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The House at Midnight Read & Download ☆ 108 Ò [Read] ➳ The House at Midnight By Lucie Whitehouse – On an icy winter weekend seven friends celebrate New Year's Eve at Stoneborough a grand manor in the English countryside They've been brought together by Lucas Heathfield a young man who recently inhe On an iD family his charismatic uncle Patrick his lovely mother Claire and his golden boy father Justin Over one decadent dramatic year as the friends freuently gather at the shadowed residence secrets slide out and sexual tensions escalate shattering friendships and forever changing lives And all the while the house cradles a devastating secret By turns taut and sensual mesmerizing and disturbing The House at Midnight is a gripping psychological novel that pulls the reader into the thrall of its ominous atmosphere Newcomer Lucie Whitehouse has written a tense and captivating story that will linger long after the final shocking pages. Wow Just finished this book and I have to say that it's been a long time since a book swept me up in it like this one did What a powerful story about the dynamics of a group of friends and the wonderful and horrible things that can happen within it I loved it Couldn't stop reading about the lives of these people to see what could possibly happen next Great psychological dramawould really make a perfect movie I think

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On an icy winter weekend seven friends celebrate New Year's Eve at Stoneborough a grand manor in the English countryside They've been brought together by Lucas Heathfield a young man who recently inherited the property after the tragic death of his uncle Patrick Though still raw from the loss of his last family member Lucas welcomes this tight knit group of friends to the estate he hopes will become their home away from home an escape from London where they can all relax and rekindle the revelry of their college The House ePUB #199 days Lucas's best friend Joanna finds herself oddly affected by the cavernous manse with its la. okay i understand this one's comparison to donna tartt and i accept it i really enjoyed this even though it is about shitty people being shitty to each other in the name of friendship sexual betrayal emotional blackmail financial expectations and passive aggressive behavior galore i thought the story was interesting and relatable to a point but the point where it gets novel y rather than true life y was at least interesting and fun not fun like meadows and hopscotch fun if you think medea or italian operas are fun fun where everyone is sad and complicated i would definitely recommend it and could stand to read by her in the future the first near five stars in a long timecome to my blog

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The House at MidnightVish mythological ceiling mural and sprawling grounds and awakened to a growing bond with Lucas Much to her surprise he reveals that he's loved her for years But as they begin to find their way from friendship to romance Joanna can't shake the feeling that the house is having its own effect on them Back in London Joanna is stunned when Lucas announces that he and their impetuous friend Danny are moving into Stoneborough full time Her concern seems justified as Lucas once ensconced becomes completely ensnared in the turbulent past that seems to haunt the house a past that is captured in old movie reels featuring Lucas's now dea. There were a lot of Secret History comparisons before I picked up this book That shit is lazy you guys Do not listen to it This book is like the Secret History if what you got from Secret History is big houses and overprivileged young adults and probably something fucked up happening at some point This is not the Secret HistoryIt is its own thing which is good because I have to be just about the only person in the entire world who does not worship at the shrine of The Secret History The House at Midnight focuses around a group of friends from college who have come together a few years later to have a party at a house that one of the group has just inherited from a rich uncle He is a lonely uiet intellectual sort who always seems somewhat apart from the group and has a tragic family past The narrator has always been into him their close bestfriendship never uite developing into something But then all that starts to change and maybe not entirely for the best Complicated sexual and power dynamics emerge and power games that characters have been playing on a subterranean level come to the fore at lastSo the beginning is super annoying It's definitely got some DNA from all those social status comparing stupid books supposedly aimed at women that I've ranted about before The author characterizes people by their clothes and hair and body weight and how much money they have or by whatever societally valuable image she can cloak around them yup even Lucas and his uiet self possessed intellectual thing counts because let's face it the kind of people reading this value that If the main character never mentioned she was middle class again to show how real and relatable she was after page ten I would have heard it enough times already As you might imagine we definitely do hear it a LOT after that Okay so I guess the beginning was the most hey read this because it is like the Secret History part in the book so maybe a lot of people just read this part anyways But again I assume this is not why you guys read that book right If it is by all means read it otherwise I repeat that is a lazy comparisonOh yeah I've got to say In addition I was also even suuuuuuuuupppper irritated by one of the major relationship plotlines of the protagonist which seemed there mostly to be a fantasy of how awesome the girl was by getting to push jealousy of her awesome relation ship in everyone's facesI suspect an author standin or her projection of a reader stand in which tells you what she thinks of her readers She's one of these girls who must have some sort of perfume made of pheromones or something one of these girls who just smells good because I don't generally get what the deal with totally hot men and this perfectly ordinary girl is Sigh So there's that ugly unfortunately deeply female and gendered being better than everyone while being totally normal and relatable fantasy to deal withBut I pushed past because so many people had said positive things I did skim for a little while I'll be honest And then things did get a little bit interesting The main character proves not to have been in a societally valuable fated rich man relationship after all She is proven to have some real insecurities and thoughts that really ring true she's got some relatable moments she experiences with a guy that any woman who has ever dealt with a clingy partner will recognize particularly if the man is bigger than you are and you're starting to feel uncomfortableI liked some of the characterization of Daniel for sure He was way motivationless for being that way than I wanted him to be but a lot of what he did and said was a at least intriguing I also liked the two generation element of this whole mess and seeing how the parents had fucked it up and then handed off the whole fucked up mess to their children Some of the atmospheric stuff when she focused on the house itself and what it was like to be there was pretty good And the worst part of me always likes a good scandal and this book had a lot of themI think it went overboard and I think it had a cop out of an ending so that one group of people wouldn't accuse her of giving us a pat unrealistic ending and another group wouldn't be too mad at her for stealing away their happy ending It was a well you decide what happens readers sort of ending without any reason to be that way It definitely stopped a chapter too soon and I can't think of any other reason for it to do so other than the author being able to avoid making a decision that would have upset a portion of the reader base I mean obviously I don't know anything about her process but I fail to see what the alternate reason would beSo I don't know Maybe it deserves two stars after all But if we're rating it for enjoyment I probably liked it in the end I finished it and there were parts I was caught up in in the middle and back half There was some writing I liked and at least some successful character work and observations I am also predisposed to like this sort of dark velvety thing to begin with so there's that If you're going to read a Lucie Whitehouse book I'd certainly recommend this miles ahead of Before We Met anyway