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Burning Chrome and Other Stories Download õ 6 ¹ [Read] ➵ Burning Chrome and Other Stories ➲ William Gibson – Gwairsoft.co.uk Ten tales from the computer enhanced hustlers of Johnny Mnemonic to the technofetishist blues of Burning Chrome Johnny Mnemonic 1981The Gernsback Continuum 1981Fragments of a Hologram Rose 197R Winter Orbit with Bruce SterlingNew Rose Hotel The Winter Market Chrome and Other Kindle #214 Dogfight with Michael SwanwickBurning Chrome. Wired West Burning Chrome is a fascinating collection of stories that chart the origin of the Sprawl Trilogy You can watch William Gibson building the world of the Sprawl of cities and smoke cyberspace and the characters who would later be explored in the three novelsEually importantly you can observe him developing a uniue style of writing suited to this worldIt's data and sensory rich almost exhausting in its detail which is revealed without information dumps or definitions It assumes that we're keeping up with the story and we get it without having to have things explained to us at lengthGibson's world is a combination of the physical world computers data the matrix cyberspace and people who use technology to travel between these substrataGibson is eually adept at finding the future in the present and the present in the futureThe narrators of the stories are often down on their luck technophiles and hackers who illicitly access the corporate segments of cyberspace Gibson calls them console cowboys hustlers and industrial espionage artists who rustle data They freuent saloons like The Gentleman Loser named after a line in Steely Dan's Midnight Cruiser and visit brothels like the House of Blue Lights This isn't the Wild West but the Wired West although it incorporates Japan China Hong Kong Macao and RussiaNot surprisingly the style of some of the stories resembles that found in western novels others resemble pulp or crime fictionIn Recognition of a Woman's Sleeping PatternsThere are several narrators all male The women are talented artistic beautiful adventurous energetic and mysterious with exotic or kitsch names like Molly Millions Dialta Downes Angela Antoinette Leni Charmian Colonel Olga Hillary Valentina Nina Tatjana Sandii Lise who records an album of her dreams called Kings of Sleep Nance and Rikki Wildside Naomi Watts in King KongWhere is Your Bounty of Fortune and FameThe final story Burning Chrome contains the original use of the word cyberspace Interestingly it had already become the proprietary name of some computer hardware the Cyberspace Seven which the narrator Automatic Jack repairs and customises so that he can access and burn Chrome's data towers with a Russian glitch system or cybernetic virus analog Meanwhile Jack withdraws a significant undisclosed amount of cash from Chrome's Zurich account which stores its income from global property and prostitution assets I watched zeros pile up behind a meaningless figure on the monitor I was richI thought about Chrome too That we'd killed her murdered her as surely as if we'd slit her throat Despite the female face Jack subconsciously attaches to it Gibson's corrupt new global economy was just as dependent on data as it was on cash As were console cowboys like Jack who knew how to hack into both in pursuit of fortune and fame Tell me where are you drivingMidnight cruiserWhere is your bountyOf fortune and fameSOUNDTRACKview spoilerSteely Dan Midnight Cruiser Hamm Kings of Sleep Hamm Black Ice hide spoiler

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And Other Epub #226 Ten tales from the computer enhanced hustlers of Johnny Mnemonic to the technofetishist blues of Burning Chrome Johnny Mn. If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewFuture Technologies Burning Chrome by William GibsonHippies have known about these dangerous technologies for a long time and the state cracks down hard on them and not entirely without good reason either The world cannot run for long anyway on raves and drugs and loud music any fool can see that There is also a false economy in these supposedly 'efficient' economies because if you run a sustainable event and people attend your event in a car you can wave goodbye to any benefits you might have yielded from the technology itself The ubiuity of the car and all the other rampant wasteful consumerism which often surrounds an event cripples your efforts right from the off This thinking is very much in a fledgling stage and has a long way to develop before it could be said to be anything than purely experimental but experiment we must

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Burning Chrome and Other StoriesEmonic The Gernsback Continuum Fragments Burning Chrome eBook #188 of a Hologram Rose The Belonging Kind with John ShirleyHinterlands Red Sta. I know I am repeating myself but after having already read Sterling Reynolds and Gibson’s Neuromancer this collection didn’t surprise me the way I expectedHowever I do not contest its originality and groundbreaking impact it had at the moment of its appearance; it’s just that some books should be read at their time especially in science fictionI still liked it a lot though More than 30 years after it was published the stories seem both fresh and vintage at the same time; the audio cassette is not something you encounter any if ever in this genreI particularly liked The Gernsback Continuum Fragments of a Hologram Rose The Hinterlands New Rose Hotel Dogfight and Burning ChromeThe letdown was Johnny Mnemonic which I better enjoyed as a movieThat being said I believe it’s a must read for every sci fi fan; after all Gibson is one of the pioneers of cyberpunk