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DOWNLOAD ☆ Isolated ß ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Isolated ⚣ Author Bex-chan – He can't leave the room Her room And it's all the Order's fault Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company something's going to give Maybe his sanity Maybe not There she spat Now you He can't leave the room Her room And it's allDent trusted with this information so she and Malfoy share the small space and Draco tries to avoid insanity as he becomes increasingly isolated with only the Mudblood for company Something's going to giveFandom Harry PotterPairing Hermione GrangerDraco MalfoyWords. THIS This should be canon for Harry Potter Okay I know I need to breathe and be careful because those are big words Huge words I know these characters belong to JK Rowlingas they shouldbut I've always been of the mindset that Draco and Hermione were meant to be together Yep I said it out loud I'll say it louder for the people in the back I'm a die hard Dramione fan Bad boygood girl enemies to lovers come on was there ever any doubt which side I'd be onA couple weeks ago after a conversation with a friend of mine that lives in a different part of the country we decided that together we would undertake this over 1000 page saga her for the first timeme for the second I'd first read it 7 years ago and we buddy read it chapter by chapter communicating by text after each one It was probably the most fun I've had co reading that I can ever remember We would send our favorite uotes back and forth along with our reactionsand man just going back through them to try and pluck out some of my favorites to include has my heart right back in my throat sometimes the briefest of encounters can leave the boldest of imprints on your memoryTo feel so vulnerable and empowered at the same time and when the mind is somewhere between serenity and insanity it means love's to blameI could uote a million the humorous bits of which there are tons believe it or not the spicy bits yum and the parts that will make you want to cry buckets There is so much feeling associated with this I can't possibly do justice to the wonder that is IsolationI'd put together a Spotify playlist in advance jumping through the author's notes and adding a few of my own musical inspirations because you all know how my brain works Music feeds my soul and gah I have to saythe playlist is inspired people Listen as you readit elevates the experience of this story to the next level And I'm of the opinion that this book is phenomenal Yep phenomenal That said I haven't had a playlist affect me like this since Heartbreak Warfare Search it up on Spotify if you're interested nods Trust me on this one I don't believe in spoilers I just don't So what I will tell you is that the author is so incredibly compassionate so careful so inspired and friggin' amazing with her spin on the HP world I wish this had been the way the ending had played out It is not all rainbows and kittens here kids The issues are sometimes darkhorrifically so but so true to the innate characterizations of Draco and Hermione that you're rooting for Slytherin's Prince and Griffindor's Princess even while your heart is breaking for the turmoil that surrounds them5 stars because I can't give than that I wouldI so would A place in my all time favorites list as well This book while in reality just a fan fiction transcended a level of storytelling that few authors have been able to pierce for me The glass ceiling that is all encompassing hitting on all my emotions as it kept me firmly in the camp of just one chapter please through the whole thing Just a fan fiction my fanny this is a marvel a gift from Bex chan to the world who knows that sometimes the bad boy loves the good girland she loves him backflaws and all I'd be delighted to read anything this insanely talented person wrote and if they need an editor maybe we can strike a deal LOL


He can't leave the room Her room And it's all the Order's fault Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company something's going to give Maybe his sanity Maybe not There she spat Now your Blood's filthy too DMHG PostHBPPost Half Blood Prince Ron and H. Fucking hellBex chan you have RUINED my lifeIsolation was a recommendation from my sis and I was uite eager to read it after she told me about a few scenes She told me to read it during my exams but I started it after my exams were finished Best fucking decision I ever made Isolation was just I can't even express into words what Isolation made me feel It was just breathtaking Wait That would be the understatement of the yearI wasn't really into Dramione or Harry Potter for that matter shocker tell me about it until I read this This is the first Dramione that I've ever read and I am pretty sure that now I'm going to have very high expectations for every other Dramione that I readIt crept me out wait scratch that it STILL creeps me out how freakishly perfect each and every song recommendation was for each and every chapter It was as if she had listened to the songs and then written the chapters And I still get teary eyed when I listen to Come HomeI absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IsolationAnd Bex I don't even know if you're reading this but I just want to tell you that you SIMPLY CANNOT stop writing stories EverWhen I was in some chapter between 30 and 40 I just went to wattpad to read a story that I had been reading of one of my favourite wattpad authors and frankly it just sucked I never compare wattpad and ffnet cause I know that most of the people in wattpad just suck No offense to them But this story was going uite well but after reading Isolation all the other stories I read just felt suck ishSo yeah you can’t stop writing because I’d probably kill myself if you didI am in a book hangover right now I can’t read any effin book cause they all seem so dull There’s no angst in them They are all WAY too fluffy I am also seriously considering changing all the ratings of the books I've read cause they are nothing compared to this bookI can’t seem to stop thinking about Isolation I finished it a couple of days ago and well I’m still obsessed with it Cause oh my gosh Draco And I’m glad I didn’t read it while it was still updating I think I would’ve died waiting for the updatesAnd I was never bored throughout the story Not even during the filler chapters Bex you have a talent and I really hope you don’t stop writing EVER I loved each and every freakin chapter so muchAnd this was the first ever story which made me cry I was teary eyed during loads of parts but I really cried when Theo died I had to stop reading for a few minutes I have never ever cried for any book not even for tfios seriously that isn't even that good and well Isolation means a lot to meGosh that sounds so dramaticAnd one last thing DRACO Update 21st Jan' 15Read this piece of beauty again and it was still fan freakin tastic If possible my love for it has increasedOh and I cried Again

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IsolatedArry are Horcrux hunting and Hermione has been left at Hogwarts to help the Order make it safe for the other students Draco is forced by Snape to stay in Hogwarts for his own protection but he can't leave the room he is given Granger's room Hermione is the only stu. This book is better than most of the original published fiction Just saying On another note I gather that the Epilogue she mentions in the last chapter does not exist If I'm wrong please let me know because I've been searching for it everywhere and I can't find anything