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mobi Å Disappointment River ô Hardcover Ú gwairsoft ✓ ❮Read❯ ➱ Disappointment River Author Brian Castner – In 1789 Alexander Mackenzie traveled 1200 miles on the immense river in Canada that now bears his name in search of the fabled Northwest Passage that had eluIn 1789 Alexander Mackenzie traveled 1200 miles on the immense river in Canada that now bears his name in search of the fabled Northwest Passage that had eluded mariners for hundreds of years In 2016 the acclaimed memoirist Brian Castner retraced Mackenzie's route by canoe in a grueling journey and discovered the Passage he could not findDisappointment River is a dual historical narrative and travel memoir that at once transports readers back to the heroic age of Nort Marco Polo Columbus Magellan Henry Hudson Captain Cook Alexander Mackenzie Lewis ClarkMackenzie? We know the names of the great explorers for both good and bad with one big exception Alexander Mackenzie I had read something about him as a kid and was fascinated by his story Finallywith Castner's book published in 2018 we have the complete story of his life and his epic journey in 1789 across a vast almost completely uninhabited land which today is called the Northwest Territories Not only does Brian Caster write about the intrepid Scotsman and his journey but he retraces his 1200 mile long voyage by canoe up the river which now bears his name So we follow two adventures both of which could easily have ended in disaster But I have to ask the uestion why isn't Mackenzie better known? I think the simplest reason is that he was considered a failure by himself as well as by others His overriding goal was to travel on a major river which he hoped would flow west to the Pacific through present day Alaska This would have been the long sought for Northwest Passage a shortcut through the Americas to the riches of China Instead Mackenzie's following the great river out of the Great Slave Lake kept taking him ever northward until he reached the frozen Arctic Ocean And there was no passage to be found out of there But as Castner points out the supreme irony is that if Mackenzie had done this trip 200 years later he would have found an ocean becoming increasingly ice free so that the great dream of the Northwest Passage could finally be realized

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H American exploration and places them in a still rugged but increasingly fragile Arctic wilderness in the process of profound alteration by the dual forces of globalization and climate change Fourteen years before Lewis and Clark Mackenzie set off to cross the continent of North America with a team of voyageurs and Chipewyan guides to find a trade route to the riches of the East What he found was a river that he named Disappointment Mackenzie died thinking he had fai Castner wove together a fascinating story of two 1200 mile journeys by canoe down the Mackenzie River also known as the Deh Cho and Disappointment River in Canada's Northwest TerritoriesThe first journey was undertaken in 1789 by a group of voyageurs fur trappers and indigenous guides headed by Alexander Mackenzie The purpose of this expedition was to find a Northwest Passage waterway to the Pacific OceanThe second journey was undertaken in 2016 by the author Brian Castner in a two man canoe in which he enlisted four friends to help him paddle down the Mackenzie River in tag team fashion The purpose of Castner's expedition was to recreate Mackenzie's journeyThis was a fascinating read as it was a travelogue tied in with a history of the development of the Northwest Territories and the search for the fabled Northwest Passage in order to expand the fur trade to China and Russia Castner did an excellent job of devoting two chapters one for the 1789 expedition and one for the 2016 expedition for each leg of the journey down the Mackenzie This method helped to tie the two journeys together It was interesting to see how the river and its inhabitants have changed or remained fairly stagnant through timeCastner is an excellent writer and I would not hesitate to read of his booksI would especially like to acknowledge an appreciation for Castner's four friends who endured uite a lot of discomfort to help Castner fulfill this dream Everyone should have friends like these

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Disappointment RiverLed He was wrongIn this book Brian Castner not only retells the story of Mackenzie's epic voyages in vivid prose he personally retraces his travels battling exhaustion exposure mosuitoes white water rapids and the threat of bears He transports readers to a world rarely glimpsed in the media of tar sands thawing permafrost remote indigenous villages and at the end a wide open Arctic Ocean that could become a far northern Mississippi of barges and pipelines and oil mone “Mackenzie traversed those waters via canoe and so I planned the same My choice involved than historic homage; it is the perfect slow vehicle to see the country” In 1789 Alexander Mackenzie a Scottish explorer attempted to find the Northwest passage traveling a grueling 1100 hundred miles on a ruthless river through the Arctic wilderness His mission failed as he was thwarted by an unforgiving ice pack In 2016 author and memoirist Brian Castner followed the explorer's route on the Mackenzie River aka Disappointment River to see if he could succeed where the Scottish man failed Castner presents the story as a dual narrative reconstructing Mackenzie's trip along with his own perilous adventures I enjoyed the historical element although parts of it were a bit dry but I really admired Castner's own documentation It was an incredibly difficult and harrowing trip This was part of North America I knew very little about and found these discoveries fascinating Castner is a gifted writer and one tough son of a gun I did not realize right away that Castner wrote an excellent memoir about his experiences as a Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer in Ira called “The Long Walk” which I loved a few years back I also highly recommend that one