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Strange Tide Bryant May #13 Download Ô 102 ¿ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Strange Tide Bryant May #13 Author Christopher Fowler – The river Thames is London’s most important yet neglected artery When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide no one can understand how she came to be drowned there AtClubs of North London it proves as murkily sinister as the Thames itself That’s only part of the problem Bryant’s rapidly deteriorating condition prevents him from handling the case and he is confined to home To make matters worse May makes a fatal error of judgement that knocks him out of Tide Bryant May eBook #8608 action and places everyone at riskWith the PCU staff baffled as much by their own detectives as the case the only people who can help now are the battery of eccentrics B. 35 starsI made a rookie mistake and started a series right in the middle without any background at all in my defence audible lured me into it as this one was on special shame on meI enjoyed it but I know I missed out on so much character input it's uirky and funny and I loved the 'Miss Marple' with a modern edge vibe Actually probably a bit Poirot as Bryant is bonkersWill it stop me reading the one after this that I also got in the salenope I clearly feel no shameIt's my own fault if I don't like it as much as if I was following the series but at least I know a bit now and I know I like itI will then start from the beginning ha I am fully expecting this star rating to rise

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Ryant keeps listed in his diary but will their arcane knowledge save the day or make matters even worse Soon there’s a clear suspect in everyone’s sights – the only thing that’s missing is any scrap of evidenceAs the detectives’ disastrous investigation comes unstuck the whole team gets involved in some serious messing about on the river In an adventure that’s as twisting as the river upon which it’s set will there be anything left of the Peculiar Crimes Unit when it’s ov. Kind of a mixed mind on this one Bryant and May are always entertaining It’s been hard watching Bryant and May the last few books battling Bryant’s mental issues Fortunately the issue was finally resolved Bryant delivered his usual witty zingers against his boss I feel like I increase my vocabulary every time I also get incredible history lessons about London The problem I had was with the plot Because of Bryant’s issues it felt like it dragged the story down while the other characters skinned their wheels trying to figure out who murdered a woman along the edge of the Thames

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Strange Tide Bryant May #13The river Thames is London’s most important yet Bryant May ePUB #9734 neglected artery When a young woman is found chained to a post in the tide no one can understand how she came to be drowned there At the Peculiar Crimes Unit Arthur Bryant and John May find themselves dealing with an impossible crime committed in a very public place Soon they discover that the river is giving Strange Tide MOBI #234 up other victims but as the investigation extends from the coast of Libya to the night. This is probably now my favorite of what is one of my favorite series Just when you wonder what Christopher Fowler can do with his lead characters Bryant May he moves in unexpected directions and keeps the reader moving forward with him At the start continuing from the last book the ravages of age are catching up with Arthur Bryant but naturally not in any normal fashion As he deals with his changing mind which is still an invaluable tool and full of arcane knowledge of London the PCU has a new puzzling case to solve Once again the unit's existence is on the line How can they function without a fully functioning ArthurLondon and the Thames are very important to the story and as always the past becomes a part of the present At first I wondered where this all might be going But never fearthe reader is as ever in Christopher Fowler's so capable hands If you have been reading this series you will definitely not want to miss this episode No further details coming from me You will have to read this for yourselvesA copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review