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Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love ThemFuture Corpses PDF #180 Sallie Tisdale offers a thought provoking yet practical perspective on death a. Everything you always wanted to know about dying mostly Interesting yes And a great tonic for those of you into denial and delay you get D for effort It suffered a bit from some repetition yes And the part about Tisdale being Buddhist didn't get as much attention as I wished But the cool part came in the final chapters especially about what happens to your body in the final hours and what happens to your body once it has crossed and gee I wish there were an exclusive chapter on euphemisms and what you must and must not do when you are a caretaker helping a loved one during herhis final monthsweeksdayshoursminutesIt's good to know at least that you do not need a funeral home's services And that you can fire doctors who work for you remember If you want to be cremated your corpse can go direct say to a crematorium without passing GO er STOP and paying 250 er 25000 And there's a look at the newfangled latest composting yourself among other ways to dispense with bodies as well as a glance at what various cultures do with them though it's not exhaustiveThe best part are the appendices Checklists uestions key info for your loved ones and mostly you Think about it Fill it out It's your life It's your death Which is part of your life so think about your poor body The legacy an abstraction is a lifetime in the making but the body is real and needs to be dealt with the way YOU want it dealt with One hopes

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Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love Them review Á 4 ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➤ Advice for Future Corpses and Those Who Love Them ➣ Author Sallie Tisdale – Sallie Tisdale offers a thought provoking yet practical perspective on death and dying Informed by her many years working aNd dying Informed by her many years working as a nurse with than a decade in palliative care she provi. I’ve never felt better Last Words of Douglas Fairbanks Sr If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions the road to death is paved with platitudes Nigel BarleyI know this will likely sound maudlin I promise you I’m a joyful person but I’ve been thinking a lot about death in the last few years especially after my Father died and as with everything in my life I try to find answers or at the very least a path to understanding through books This was an eye opening one filled with the practical and the emotional the intimate and the spiritual and it illuminated some previously dark cornersThe author is a nurse end of life educator Buddhist practitioner and teacher and explains how ‘these strands have given her a measure of euanimity about the inevitable sea of change that is human life’ With eual parts compassion and frankness she addresses among other things what it means to die ‘a good death’ what to say and not to say last months weeks days and hours; what happens to a body after death and what can be the all consuming griefOver and above all that I learned I really appreciated the appendices preparing a death plan advance directives organ and tissue donation and assisted death Not subjects we want to address but necessary because none of us is getting out of here alive We forgetthat love and loss are intimate companions that we love the real flower so much than the plastic one love the evanescence of autumn’s brilliant colors the cast of twilight across a mountainside lasting only a moment It is this very fragility that opens our heartsI read this with a nonfiction book club and the meeting turned out to be such an interesting experience and it reminded me how little we know of the often painful road each of us travels in our lives If I’d known people better I would have demanded a group hug at the end of our discussion Grief is a story that must be told over and overGrief is the breath after the last oneRecommended if you’re willing to face some grim realities with a little bit of humor and a large does of kindness from a wise teacher

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Des a frank direct and for Future Corpses and Those MOBI #234 compassionate meditation on the inevitab. I have had a weird half decade I've been thinking a lot about the afterlife It turns out that half of me okay with mystery and the other half of me is definitely not So I've been trying to look these things in the face and consider and meditate on themThis book is really something special Hard beautiful honest You will cry from sadness and beauty and recognition You will be upset You will be soothed Tisdale is truly a special thinker and beautiful writer