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Da Silvas Mistress epub ð Paperback ð tina duncan ð ❰PDF❯ ✑ Da Silvas Mistress Author Tina Duncan – Gwairsoft.co.uk Merciless Luca da Silva makes it his business to keep his friends close—and his enemies closer And the next item on the tycoon's agenda is revenge Believing the da Silva familyY name is under threat the powerful Italian goes straight for the source beautiful Morgan Marshall Luca doesn't trust innocent Morgan but her delectable curves have his body w I was initially intrigued by the blurb but as soon as I started the first chapter it didn't look so good and went downhill before it even really started I was unsure about the characters ages and it would have helped knowing early on to get clarity on just exactly where everyone stood in regards to how old they were Above all though I didn't like any of the characters at all Luca was an idiot If he suspected his brother in law of cheating he should have confronted him himself On top of that paying Joseph's supposed mistress to remove herself from the euation and stay away from him so he can focus on his wife aka Luca's sister Stefania again as if the cheating never happened Why would you continue to let your sister stay with a cheating husband when it could simply happen again in the future? Wouldn't you think your sister deserves better than to have a husband who strays? Wouldn't you tell her so she knows to get out of her marriage that is a lie? He's an idiot and letting his sister stay in a situation similar to his father's something he swore he would never let happen to him so why would he he let his sister stay in an unhealthy relationship had the cheating actually happened of course? His whole reasoning is absurd and he even had the gall to say that they were even in the end to her agreement his blackmail and her lying made them even DisgustingJoseph wow he's a sad poor excuse for a father He has no shame and is incredibly selfish His hiding his daughter is disgusting There was no reason for it and shows that he's ashamed of her That's his child and he's no better than her mother He doesn't claim her and sees her in secret it's no wonder someone got suspicious I'm assuming they haven't been married long because they're still trying to have a baby If he's been married for at least 10 years I can understand his priority to his wife so wife and daughter should be placed eually as his number one priority but if they haven't been married long his priority should be his daughter first and wife second Morgan came first she deserves to be first or of eual importance to her father if he truly loves her A damn bowl of soup when she's sick doesn't prove he's a good father Morgan has some serious low self esteem She has no sense of pride She'll do anything for and to protect a father who doesn't seem to place her high on his list of priorities I want to feel bad for her but the way she lets people treat her and walk all over her is pathetic She's so desperate for love that she'll take anything she can get from her father even if it means having a secret relationship She wants it so bad that she'll lie to herself in saying she's ok with coming in second as long as she can still see Joseph it doesn't matter She needs help in learning how to respect herself and coming to terms that it's not ok for her father to hide her it's not ok for him to have a relationship with her at his convenience it's not ok for him to treat her like her existence was a mistake If she had some backbone I might have liked her but the way she just gives in and protects people who don't deserve it is annoying She didn't even put up a fight with Luca in his blackmail but at least she set some terms of her own and went along with it for her own benefit as dumb as it was so she could get updated on her father's condition I'll never read this again and I can't seem to even remember how this got on my tbr list A huge wasted of time and suddenly I remember just why I avoid Harleuin novels weak doormat heroines and entitled jerk heroes Cut your losses and skip this one Nothing new here

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Orking overtime So what better way to keep an eye on her than to make her his mistress? And where better to seek vengeance than between this billionaire's very own silk sheets Not your typical revenge book The hero actually believed the heroine's innocence and was ready to admit that he was wrong There's no better than the hero who knows how to apologize It also made me smile reading a very alpha hero doodling the heroine's name It was so freaking cute I also adored Morgan She gave as good as she got She stood up for herself and didn't allowed the hero to walk all over her

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Da Silvas MistressMerciless Luca da Silva makes it his business to keep his friends close and his enemies closer And the next item on the tycoon's agenda is revenge Believing the da Silva famil Despite the fact the hero is a judgemental jack ass I truly thought he would redeem himself by the end of the book I was prepared to give it at least three stars if not four as the hot factor was off the charts The hero clearly loves the heroine but can not get over one issue AGAIN and AGAINIt's not that I have a problem with his cruelty given it's basis but his refusal to listen to reason at the beginning and the middle is STUPID plus compounded by the heroine's instant acceptance of a non apology is nauseating Puh lease GROVEL GROVEL GROVEL