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READ à The River Wife ã [PDF / Epub] ✅ The River Wife Author Jonis Agee – From acclaimed novelist Jonis Agee whom The New York Times Book Review called “a gifted poet of that dark lushness in the heart of the American landscape” The River Wife is a sweeping panoramic st From acclaimed novelist Jonis Agee whom The New York TimeOf the fur trapper and river pirate and the young couple begin their life together in the very house Jacues built for Annie so long ago When night after late night mysterious phone calls take Clement from their home a pregnant Hedie finds comfort in Annie’s leather bound journals But as she reads of the sinister dealings and horrendous misunderstandings that spelled out tragedy for the rescued bride Hedie fears that her own life is paralleling Annie’s and that history is repeating itself with Jacues’ kinAmong the family’s papers Hedie encounters three other strong willed women who helped shape Jacues Ducharme’s life–Omah the freed slave who took her place beside him as a river raider his second wife Laura wh. Intoxicating Spellbinding This is the spellbinding tale or should I say haunting saga of the Ducharme family From cover to cover author Jonis Agee spins a story spanning from 1811 to 1950 filled with mystery greed desire as history repeats it self again and again through the lives of the cursed Ducharme familyThis book was so good I couldn't put it down for even a moment I didn't desire to rush but to take my time and enjoy every moment as the past wove it's way into the present and then worked itself back again revealing all the little intricate bits that made this story wonderful I don't want to give anything away but must urge all to pick up this book I feel as if I give my own synopsis even a brief one would spoil the mystery and adventure of this book To the end of the book I was still finding out things that were not known Truly curious to the last page I'll give some words mysterious thrilling curious strength pain death defying love small town farming pirates treasure greed ruthless race family I'm giving this a 6 stars in my book to tell you how good it was The writing was phenomenal This is my first time reading anything by this author but I must say the skill with which she displayed within this book is to be greatly commended The historical fiction was accurate exciting teaching and interesting You could tell this author put a lot of time into research to work this into a good book Also the art of description exhibited with in this book is just amazing I've never been to any of the places mentioned and I had a perfect mental visual That goes not only for the scenery but each character each animal apparition tool article of clothing or weather element was intricately delivered out of the mind of the author onto the page read and back into my minds eye such was the gift of this writing I recommend it most definitely to historical fiction readers of course but to anyone really because with this type of family saga spanning time there's a story within to interest anyone Good stuff Really good stuff As an after thought it reminded me the slightest bit of The Shipping News

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O loved money than the man she married and Laura and Jacues’ daughter Maddie a fiery beauty with a nearly uncontrollable appetite for love Their stories together with Annie’s weave a haunting tale of this mysterious seductive and ultimately dangerous man a man whose hand stretched over generations of women at a bend in the river where fate and desire collide The River Wife richly evokes the nineteenth century South at a time when lives changed with the turn of a card or the flash of a knife Jonis Agee vividly portrays a lineage of love and heartbreak passion and deceit as each river wife comes to discover that blind devotion cannot keep the truth at bay nor the past from haunting the present From the Hardcover editi. 35 StarsI'm rounding up on this one for the second half of the book The first part was a rough start for me I struggled a little to get into the story The concept was interesting but it was definitely a harsh beginning I did enjoy the way the stories built on each Each river wife story had affect on the next's whether she knew it or not There were lots of interesting things with this story The history elements were well done and researched I really enjoyed Maddie's story the most I liked that she was determined to be her own woman and the strength she had on her own The way all the stories converged at the end was really great All of these peoples lives were so intertwined and the ripple effects lasted for generations


The River WifeFrom acclaimed novelist Jonis Agee whom The New York Times Book Review called “a gifted poet of that dark lushness in the heart of the American landscape” The River Wife is a sweeping panoramic story that ranges from the New Madrid earthuake of through the Civil War to the bootlegging days of the The River PDF sWhen the earthuake brings Annie Lark’s Missouri house down on top of her she finds herself pinned under the massive roof beam facing certain death Rescued by French fur trapper Jacues Ducharme Annie learns to love the strong brooding man and resolves to live out her days as his “River Wife” More than a century later in Hedie Rails comes to Jacues’ Landing to marry Clement Ducharme a direct descendant. This will probably be the lamest review of a book I have ever written The reason is that it was so brilliantly constructed characters plot historical detail drama suspense you name it that trying to sing the praise of this tale in multiple adjectives will simply as well as undeservedly cheapen this rich story around the Ducharme family of Mississippi The masterful prose in the book describing the women in one man's life and ambitions felt like becoming part of ancient truths mixed with modern introspection about love ambition destitute happiness magic and a huge dollop of mystery French fur trapper Jaues Ducharme ensured his legacy in every single person who ever crossed his path He transformed maiden angels into villainous witches using love and cruelty to fuel their high spirited dedication to him even after their death He was Deity and Devil but most of all an ambitious survivor of life during The New Madrid uake beginning December 16th 1811 and ending March of 1812 It produced than 2000 after shocks The uake became a metaphor in the lives of the women who became part of Ducharme's life and legacy As a non American citizen this fictional tale captured everything imagination curiosity interest passion and compassion to such an extent that it became impossible to put it down All the elements in the book were perfectly balanced and developed yet detailed enough to feel part of the old house with all the people who once lived in it or passed its front door through the different periods of American history Then there was the family grave yard to considerA brilliant read In fact I am leaving a part of myself there closing the book ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE