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Download ☆ Fate of the Fallen ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ½ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Fate of the Fallen By Kel Kade ➲ – The Shroud of Prophecy tests fate to discover what happens when the path of good and right the triumph of light over darkness the only path to salvation failsEveThe Shroud of Prophecy tests fate to discover what happens when the path of good and right the triumph of light over darkness the only path to salvation failsEveryone loves Mathias So naturally when he discovers it’s his destiny to save the world he dives in head first pulling his best Fate of PDFEPUB or friend Aaslo along for the rideMathias is thrilled for the adventure There’s nothi. 275 stars This was apparently pitched as “what if Frodo died and Sam had to complete his task” but that is not the feeling of this book so don’t go in to this book with that expectation This is the story of the best friend of the “chosen one” who is really a grumpy loner who tends to the forest and likes it that way Due to the nature of prophecy and apocalypses he ends up on a uest This reads like a single player DnD campaign in which the player is our main character and every other character he encounters are NPCs This gives it a particular feeling as the characters aren’t very fleshed out but it still has the action of a fun uest game Some plot lines also felt like a DM throwing things at a player to spice things up as there’s so little foreshadowing I don’t care enough to continue the series but I had an okay time with this book

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Ng better than a road beneath his feet and adventure in the air Aaslo on the other hand has never cared for the world beyond the borders of his sleepy village and would be much happier alone and in the woods But someone has to keep the Chosen One’s head on his shoulders and his feet on the groundIt turns out saving the world isn’t as easy or exciting as it sounds in the stories Mathias. I'm a big fan of Kel Kade's self published King's Dark Tidings series so I was excited to hear Tor Books had signed her to write brand new fantasy trilogy under their banner This book is the first in that new series It is not uite as good as KDT mostly due to not having the Rez to carry the story but it still ended up being a fairly fun and engaging adventure fantasy There was a good balance of dark and light moments and the characters were a good enough bunch to get me invested in the happeningsThe premise of this was a lot of fun A great prophecy foretells that the chosen one will save all life from annihilation When Mathias's grandmother reveals he is the chosen one he is shocked but delighted and determined to set out on his uest to save the world His best friend Aaslo is a lot less delighted by the news but knows he has to accompany Mathias on his uest if he wants to make sure his best friend's head stays attached to his body The uest soon goes awry as nothing proves as easy as the prophecy promised Gods Fae evil monsters cowardly mages and a bunch of nobility intent on uitting rather than fighting to survive make life tough for our potential heroes The story was a fun one Aaslo ended up being the main character and while he was a little sombre and serious he did prove and easy enough guy to root for The companions he gathered along the way were a likeable bunch and the story was packed full of a bunch of twists and turns that kept the story flowing at a good pace I always seen to find Kade's writing fairly engaging and I loved the mix of adventure action humour and drama we got in the story so I ended up enjoying this one I liked KDT better but that is mostly because Rezkin is a one of a kind sort of character The characters in this story grew on me uickly enough and I'm looking forward to following their adventures in the seuel The nature of this fantasy world was such that it might even be possible that this series is linked to KDT is a very loose sort of way The mages and Gods in the series could travel to different worlds and the Fae creatures Aaslo encountered did sound pretty similar to the Fae in KDT I live in hopeRating 4 stars This was not as good as KDT but was still a solid and very enjoyable fantasy seriesAudio Note As always Nick Podehl did a fantastic job with the audio He is one of the very best narrators

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Fate of the FallenIs than willing to place his life on the line but Aaslo would love nothing than to forget about all the talk of arcane bloodlines and magical fae creatures When the going gets rough folks start to believe their only chance for survival is to surrender to the forces of evil which isn’t how the stories go At all To make matters worse Aaslo is beginning to fear that he may have lost his mind. 35 starsFate of the Fallen was a fantasy book that subverted the 'chosen one' trope and managed to strike a balance between end of the world bleakness and light heartedness At the start the writing and plot felt a bit immature but the story strengthened as it progressed and characters were introducedPlot 35Characters 45Writing 355Aaslo was a forester a person tasked with caring for the forests and all he wanted was to save the trees but he ended up trying to save the world One fateful day his friend and brother in all things Mathias discovered he was chosen According to prophecy he was the only one capable of saving the world from evil It wasn't that much of a surprise he was skilled and much loved by all so of course he was destined for greatness right Wrong When he met his untimely end the very distraught Aaslo decided to take up Mathias' mantle and give their world a fighting chanceWhen there wasn't a 'chosen one' any everyone gave up and prepared for doom Aaslo however thought if he was fated to die he might as well do so fighting for the greater good not hiding away Generally I thought that was a good message because in real life so many things don't go to plan but it's not an excuse to give up but of a reason to move forward with resilience tenacity and hope for the future like AasloAs a character Aaslo was solemn and serious but also extremely genuine in a likeable way there was not an ounce of deception in him Some of the other characters were uite endearing too most notably the two thieves Peck and Mory and an ex mage called Teza However there were a few different points of view some of which I didn't care about at all like that of the reaper called Myropa which made my progression through the book uite forced at times The plot was just a lot I think if it just focused on Aaslo it would have been fine but the meddling gods kept making appearances and they made the plot confusing There was magic mages prophecies fae zombies and a dragon arm yes just an arm and while it sounds fun it would have been fun if the plot was better developed and there was less of what felt like seemingly unnecessary fillerIn conclusion Fate of the Fallen was a rather humorous read that had a nice twist on a well known trope It wasn't spectacular but would make a refreshing read for someone tired of the same old same old Thank you to Tor Books for providing me with a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own