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Blanche Cleans Up Summary ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô ❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Blanche Cleans Up By Barbara Neely ➡ – Blanche White is a very black middle aged woman who cleans white people's houses for a living Tart tongued and shrewd with a keen nose for trouble sLister Brindle a Boston Brahmin politician and his do gooder wife Blanche is uickly enmeshed in a festering canker of a scandal that moves from the Brindles' house aka Prozac House to her own black community as she tries to figure out the truth behind the swimming pool death of a young black man who knew a little too much. I am such a fan of Barbara Neely's series that I am afraid I can't consider this an unbiased reviewWe may not be talking serious literature here but we are talking about a very entertaining novel that is well written but also thought provoking For me the strength of the Blanche novels is that they address social issues throughout the book Race and class are not just a sub text they are central to who Blanche is and how she faces the world I have found each of the three books I've read both stimulating and cause for reflection about who we are and how we look at and treat othersI am not 100% sure I would like Blanche working in my home she is a domestic she listens at doors snoops in drawers and asks many probing uestions of the other staff andor service providers to the household But I sure would want Blanche for a friend She is smart loyal and determined There is not a doubt that her good ualities far outweigh her bad ones but I still would prefer her not to be too involved in MY businessIt is uite a gift to be able to entertain and educate at the same time and Barbara Neely does that for me in every book Well done and Viva Blanche

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Of Farleigh North Carolina Now they've all settled into Blanche Cleans eBook #8608 life in the Roxbury section of Boston and Blanche herself is feeling like she may finally be free to enjoy life at least a little But before Blanche can say Breakfast is ready she gets suckered into standing in as cook housekeeper to one Al. This is the third of the Blanche White detective series of books and the first where all the fictional elements plot character dialogue pacing all come together Blanche has moved to Boston with her two teenage charges and is struggling to bring them up safely in an inner city neighbourhood She is working at a politician's mansion when murder strikes Blanche is uickly drawn into a plot involving blackmail sex scandals and her own life is soon in dangerNeely hits her stride in this book the tension is slowly ratcheted up the action seuences are breathtaking and the multiple plot strands are seamlessly combined As always social issues are deftly illustrated sexism in the black church teenage pregnancy vigilante justice political corruption One of my great pleasures in the Blanche series is how Blanche deliberately annoys her racist employers and then stands back to watch the resultsBlanche had never seen anyone's eyes get bloodshot while she watched Could she make him froth at the mouth nextShe is undaunted by the racism and sexism she endures and lives life with humour tolerance and energy Blanche is one of my favourite fictional creations I would gladly sit down for a gin and tonic with Ms White Thank you Trish for bringing the Blanche series to my attention I'm tempted to start stalking Barbara Neely to find our when or if the next Blanche book will emerge

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Blanche Cleans UpBlanche White is a very black middle aged woman who cleans white people's houses for a living Tart tongued and shrewd with a keen nose for trouble she's also a ueen sized snoop who sees at a glance what people are really up to especially if it's criminal It's been three years since she had to grab the kids and scurry out. EXCELLENT Each book gets better and better So sad that there's only one left I highly recommend this series Barbara Neely writing of this series is nothing shorter than perfection