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FREE READ × Ironclaw ´ ❮KINDLE❯ ❄ Ironclaw ❁ Author Sherman Baldwin – Just ten days out of land based training and on the eve of the Persian Gulf War Lieutenant Junior Grade Sherman Baldwin was assigned to Air Wing Five's EA 6B Prowler suadron call sign Ironclaw aboard Just ten days out of land based training Suadron were responsible for identifying jamming and destroying enemy radar Ironclaw is one of the most compelling accounts yet of life on a carrier at war For the readers of Flight of the Intruder and Yeager Baldwin brilliantly captures the excitement and risk faced by naval aviators He takes the reader from be. I think this book is a must read book Because it kept me on the edge of my seat when I was reading it I think the reason why the author wrote this book is to give everyone a inside look on what war is like for a naval carrier

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Lowdecks in the mission planning room where the day's combat assignment is handed out to the deck of the Midway where jets are catapulted over the Persian Gulf and into the cockpit offering an unprecedented look at what it feels like to control one of the world's most sophisticated and powerful military machines. There are a number of books on air operations in the Persian Gulf War but this one is the best particularly of the autobiographic variety Baldwin was just out of training and was dropped into a unit that had been flying together deployed for months and had to come up to speed just weeks before the air campaign commenced He pulls no punches about his performance as he makes mistakes as a nugget The book is an excellent account of what it's like to work live and fly on a carrier Even the routine can be dangerous Think Flight of the Intruder but non fiction Excellent read


IronclawJust ten days out of land based training and on the eve of the Persian Gulf War Lieutenant Junior Grade Sherman Baldwin was assigned to Air Wing Five's EA B Prowler suadron call sign Ironclaw aboard the USS Midway Flying the Prowler attack aircraft Baldwin his crew of three flight officers and the rest of their. Sherman Baldwin flew an EA 6B Prowler in the 1991 Gulf War Only 26 years old when he went to war Baldwin was barely out of training when he received orders to join his suadron aboard USS Midway one of the Navy’s oldest carriers already on duty in the Persian Gulf as part of Operation Desert ShieldIn Ironclaw Baldwin focuses on the missions that he flew He did a wonderful job of explaining what was happening while preserving the integrity of the story—he didn’t over explain and as such I felt as though I picked up a lot of the jargon particular to the aviation industryBaldwin was obviously a very intelligent officer—he graduated from Yale University—and his account of his deployment was extremely readable He did not shy away from expressing his emotions—often expressing his frustration fears sense of being overwhelmed but with moments of euphoric highsThis was an excellent account of one pilot’s experience in the Gulf War Highly recommended