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He author to thousands of students in the US and Western Europe Explores such topics as how to find a partner how to maintain healthy intimate relationships and the meaning of conflict Applies profound teachings of an indigenous people to a complex contemporary world Offers specific rituals for intimate partners and the community which supports them Discusses the nature and role of gay and lesbian sexuality. The Spirit of Intimacy provides a very refreshing prospective of relationships and intimacy in the traditional African setting There is much to think about in this book and it did have me looking at the relationships I maintain with those around me Indeed there may be valuable relationship lessons to be found in its pages even for us living in Western Society Recommended reading

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The Spirit of Intimacy Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of RelationshipsKey Features And Benefits First book of Intimacy eBook #10003 by one of the most prominent teachers of indigenous spirituality in the West Draws upon the ancient teachings of native Africa to give insights into the The Spirit Kindle nature of intimate relationships Explains the necessary foundation for healthy lasting relationships spirit community and ritual Explores indigenous ideas of love sex marriage. I'm not usually a big fan of how to books on the subjects of love and relationships but I make exception with this book because it really isn't one Sobonfu she will seem like a dear friend before you've read much has such a warm gentle caring voice the wisdom she shares is of the best and most beautiful sort She helps her readers become AWARE of themselves and their relationships the book focuses primarily on lovepartner relationships but some elements could certainly be used in any sort of caring relationship It's not a men are like that or women are like this sort of book Rather it speaks to some of the deepest truths of our souls and how a partner can help us as we move along in our journey in life I really cannot put into words what a beautiful and beneficial book this is but I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in being awake in relationships or to those interested in learning some traditional wisdom from the Dagara tribe in Africa PS Her other books on falling out of Grace and on children are both marvelous as well I just haven't time to write full reviews right now

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Read & Download · The Spirit of Intimacy Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships 104 È ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ The Spirit of Intimacy Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships Author Sobonfu E. Somé – Key Features And BenefiChildbirth relationship renewal and conflict and applies their teachings to Spirit of Intimacy PDFEPUB #195 the modem world Powerful insights into the nature of attraction divorce and loss Presents specific rituals and group and private ceremonies to help nourish relationships Suggestions for improving intimate life are based on Spirit of Intimacy Ancient African ePUB #199 seminars and workshops given by t. Sobonfu Some a member of the West African Dagara tribe brings to the Western World wisdom uprooted from the ancient elders of her people This small concise little gem of a book is filled with practical advice and common sense practices to garner and enhance intimacy in all couple relationships Although most of her teachings and suggestions are not practical for Westerners because of cultural differences and the negative influences Western society has on our lives today there are still plenty of meaningful and thought provoking passages here that would easily apply to all cultures everywhere People are people The ways of love human sexuality and intimate relationships between men and women are the same worldwide no matter which spot on the globe you look Sobonfu’s simple approach to intimacy takes the reader from their initial contact with their partner on through the many stages of growth the couple will experience The ancient ways of intimacy in West Africa are community built; all village members participate in the nurturing care and growth of a couple’s relationship straight on through to the death of one or both partners The most interesting aspects of their philosophy on intimacy revolves around the “spirit” and the rituals that can be created to help two people learn and understand each other’s personalities wants dreams conflicts and pain and the importance of creating these rituals early on so that they will be carried forth throughout the duration of the relationship In creating scared spaces for sex in the process of inviting in the spirit of nature and the spirit of love into their hearts and homes in both parties total immersion into the communion and joining of hearts minds souls and the sacredness of their joined bodies the African way of intimacy is a welcome breath of fresh air to read about The author teaches couples to explore learn to be patient and to communicate openly about all aspects of joy and sorrows doubts and fears expectations and disappointments Open communication the spirit of making effort and never giving up or into negative thoughts or actions toward the other partner is key to a healthy relationship that will beam with ultimate intimacy if some of these simple loving rituals and beliefs are put in practice every day Some other topics covered are controlling behavior patterns death and dying the illusion and dangers of romance homosexuality divorce and the importance of family and friends who can support the relationship when nurturing and healing are neededThis is marvelous uick little read was well worth the time to peruse and worth letting the wisdom offered up sink in and make this reader ponder on her own experiences