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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Cocktail Time Ò [EPUB] ✺ Cocktail Time Author P.G. Wodehouse – Frederick Earl of Ickenham remains young at heart So it is for him the act of a moment to lean out of the Drones Club window with a catapult and ping the silk top hat off his grumpy in law the disting Frederick Earl of Ickenham remains younStseller and a film script but this is as nothing compared with the entangled fates of the couples that surround him and which only his fabled sweetness and light can unrav. 45 for this audiobook edition narrated by Jonathan CecilThis 3rd book in the Uncle Fred series was hilarious His nephew Pongo Twisleton having been married in the previous book Lady Ickenham Uncle Fred's wife has no choice but to deposit him with his godson Johnny while she is elsewhere she doesn't trust him on his own for good reason Typical Wodehousian convolutions occur but one aspect of this that stood out for me is the fun Wodehouse has with authors publishers and critics in this Sir Raymond 'Beefy' Bastable a neighbor of Johnny's is prompted to write his exposé of the younger generation a novel so shocking that it caused endless repercussions for its hapless author sparked off a whole series of outrageous misunderstandings and reuired the inventive talents of Lord Ickenham himself to resolve as the blurb puts it I can easily imagine Wodehouse venting some of his own frustrations with writing publishing in some of the comments

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Frederick Earl of Ickenham remains young at heart So it is for him the act of a moment to lean out of the Drones Club window with a catapult and ping the silk top hat off h. Another PGW winnerPG Wodehouse is the funniest writer of the past century Wodehouse defies superlatives and is for my money the best comedic writer to ever put pen to paper Despite being a confirmed Wodehousian this is only the second Uncle Fred novel I have read According to Wikipedia the Uncle Fred stories comprise one short story and four novels two of which are set at Blandings CastleUncle Fred Flits By 1935 included in the collection Young Men in Spats 1936Uncle Fred in the Springtime 1939 a Blandings story Uncle Dynamite 1948Cocktail Time 1958Service with a Smile 1961 a Blandings storySo back to 'Cocktail Time' I can confirm that I smiled I chuckled and I laughed Not uite as much as the very best books by PG Wodehouse but a still a than satisfactory return Of course it is not all about humour the other pleasure of PG Wodehouse is the delightful writing and the playfulness that runs through his work and appears on each and every page His books are the best possible escape from the real world a retreat into a predictable amusing cheerful place where the lovelorn ultimately find solace and the pompous have their pomposity pricked I already eagerly await my next foray into the wonderful world of Wodehouse45

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Cocktail TimeIs grumpy in law the distinguished barrister Sir Raymand BastableUnfortunately things don’t end thereThe sprightly earl finds that his action has inspired a scandalous be. After finishing the Jeeves and Wooster and Blandings Castle series I decided to continue my somewhat systematic approach to Wodehouse's works Next in line I decided would be the Uncle Fred novels two of which I had already read as part of Blandings— Uncle Fred in the Springtime and Service with a Smile Next up was Cocktail Time which although it had its funny moments sprinkled with the classic Wodehouse wit wasn't uite up there with the brightest and shiniest of his tales