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Taxes the Tea Party and Those Revolting Rebels Read É 109 µ ✽ [EPUB] ✵ Taxes the Tea Party and Those Revolting Rebels By Stan Mack ❧ – Presenting the American Revolution in a fun easy to understand fashion Stan Mack’s illustrated rendition makes history entertaining while providiPresenting the American Tea Party PDFEPUB #229 Revolution in a fun easy to understand fashion Stan Mack’s illustrated rendition makes history entertaining while providing lucid insight into the revolution’s real life participan. The American RevolutionBy Theodore J Cahill In the book Taxes the Tea Party and the Revolting Rebels by Stan Mack the story of how the American Revolution unfolded is shown in graphic novel form When England starts taxing the colonies on everyday objects the people living in the colonies start to stand up for themselves They demand involvement in the English government and other simple rights When Thomas Paine writes a book called Common Sense people are starting to get angered by taxes uartering and many other things that the British are taking advantage of The American colonies create a group of leaders called the Continental Congress They elect Thomas Jefferson to write a Declaration of Independence On July 4th 1776 Thomas Jefferson finishes the document When England receives this they declare war on the newly formed United States of America With General George Washington in charge and an army of farmers and shopkeepers the United States is anything but prepared to face the superpower that is Great Britain SPOILER ALERTGeorge Washington sends some of the best members of the congress to go and reuest help from the French With the French already upset with England they accept The British suffer defeats to the Americans being that the British only march in straight lines they were shocked when the Americans used a new techniue called ambushing Perhaps the most famous battle in the entire war was George Washington’s attack on a German Camp they were allied with the British on Christmas day The Americans end up with a victory over the British thanks to extensive backup from the French This revolution inspired other countries such as France to break away from their old monarchy and let the people make the decisions I like this book because it spoke the history of America very well It gives information that you most likely don’t know already It shows perspective from both sides It also made comical remarks at people that made the book entertaining like Henry Knox being overweight or George Washington having a big nose I would recommend this book to young readers who like history but still want entertainment

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Formation about the Boston Tea Party Taxes the PDF or and the revolt against the status uo Uncannily relevant to today’s world this whimsical and informative pictorial history tells the story of the original peoples’ insurgence. If you're like me and don't remember much of the American Revolution outside of the Founding Fathers then this is the book for you Or even if you remember everything about it and need a brush up Or if you're brand new to the subject If you're interested in the American Revolution I'd highly recommend this book Rather than repeating the same old mythos about the Founding Fathers this book is an excellent overview of complicated issues such as class differences and effectively gives voice to those who traditionally didn't have one Africans Native Americans women and the poor The illustrations are lively and not what I'd call caricatures and the pacing is excellent for how much ground this little book carries

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Taxes the Tea Party and Those Revolting RebelsTs as well as its successes and failures This graphic account of the birth of the United States stars a chubby insecure King George III rebellious and misunderstood colonists and loudmouthed and insensitive aristocrats providing in. This book is about the American Revolution in graphic novel form It is very interesting and lays out this portion of history with easy to understand scenarios and plenty of humor