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The Egg Author Michael Gira Summary í 102 ✓ [BOOKS] ⚦ The Egg By Michael Gira – “These stories were written over the course of the past year They are the burnished gathered and organized residues of a mind eating itself The book is a work of fiction It bears no resemblance inte “These stories were written “These stories were written over the course of the past year They are the burnished ga. There are thoughtful ruminations inside this slim volume The biggest strength and weakness insofar as my experience with Gira’s writing goes is his mannered tone in writing his refusal to submit to throes of horror except when conjoined with absolute erotic exposure Otherwise his writing is thoroughly dry and the stories inside sketches and self tuned variations on the same kind of “hatching” oblivion that makes his live shows enthralling to watch Included with this volume is a CD I haven’t yet listened to it

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Ears no resemblance intentional or otherwise to anything other than itself” – M Gira. Swans band is epic I like every period of its discography I like violence and harsh on the Filth album I adore meditative and transcendental The Glowing Man album And Gira's lyrics are perfectly fit onto Swans music But reading his poetry outside of music just doesn't make any sense It's non imaginative and boring

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The Egg Author Michael GiThered and organized residues of a mind eating itself The book is a work of fiction It b. It has been a very long time since I have reviewed anything and a little over a year since I read Michael Gira's other book The Consumer This one was just a bit harder to track down than The Consumer so I won't lie when I say I had to download this from some backwater websiteMichael Gira has a style that is very dense cynical and nihilistic In something like a contemporary romance his style would be jarring and unbearable but for the twisted pained work he usually writes it fits There's a lack of expression in each story that leaves everything with a desolate and cold feeling His in depth descriptions are often pretentious and help to bring this feeling even further one that makes each narrator feel indifferent to their surroundings This sometimes makes the collection feel like a one trick pony making it best to read in multiple settings; however it doesn't uite overstay its welcome like The Consumer did It never spends pages upon pages describing the rape of children or anything like that It's still disturbing The titular story has hints of cosmic horror harkening over to something like HP Lovecraft It's a disturbing yet wonderful intro to the collection Brothers'' is only slightly detailed but just as powerful Married is hypnotic surreal and dream like The Choice is vaguely reminiscent of survival horror games like Resident Evil or The Evil Within Despite this the bleakness is less bleak than “The Consumer” instead opting for a slightly spiritual feeling that feels shed from any of Michael Gira’s work with Swans after 2010 It is only 44 pages so it is most certainly worth the 30 minutes or so it takes to read even if Gira’s descriptions can sometimes be just a bit overbearing Side note I Am Her has one of my favorite descriptions I have ever read the finely calibrated screams of assorted BMWs Mercedes and Audis randomly hurtled toward us from behind and to the left then fucked the air violently at our side as they passed