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Deadly Fear mobi ç Paperback ↠ gwairsoft Á [PDF] ✍ Deadly Fear Author Cynthia Eden – TWO BRILLIANT AGENTSFBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sadistic has taken its toll She's wal TWO BRILLIANT Ellow agent Luke Dante the only man who ever broke through her defensesONE DREAM TEAMLuke has the uniue ability to put victims at easeprofessionally he and Monica made a perfect team Now they're reunited to catch a murderer who uses his victims' deepest da Blood and death now that was what she understood First time reading this author but it certainly won’t be the last This was a bit of a rollercoaster with bodies showing up and we hadn’t a clue who to blame Left me guessing to the very end Tall muscled with bright emerald eyes and sun streaked blond hari Dante was a southern boy with charm and a dimple in his chin But if one thing had been drilled into him in those profile classes at the Academy it was that even dead victims could talk You just had to know how to hear them Sex with her hadn’t been as good as beforeIt had been better They’d barely touched and he’d been about to explode in his jeans LouisianaHome was where death waited I won’t say too much about the book but it had the perfect blend of romance and suspense for me Yes they had a history Yes she did not want to pursue a relationship but the attraction was too strong and soon the ice began to thaw

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TWO BRILLIANT AGENTSFBI Special Agent Monica Davenport has made a career out of profiling serial killers But getting inside the twisted minds of the cruel and the sadistic has taken its toll She's walled herself off from the world Yet Monica can't ignore f 5 “What scares you?” Stars Spoilers“I don’t want to play your stupid games” she snapped “Innocent people are dying so you can—” “Is anyone ever really innocent? Jones wasn’t but I still offered him a chance Maybe I’m getting soft” What? Laughter “Maybe I’m not” “Listen you—” “I guess you were innocent once though weren’t you Davenport? But that was so long ago” Bastard How did he know? How? “You’re like me aren’t you? Deep down underneath the skin?” And she could almost hear pleasure in that grated voice “No I’m not” “We’ll see I’m watching you Davenport Learning all about you” Softer now “And I think I know—” “What?” Her fingers were about to break the phone “What is it that you know?” “What scares you” Monica on the phone with the killerHOLY SHIT Deadly Fear was a wild creep ride I was in the mood for a good romantic suspense and did I ever get that with this book Cynthia Eden brought her A game I was hooked from page one and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time Action packed sexy exciting and at times dark this book was everything I love in romantic suspense reads I really enjoyed myself and couldn't put this book down until I finshed it Who needs to eat or sleep not this bitch The problem I tend to find with a lot of the romantic suspense I read are they are either too light on the romance side to the point of having no romance at all or they are weak on the plot but there is tons of sex That or they are really predictable and I can see everything coming a mile away Not with this one It was the perfect balance of action and sexy time The plot was strong and I had no clue who the killer was til a few minutes before the main couple did “You got scared” he charged the words he’d wanted to throw at her for too long firing out “I got too close didn’t I? And you had to fucking run” Luke “The past is over Dante” They’d been over this before when he’d made the mistake of tracking her down Serious mistake “We’re professionals we can—” “Pretend we never had sex? Pretend we didn’t nearly tear each other apart because we were so fucking hungry those nights?” Monica and LukeLuke was so damn sexy and all alpha He just oozed sexy appeal He was strong smart protective and caring Everything you would want in an FBI agent He had the hero thing down pat Having watched his mom be beat to death by her lover he was always trying to save and protect women I love how he was with Monica He wanted her and he let her know but he didn't beg after her A man's got to have pride after all He yanked on his jeans and rose Because he was watching her—what else was new?—he caught the swift glance she tossed him and he saw the way her gaze dropped to his chest Luke couldn’t help it He had to flex just a little A man had his pride LukeMonica was a totally intriguing character She was kidnapped by a serial killer as a teen She was his only surviving victim But she didn't come out of that ordeal untouched Because she has seen evil up close and been touched by it she is able to get into a killers mind making her one of the best serial killer profilers in the FBI Monica was brave smart and totally kicked ass She had major walls up because of what she lived through but it was understandable Monica was all about control She didn't want to feel helpless or like a victim I loved that Monica was a fighter “Get dressed” Monica said then she rubbed the back of her hand over her mouth Luke stiffened No she didn’t just— “The case the deputy has something we need to see” She swung away from him Luke grabbed her arm and swung her right back around to face him “What are you—” He kissed her Hard Fast

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Deadly FearRkest fears for sport but their investigative skills aren't enough Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past the ones that terrify them the most if they are to have a future togetherBUT CAN THEY CATCH A KILLER WHOSE WEAPON ISDEADLY FEAR Fantastic romantic suspense The perfect blend of evil mystery villain intense FBI action and hot Hot HOT sexual tension MY SYNOPSIS Monica Davenport has a past that is finally catching up with her in ways than one No stranger to serial killers she joined the FBI's special group of hunters after her own run in with a sadistic killer while in her teens She spent some time with the sicko and now has an inside track into what drives someone like that She's become an integral part of the elite SSD When another man from her past joins the same team Monica is in danger of losing herself to the one man who ever got under her skin and found the real Monica Luke Davenport never forgot the beautiful but secretive woman that he had a brief affair with years before So when he sees her on the other side of the table at his introductory meeting to the SSD he makes a decision that he won't let her walk away with no explanation again When the two are sent to a remote southern town to hunt down a suspected serial killer together the sexual tension is off the charts but they don't have a lot of time to spend on each other Because now the killer is hunting FBI agents MY THOUGHTS This is my first Cynthia Eden book and what a surprise it was The woman is a natural and this book in a word INTENSE The killer is truly evilthis guy likes to see the fear in the eyes of his preyhe feeds off terror He digs into his victim's past and figures out what they fear most in the worldthen he uses that information to kill them in a way that is literally out of their very own nightmares That's true evil thereno rhyme or reason to why he does it in this manner And that's scary because many serials don't really see their victims as people But this guys HAS tohe kills them in very personal manners and he has to understand them as wellThe romance between Luke and Monica sizzles I'm a sucker for unreuited love stories but there tends to be few books that have a valid reason for a breakup More often than not I roll my eyes at the contrived manner in which an author goes about separating two people who are obviously meant to be together Not so in this case Cynthia Eden tells a believable story dredging up the past in such a way that makes the reader empathize with Monica's lonely life Luke is her perfect counterpart neither too alpha to set aside the natural tendency of men in his position to take over in the place of a female nor too beta that he lets her strong personality overshadow his masculinity They have a great push and pull with each other and their romance was believable and totally sexyAnd then she instills an incredible sense of urgency in the reader I swear I was bouncing up and down in my seat leaning forward and trying to hurry he agents along HURRY HURRY She's gonna DIIIIEEEE But let me tell you Eden isn't loyal to her secondary characters This isn't a save everyone type novel At one point I had my hand over my mouth in shock and I kept thinking that something would change what I knew was getting ready to happen