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kindle ´ The Italian Count's Defiant Bride Þ Catherine George Count Francesco da Luca doesn't like being made a fool of When his bride fled the marriage bed he vowed she'd pay the debt she owed him their weddin Young Welsh working class heroine gets engaged to an aristocratic sexy Italian in a whirlwind courtship only to be put down by snobby mother in law and railroaded by a jealous maid leading her to flee on her unconsummated wedding nightApparently the maid delivered a present and letter purporting to be from the mother in law for the wedding night It was some kind of Frederick of Hollywood get up with instructions to make up her hair and face to match Heroine meekly complies thinking this is some kind of family tradition LMAO Is she for real? The salivating groom who was expecting a virginal scrub faced Sandy to ravish instead gets the been around the block Rizzo and flies into a rage accusing his bride of having fooled him into believing her innocence and hurls fifty five words for the oldest profession in the world at her mortified teary faceHeroine flees Hero and a now contrite mother in law pursue her back to her native Wales to no avail Years of separation ensue during which heroine build up a satisfactory career being the rep for a rugby team and a nice circle of friends but still virginally pining for her Italian Prince Charming who broke her heartThe hero's mom dies in the meantime and leaves a will stipulating that the heroine receives her gift in person Hero finally picks up the trail of the heroine at a rugby match and asks her to return to Italy with him to get her legacy Heroine agrees not so much because she is interested in getting a gift from her mean snobby mother in law but to escape the rapey advances of a persistent suitorThe bickerfest continues back to the hero's Italian Palace where the two inevitably end up finally consummating their marriage The mother in law left the heroine the jewelry that was supposed to have been her wedding night gift along with a letter explaining how the jealous maid intercepted it and replaced it with the slutty lingerie and tarty make up instructionHEA

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kindle ¿ The Italian Count's Defiant Bride µ 192 pages Download Ë Catherine George Ð ❮Read❯ ➮ The Italian Count's Defiant Bride ➲ Author Catherine George – Count Francesco da Luca doesn't like being made a fool of When his bri G nightBut Alicia Cross is no longer the trembling naive innocent he married and she won't be pushed around by the masterful count His runaway bride When she was 18 Alicia Cross traveled to Italy met her rugby hero and crush Francesco Da Luca got romanced and proposed to and married him On their wedding night though disaster struck and Alicia ran back to Wales where she did her best to move on presuming that he'd done so as well though he did call periodically to check up on her When she runs into him at a rugby match he insists that he needs to speak to her He needs her to return to Italy so that she can receive her inheritance that his mother left her even though she'd been nothing but cruel to Alicia Alicia reluctantly agrees to return Fortunately she needs to be seen with Francesco since her friend Gareth has gotten into his head that he loves her and she needs to dissuade him by pretending to reconcile with her husband This works to Francesco's plan as well since all he wants is his wife back He never stopped loving her and wants a chance to prove that they can be happyI was waffling between a 2 and a 3 here A 3 because the set up of the story is really uite good with an estranged married couple and hero who really is head over heels but good at hiding it and a mystery about what happened on their wedding night to estrange them is that a verb? No red suigglies under it so maybe it is It took a good 40% of the book to learn exactly what happened and I liked that it was drawn out just enough but not too much But then of course once we learn what happened things just devolve from there Because what really happened is that Francesco was fantasizing about his pristine pure little virginal wife walking out of the bathroom and him teaching her all about pleasure and she walked out wearing a supposed gift from his mother a little black negligee that he told her made her look like a puttana He ranted and railed at her and left the room so she abandoned the marriage Turns out too that he's wanted to get back together with her for a while nowbut not so much that he hasn't been seeking out his physical pleasures in Rome for the past years Keep in mind that although they're separated they're both still married to each other So this counts as infidelity in uite a few people's minds It was only recently that he'd thought of her again and decided to see if he could win her back Meanwhile our heroine of course is still as pristine and virginal as ever but not uite so naive about life She's saved her v card just for him and naturally this double standard is ignored He's all enraged at the thought of her sleeping with other men she had been dating but she's totally fine with the fact that he hasn't been celibate But once he puts his plan in action where he invites her to his palazzo and starts wooing her back she starts to see that this has been his plan all along and isn't the slightest bit piued by it And isn't it fortunate that Gareth had made his move and she needed a cover to keep him away from her? No he didn't plan that it really was just fortunate and played into his plans perfectly But let me say something about Garethhe's the brother of Alicia's best friend and has never made a move on her but everyone knew how he felt He attack kisses her once and starts ranting about how he'll make her love him Everybody else stresses how worried they are about Gareth's feelings and how she needs to stay away from him and find a lover to deter him Everyone really starts acting like Gareth might turn out to be a rapist or something They all love him dearly they say but are afraid of what he'll do if Alicia tells him no How is this possible? How is it that this guy who has been so lovable all Alicia's life could have her so afraid to tell him she's simply not interested that she has to go fake it with her ex to keep him from something? This whole plotline felt contrived and kinda scary really Especially since in the end Gareth does attack Francesco and then suddenly calms down and is like I would never hurt you Alicia He's just a convenient character that the author uses and changes his personality like crazy to give Alicia and Francesco a reason to pretend I didn't care for it at all Finally there's just something wrong with the angst in this story Most books have angst that is kind of drawn outthink of a radio wave with the wavelengths being pretty long and the angst represented by that This book was like a UV or gamma ray where the wavelengths are really short The heroine feels angst for a single moment after a comment and then next page she's laughing and totally moved on from it That was what every moment of angst in this story did there one minute and gone the next So we don't get any drawn out or lengthy angst to really keep the suspense on After a while I realized that none of the angst was gonna stick and so I got kinda bored after a while because I didn't caresince the heroine didn't really care This had some potential but didn't uite execute on it

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The Italian Count's Defiant BrideIs proving to be of a challenge than he anticipated until he discovers she's still a virgin The wedding night Francesco wanted is his for the takin Illogical behavior of the characters and ridiculous levels of melodrama