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Before Watchmen of 4Laurie Juspeczyk would one day play a pivotal role in the fate of the world in the pag. Note This is a guest review written by me for the Civilian Reader blogMy prior experience with Watchmen is limited to the 2009 film adaptation I remember that it was an extremely weird experience as I had no prior familiarity with it and I was rather confused for the whole of it My friends helped fill in a few blanks later during dinner and then that was that As you can no doubt tell I was not motivated to go pick up Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ graphic novel and read the source materialRecently however I’ve been getting back into comics after a rather long break and when I heard that DC was planning a preuel phase the Before Watchmen series I was mildly curious I like the idea of preuels especially for things like these To give but one example Tolkien’s Silmarillion is one of my favourite novels ever; although it is almost entirely preuel stories set in Middle Earth and in Valinor and our heroes of the original trilogy barely feature in itSo when the Before Watchmen comics started releasing last month I picked them up one by one the first issues of Minutemen Silk Spectre Comedian and Nite Owl I still somewhat prevaricated on this and didn’t read them right away as I had some other reading commitments to get out of the way first “Oh sweetie you’re too young to hate Wait until you’re older and the world gives you a good reason Trust me it won’t let you down”When I did start them Silk Spectre #1 was my first pick Silk Spectre #1 is written by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Connor writers I’m not familiar with at all I hadn’t even heard of their names before this And since I barely even remembered what happened in the movie I went in with almost no expectations prepared to be surprised I have to say that I do rather like this first issueThe very first thing that struck me was the artwork Amanda Connor has done the lion’s share of all the art panels in this issue and has done double duty for the cover art as well with Paul Moments From the moment the issue loads up it is the cover that speaks to me Laurie’s pose for me is about that feeling of standing up against the world and showing that you are stronger than you get credit for Then there are the headshots from some of the other characters in the Watchmen verse as well as young Laurie Not much to go on for an artist but they are uite detailed in and of themselves and each character has a uniue expression And then there are the three variant covers each of which is spectacular Any of them could have been the front cover and I’d have picked this issue up all the sameYou can find the full review over at Civilian Reader

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free read Before Watchmen of 4 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB È [Ebook] ➩ Before Watchmen of 4 By Darwyn Cooke – Laurie Juspeczyk would one day play a pivotal role in the fate of the world in the pages of WATCHMEN but before then she was a young girl trying to follow in her mother’s footsteps asEs of WATCHMEN but before then she was a young girl trying to follow in her mother’s. This was decent though some of the little inner monologue animations were not at all what I'd consider Watchmen like and rather felt like something you'd see in manga I'm not sure if the Cooke was attempting to add some camp to the series or what but I could have done without those bits The story is fairly standard motherdaughter angst and certainly keeps with traditional in having them clash particularly in the way teenagers and their mothers do I suppose it all felt a touch light to me is all but maybe all these Before Watchmen will feel that way

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Footsteps as one of the world’s greatest crime fighters whether she wanted to or no. This now is the story of the second Silk Specter Laurie Jupiter It is funny but to me it didn't uite work Manly it missed the darkness of the original series and just became a story about a rebelious teenagerAlthough it has some nice aspects to it The Comedian is well made you can really see his insanity and the relation between Hollis and Laurie is interesting However It just is serious enough for the watchmen universe