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reader Attached Coronado Series #3

reader Û Attached Coronado Series #3 ✓ ☆ Lea Hart ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➺ Attached Coronado Series #3 Author Lea Hart – Cary Simmons is a kindergarten teacher Her boring life leaves her craving a summer of adventure a kick start into an exciting future However when hers going to give it whether she wants it or not Besides who could possibly have to show her about adventureCan Travis convince Cary that he can turn around her boring life Can Cary fight the allure of a risk taking alpha male How long can they resist becoming attach AdventureThe meeting of Cary and Travis was so sweet Travis definitely is made of the patience of Job Cary is so cute Her fear of being boring was sad I was glad that Travis was so good for her It could have gotten boring but I liked the way it spiced up toward the end I definitely want to read how the rest of the Team find there love matches

reader ✓ Attached Coronado Series #3 ↠ Lea Hart

Cary Simmons is a kindergarten teacher Her boring life leaves her craving a summer of adventure a kick start into an exciting future However when her car breaks down in the middle of the California desert she decides to make the most of it After all a biker bar holds AWESOME This may be the sweetest romance I've read this year and I read a lot This full novel is well written interesting and super sexy The deep thought filled characters make this book wonderful School teacher Cary is on a summer vacation to spice up her boring life She wanders into a Biker Bar when her car breaks down and gets help While waiting for the tow truck she chats with hard core bikers and makes new friends She is a bout as sweet as anyone can be Along comes Travis who's hard strong muscled and an ex SEAL who Snake asks to watch Cary She doesn't want to be watched she wants adventure but the SEAL doesn't want her hurt They become reluctant friends and travel together She gets her wild sex and adventure Lots of super hot sex Their journey is a twist and turn road that leads them back to San Diego where her house is being remodeled and Travis takes her in He's fallen in love with her but needs to convince her it's for real With new friends a SEAL team camaraderie and their gals Cary has something she's never had a sense of belonging and a friends that will help no matter what The story flows well and is funny sweet and caring with understanding acceptance and true love I loved Travis and Cary as people in need of one another Loved the dog Travis's reaction to her getting a baby to foster and everything else about this tale Loved It I will read this one again and recommend it to everyone Terrific story You will not be disappointed ENJOY

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Attached Coronado Series #3Some pretty adventurous Attached Coronado PDF men right Travis Mathers can’t believe his eyes when a pretty little thing walks into the roughest bar in Ripley wearing a flowered sundress Instantly the retired Navy Seal knows this woman needs his protection and he Seriously I love the banter the sarcasm the one liners Maybe I have an over active imaginationmaybe it was the theater training in my misspent youth but four stars for having me laugh so hard with the biker bar visuals I had tears run down my face Absolutely priceless As to the storysame theme strong handsome SEAL eyes damsel thinking she's in distress only to find she's not so vulnerable and falls hard usually in 5mins certainly within 24 hours Damsel talks a lot about feeling smothered but must like it because none of them really do anything about it and low and behold they all get big rocks placed on their fingers and walk down the aisle with the most handsome strong physically perfect hung like a horse sexual dynamo mentally sharp most understanding protective loving super hero and communicative man alive Okay I know communicative is a stretch but hey such a man could existsomewherein the universemaybe in a place far far awayit could happen 80