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The English Civil War A People's History characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The English Civil War A People's History Author Diane Purkiss – This popular history of the English Civil War tells the story of the bloody conflict between Oliver S IBy blending the political and the personal Diane Purkiss illuminates both the ideologies behind the English Civil War and the fears of those who fought in it the men who were destroyed by the conflict and those such as Oliver Cromwell who were defined by i. The English Civil War is the most underrated occurrence in British history; even the major battlefields are poorly marked and signposted And yet this remarkable war amongst ourselves changed forever how this island of ours ruled their affairsOf course there are countless books running through the battles and reasons but this book goes deeper into the psyche of the real people the ones who fought the ones who remained behind to be savaged by both armies the ones who battled for a real revolution of ideas and how classes should be tolerated or removed forever Amidst the trauma of religious divides the choice between King or Parliament the curse of the Witchfinder General rises up to add to the mixIf you want a peep through the keyhole at Britian in this 17th century maelstrom take a peep through Diane Purkiss' novel It's a 600 pages that doesn't read easy at times but take the time anyway it's a real eye opener

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Ds and plays to bring to life the Roundheads and Cavaliers the foot soldiers war widows and witchfinders of one of the most significant turning points in British history The English PDFEPUBculminating in Oliver Cromwell’s triumph and the execution of Charle. There is possibly no period of English indeed British history unjustly neglected than the Civil Wars Far than the feudal wranglings of the Wars of the Roses they made the United Kingdom the nation that it is politically ideologically and even spiritually This is the central thesis of this magnificent book illustrated through the words and actions of innumerable individuals high and low male and female all the parts they play are instrumental in the unravelling of events Carefully interweaving the narrative with the lives of real people ordinary and extraordinary the author a masterful storyteller moves now forwards now backwards keeping the reader engaged through almost six hundred pages The story does not end where she leaves off unfortunately but with so much content already she can hardly blamed for that Everyone who wants to understand what the importance of Britain has been in world history over the last three hundred odd years could do much worst than start here

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The English Civil War A People's HistoryThis popular history of Civil War Kindle #216 the English Civil War tells the story of the bloody conflict between Oliver Cromwell and Charles I from the perspectives of those involvedThe compelling narrative draws on new sources such as letters memoirs balla. Contrary to the title this is not a history of the English civil war of the 1640’s It’s a collection of contemporary accounts from original documents focusing on a number of people who were prominent and obscure participants in the historical events The research was staggering and is documented in FURTHER READING at the end of the book Reading the actual words of the participants is a revelation and immediately conveys the sensibilities and motivations of the time To say religion was the cause of the civil war is an over simplification but it is evident that many of those involved were strongly influenced by their religious beliefs to an extent that is difficult to grasp today Christian fundamentalism was the back bone of all the factions from the Catholics to the various Protestant sects Charles 1 was the big loser but oddly the monarchy eventually won out in the Restoration How did this happen after the profound upheaval of the civil war That uestion is not addressed here The author spends some time describing the democratic movements including the Levellers and the Diggers which were swirling about and concludes that they were not nearly as influential as subseuent left wing intellectuals made them out to be