end But I can feel the significance that lurks here anyway the burningly real precarious as its position may become And so this stands with Kavan's even finer Ice I am sucker for its plotting and glacial imagery as example of the kind of surrealism whose reeling insanity never reels entirely beyond the pale of some kind of half felt or often fully felt urgent purpose And so keep retreating Anna I can still see you see you see you