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kindle ´ Dick Franciss Gamble Û Felix Francis S first solo effort Felix delivers a captivating tale that franchise fans will thoroughly enjoy Former jockey Nicholas “Foxy” Foxton is at the track one day w Felix is still not as good a writer as his father although his plot and action scenes are well done It’s his development of admirable characters and relationships that I find lacking He is getting better at it but he hasn’t got the heart of his father There are very few characters I like in the bookI did like how the title of the book was woven into the story Nicholas Foxton gambled with his life as a jump jockey every day but when he had a bad fall and broke the vertebrae of his neck the doctors won't certify him to race any too much of a gamble Instead he goes back to school and becomes a certified financial investor gambling with other people's money in investments And this setting of the world of financial investments was interestingly explored Of course life itself is a gamble as Nicholas is shockingly made aware when his coworker standing next to him is murdered at the races With Nicholas's racing connections many of his clients are connected to the racing world so he freuently comes to the races to meet with them At one such meeting jockey Billy Searle informs Foxton that he wants his money back immediately and although Foxton informs him that it takes time to liuidate investments Billy is hysterical about getting the money the next day or he'll be dead And indeed when Billy is hit by a car and badly injured Nicholas wonders if Billy's need for money is perhaps about a bad gambling debt The topic of gambling in many forms was a nice thread throughout the bookAnother repeated theme that Nicholas and his job was boring and compared to being a jump jockey it was dry and dustyAnd one other writer techniue repeated all through the book was less appealing short sentences at the end of a section to foreshadow events or for shock value Maybe it was better being boring and alive than flamboyant and dead 'Don't worry about it' Patrick said 'It'll all blow over in a couple of days' I wish he'd been right But my luck was about to run out Little did I realize at the time how Herb Kovak's legacy would turn out to be a poisoned chalice It was as if we had left all out troubles behind in London But they were about to come looking for us Good when used sparingly but used too much it became annoying to me I was starting to count them Overall a good story that I enjoyed reading I've got to stop comparing him to his father; however I could do that easily if he or his publishers would stop titling his books using his dad's name Dick Francis's Gamble

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Dick Franciss Gamble doc ´ Hardcover read á felix francis Ü [Read] ➲ Dick Franciss Gamble Author Felix Francis – Gwairsoft.co.uk Felix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis before the legendary author passed away in 2010 Taking up the reins for his first Hen he witnesses the execution style killing of his friend Herb Novak Worried he might be next Foxy wonders if there was a dark side to Herb he didn’t know abou Felix Francis has now picked up the writing mantle of his father and his mother Apparently as his mother assisted his father in writing the novels Felix assisted his father after his mother’s death GAMBLE is the first book that bears only Felix’s nameI am pretty certain that I have read all the mysteries that Dick Francis and family have written The books have likable heroes who have a connection to horse racing in some capacity or another That gives the authors the opportunity to create a world in each book that they know intimately They know it so well that the world of thoroughbreds and the humans who take care of them becomes real to readers who know absolutely nothing about the animals or the gambling that arises from the swiftness of their four feet The closest I come to the racing world and horses is watching the Kentucky Derby each year with my niece and her daughters The girls arrive wearing fancy dresses and hats for our “ladies’ lunch” and tea party Generally by the time the race starts they are bored and have moved on to other thingsPerhaps it is because I know so little about the world of Dick Francis and his family that I enjoy the books so much There is always mayhem and threats and the hero generally gets beaten by thugs by the middle of the book There is usually understated romance between the hero and a woman who is also part of the racing world but in all the books far attention is payed to horse flesh than to the human varietyFrancis found the key that prevents his books from becoming stale A jockey who rode exclusively for the ueen Mother for a number of years he was fascinated by the occupations held by people outside the racing world His protagonists include a George Clooney level actor a glassblower an architect an inventor of toys a meteorologist and a chef The research into the careers of the heroes is meticulous so the reader learns about interesting occupations and professions and horses and horse racing while enjoying a good mystery tooThe latest book GAMBLE is written by Felix Francis although his father’s name is also on the cover Nicholas Foxton was a world class jockey until his career was ended by a fall that broke his neck Nick has been warned that another fall or an accident would likely kill him so he had to give up the racing life and take on the role of independent financial adviser a job thathas made him far wealthier than he would be if he had continued to raceA day at the races had to suffice until the day “I was standing right next to Herb Kovak when he was murdered Executed would have been a better word Shot three times from close range twice in the heart and once in the face he was almost certainly dead before he hit the ground and definitely before the gunman had turned away and disappeared into the Grand National race day crowd” Herb and Nick were colleagues They had joined the investment firm of Lyall and Black in the City of London on the same dayNick becomes curious about the files Herb was working on just before he died When Nick comes across information about a billion euro swindle he realizes he now has the information that got Herb killedAs with all books from the Francis stable GAMBLE is worth reading It is entertaining teaches a bit about a few things and ends with the hero still in one piece Obviously they have found a winning formula in the best sense There are forty six books available and after reading one the reader is likely to aim to read them all

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Dick Franciss GambleFelix Francis co wrote several horse racing mysteries with his late father Dick Francis before the legendary author passed away in 2010 Taking up the reins for hi Gamble is the latest Dick Francis novel and the first solo novel by Felix Francis Nick Foxton once won the Grand National but a terrible accident cut his racing career short Years later he is returning to Aintree as a spectator when he once finds himself the centre of attention Minutes before the big race Nick's colleague financial adviser Herb Kovak is shot dead and the gunman vanishes into the crowd The police want answers but Nick can't explain why anyone would want Herb dead Yet when he finds a threatening message crumpled in Herb's coat Nick begins uestioning all he knows about his friend And on learning that he is the benefactor of Herb's will Nick is certain that something is not right A fact confirmed when Nick discovers he's next in the killer's firing line From Felix Francis the bestselling co author with Dick Francis of Dead Heat and Even Money comes Gamble the latest Dick Francis novel Set in the cut throat world of horse racing Gamble is an enthralling thriller packed full of suspense mystery and intrigue Packed with all the hair raising suspense and excitement readers know and love from Dick Francis Gamble is Felix Francis's most heart pounding thriller yet Praise for the Dick Francis novels 'The Francis flair is clear for all to see' Daily Mail 'Spare efficient and unflashy inexorably draws you in' Daily Telegraph 'The master of suspense and intrigue' Country Life 'Still the master' Racing Post Felix Francis is the younger son of thriller writing legend Dick Francis with whom he co wrote the four most recent Dick Francis Novels Dead Heat Silks Even Money and Crossfire favorites of mine for sure with Felix taking an increasingly greater role in the writing Sadly Dick died in February 2010 but his work will live on through Felix Gamble is Felix's first solo Dick Francis Novel Felix trained as a physicist and spent seventeen years teaching A level physics before taking on the role as manager to his father and then as author He lives in Oxfordshire This isn't his best work but for a first one coming out of the shoot pretty good RECOMMEND