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The Soldier of Raetia Valerian's Legion #1 Free download ó 9 ï ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Soldier of Raetia Valerian's Legion #1 ➰ Author Heather Domin – Rome 10BC Manilus Dardanus a new soldier from the provinces applies for a military sponsorship with Cassius Valerian the general Soldier ePUB #199 he has chosen and at first the brusue and reticent general seems the least willing candidate to teach him but gradually a bond begins to form between this unlikely pair one that neither could ever have imaginedOver the course of a Soldier of Raetia P. You all know that I love historical fiction and I read a ton of it I was very excited about this book as I've read very little historical fiction about Rome even with all of the HF that I read I was most definitely not disappointed This is a well researched story about the everyday lives of Roman soldiers I'd like to point out that I really really enjoyed the historical note at the end of the book that discussed what the author made up and what research went into the book I think that in historical fiction books it's definitely interesting to see what the sources the author looked at while writing the book I think that it really helps put things into context I really liked how vivid the writing was You really feel like you're witnessing the things that the characters are doing There is most definitely a good sense of setting which I felt really helped to pull me into the book Also I'm not huge on war books and technically this book covers a war; however the story itself really covers of the human story behind the soldiers The focus is really on the inside scoop on the things that went on when the soldiers were not fighting It was a uniue perspective and really allowed you to get to know the characters than you do in a normal war storyI really like the characters in the book You have a very powerful general someone who would know of the high life of the highest class of Romans Then you have the soldiers that come from a variety of backgrounds I liked that you sort of got a taste of some of the different Roman classes a very important feature of Roman societyOne thing I will mention is that there is a homosexual relationship between two of the male characters in the book This should not bother you Why you might ask Homosexual relationships were a completely normal part of Roman life As the author explains at the end of the book the Romans thought that the male body was the most beautiful form in the world and thus if you were a man and you took a male lover not another thought would be given Bottom line This is a great historical fiction read

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Rome BC of Raetia eBook #8608 Manilus Dardanus a new soldier from the provinces applies for a military sponsorship with Cassius Valerian the general of a small legion patrolling the northern frontier Idealistic and naive Dardanus has a lot to learn about the life The. I finished this book in two days Am I overly fond of historical fiction; no Do I pine for Roman tales; not really Am I keen on war stories; not exactly Do I appreciate well written unconventional love stories You bet But that doesn’t begin to say why I couldn’t tear myself away from The Soldier of Raetia Heather Domin sets a reader right in a Roman landscape the smells sounds and sights fleshed out as if I was reading in the houses at the campsites on the battlefields What Domin does for vistas is expounded further in her plot and characters; not a single voice rang untrue and I had to know how the novel ended I read a sample via Smashwords then ordered the print version; I was not disappointed in the remainder of the story nor the presentation of Domin’s work in paperback Looking forward to from this author

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The Soldier of Raetia Valerian's Legion #1DF #201 blood soaked summer in the wild as Dardanus struggles with coming of age and Valerian wrestles the ghosts of his past battles and betrayals on every Soldier of Raetia Valerian's Legion eBook #9734 side threaten to end that fragile bond and possibly their liv. Well researched but there's a bit too much of telling instead of showing and it takes a while to get going The relationship between Dardanus and Valerian his sponsorlegatus is very slow burn which I enjoyed Overall while The Soldier of Raetia isn't as great as I expected it's an enjoyable coming of age story