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The elderly sister of Bryant’s friend is found dead in the basement of her decrepit house in Kentish Town they find themselves on the verge of making exactly that mistakeAccording to the coroner Ruth Singh’s heart simply stopped beating But why was a woman who rarely left the house fully dressed for an outing? And why was there river water in her throat? Convinced that the old lady didn’t die a natural death the detectives delve into a murky case with no apparent motive no forensics and no clues And they’ve barely launched their investigation when death claims another victim Suddenly they discover some ver The Peculiar Crimes Unit of London's Metropolitan Police handles some very peculiar crimes indeed For example in The Water Room we have the case of an elderly woman who drowns in river water in her basement but there is no water in the room and no evidence that the body had been moved How did the woman's dead body dressed to go out shopping and seated on a chair in her basement end up with filthy river water in her throat? That's just the kind of uestion for which Arthur Bryant and John May thrive on finding answersBryant and May are the two cranky uirky detectives who have been partners for fifty years and who are the very heart and soul of the Peculiar Crimes Unit It seems only fair since they are very peculiar detectivesIn this instance Bryant intuits that Ruth Singh the dead woman in the basement did not die a natural death and so he and May and other members of their unit set out to prove that a murder has occurred even though there is no apparent motive no forensics and no clues They interview neighbors investigate the history of the neighborhood and search for the thread that will lead them to the solution to what they are convinced is a crimeIn the midst of their investigation another death occurs in the neighborhood A workman is buried in mud and suffocates in what seems like an obvious accident but once again Bryant and May are convinced that there is here than meets the eye and that the cave in of mud that was the instrument of death actually was caused by human intervention But how to ever prove it?But then a third death occurs on the street and this time there is no uestion that it is murder The victim dies in his bed with clingfilm wrapped several times around his head Three suffocations each by different methods Surely they are somehow related All the while the rain keeps pouring down and the street where the deaths occurred is threatened with inundation as London's secret underground and forgotten rivers fill up and overflowBryant who is the instinctual member of the team consults with witches and psychics and eually unconventional sources to come up with a theory of what has happened His investigative method is eccentric but even though he is rude to everyone with whom he interacts he does accumulate information and does begin to understand what might have happenedMay on the other hand follows a somewhat conventional path but still wanders into weird territory as he seeks a solution to the crimes London itself seems a character in this story There is abundant information about the topography and history of the city and particularly about the underground rivers that play such a central part in the mystery of the deaths and in their solution Bryant and May follow the winding course of the subterranean tributaries that lead them eventually to the answers they seek Answers that will allow the Peculiar Crimes Unit always one major mistake away from being dissolved to exist for another day This was an enjoyable read Christopher Fowler seems really fond of his two ancient detectives and writes of them with empathy and humor He also writes lovingly of London its culture and its people I found myself invested in the characters and wanting to see them succeed In that Fowler did not disappoint

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The Water RoomY unnatural behavior surrounding Ruth Singh’s death by “natural” causes from shady real estate developers and racist threats to two troubled marriages from a dodgy academician working London’s notorious “grey economy” to a network of antiuities collectors obsessed with Egyptian mythology And running beneath it all are the sweeping tentacles of London’s vast and forgotten underground river system As the rains pour down and the water rises Bryant and May must rely on instinct experience and their own very peculiar methods to stem a tide of evil that threatens to drown them all From the Hardcover editio I wasn't overly impressed with the first book in the series but I like Fowler well enough to give it another try Again though the aging detectives failed to wow me Nothing technically is wrong with the book it's got a good mystery the writing is solid the characters are pretty well developedit just lacks that certain something Again with this one partly is it the narrator's fault Tom Goodman's reading is just kind of off his impressions are off his accents are strange his british accent is really odd and generally I love british accents the way fat kids love cake Fowler's erudite knowledge of London and of mythology both subjects of a particular interest to me are the best parts of the book He has used them in the first book and once here to entertain as much as throw in false clues Fowler's sense of humor is another draw here The audio book kept my attention for the most part but it just wasn't tremendously dynamic or exciting or in any way awesome to elevate itself above average It passed the time

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PDF ☆ BOOK The Water Room FREE » CHRISTOPHER FOWLER ´ [PDF / Epub] ☃ The Water Room Author Christopher Fowler – Gwairsoft.co.uk They are detection’s oddest couple two cranky detectives whose professional partnership dates back half a century Now Arthur Bryant and John May return in a case of multiple mThey are detection’s oddest couple two cranky detectives whose professional partnership dates back half a century Now Arthur Bryant and John May return in a case of multiple murder that twists through a subterranean course of the secrets lies and extreme passions that drive even ordinary men and women to the most shocking crimesThey are living legends with a reputation for solving even the trickiest cases using unorthodox unconventional and often completely unauthorized methods But the Peculiar Crimes Unit headed by Detectives John May and Arthur Bryant is one mistake away from being shut down for good And when 45 stars Well this was significantly better than the first in the series No flashbacks set in the present but with loads of really interesting London history It helps of course that I myself live in a late Victorian terrace house originally built for railway workers as were the houses in the story I really enjoyed the dynamic between Bryant and May and loved the fact they ended the book double dating