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eBook ê The Largesse of the Sea Maiden Ü Hardcover Read Ö gwairsoft å ❴Download❵ ✤ The Largesse of the Sea Maiden Author Denis Johnson – Gwairsoft.co.uk The Largesse of the Sea Maiden is the long awaited new story collection from Denis Johnson It follows the groundbNiverse assert themselves Finished shortly before Johnson’s death in May 2017 this collection is the last word from a writer whose work will live on for many years to come ” Gravity is working against meAnd gravity wants to bring me down“Oh twice as much ain’t twice as goodAnd can’t sustain like one half could It’s wanting that’s gonna send me to my knees“Just keep me where the light isCome on now keep me where now keep me where the light is” Gravity John Mayer Songwriters John Mayer ”It’s plain to you that at the time I write this I’m not dead But maybe by the time you read it”Not having read anything by Denis Johnson before this and now having finished The Largesse of the Sea Maiden Stories I am moved but also sad that I have missed out on his books all these years before It reminded me a bit of when I heard that Kent Haruf had passed only a year or so after I’d discovered him A gift I’d just been given had suddenly been given a limit The second posthumously published book I’d read this week ”This morning I was assailed by such sadness at the velocity of life—the distance I’ve traveled from my own youth the persistence of the old regrets the new regrets the ability of failure to freshen itself in novel forms—that I almost crashed the car”I’m not typically a fan of short stories but these all seem related if not connected by themes which I love Facing who we are our transient nature the elusive ways of love and life and all of the ‘unknowns’ of life I felt a strong sense of being the silent person sitting by and listening watching these stories being shared seeing the events unfurl weighing in on these people living their rather ordinary if occasionally peculiar lives; their thoughts through which they condemn themselves and others and seek clemency and mercy from the world In other words living Life Day by day by day ”I note that I’ve lived longer in the past now than I can expect to live in the future I have to remember than I have to look forward to Memory fades not much of the past stays and I wouldn’t mind forgetting a lot of it”I am choosing not to talk about the stories individually but about the themes that they collectively share they are simply about life Complex messy sometimes harsh sometimes comical even perhaps a sprinkling of the twisted and bizarre I wasn’t drawn to this book because of the author as I knew nothing about him and the cover title certainly didn’t draw me to it I was tempted by the reviews of my friends Angela and Diane and with Debbie’s review I finally had to add this and reuested it from my library I’m so glad I did Please check out Angela Diane and Debbie’s reviews thanks once again to the Public Library system and the many Librarians that manage organize and keep it running for the loan of this book

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The Largesse of the Sea Maiden is the long awaited new story collection from Denis Johnson It follows the groundbreaking highly acclaimed Jesus’ Son Written in the same lu I'm between 3 and 35 starsIt doesn't matter The world keeps turning It's plain to you that at the time I write this I'm not dead But maybe by the time you read itDenis Johnson's last short story collection The Largesse of the Sea Maiden was published about eight months after he died from lung cancer at the age of 67 That fact certainly adds a feeling of melancholy to the collection even when he isn't writing lines like the ones above It's also a fairly dark book about facing mortality and one's failures I first came upon Johnson's writing in the mid 1990s when I read his collection Jesus' Son way back in the days before I wrote book reviews or counted how many books I read and it has honestly stuck with me all these years later I forget at times what a phantasmagorical ride he often took you on and that his stories had such surprising depth even when they were a little bizarre but his deft hand with imagery and word choice often had me re reading paragraphs than once simply to marvel at what he had writtenIt was certainly inevitable that I'd come to The Largesse of the Sea Maiden with higher expectations than I probably should have had given these stories were the last thing he had written at least as well as we're aware Unfortunately I found the collection somewhat uneven—a few stories didn't uite work for me but they were bookended by one spectacular story and one really good one I liked the story Strangler Bob a uirky story about a man in prison While it too has some dark elements there is humor in this story than most of the others But my two favorites in the collection were Doppelgänger Poltergeist in which a writing instructor looked back on his relationship with his most gifted student who became a famed poet but who also had a strange obsession with Elvis Presley and the exceptional unforgettable title story in which an aging ad man reflects on his life his successes and his failures through the years and some of the interesting people and situations he encounteredIn that story Johnson shares some truly poignant lines which make it evident he knew this was his final book I note that I've lived longer in the past now than I can expect to live in the future I have to remember than I have to look forward to Memory fades not much of the past stays and I wouldn't mind forgetting a lot of itThe literary world has lost a true treasure in Johnson and if offbeat beautifully written fiction appeals to you I'd encourage you to pick up Jesus' Son and Train Dreams his recent novella Those of you who are short story fans might enjoy this collection as well if only for a few of the stories but some may find it difficult to followRIP Mr Johnson and thanks for sharing your immense talent with the worldSee all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcom or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at

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The Largesse of the Sea MaidenMinous prose this collection finds Johnson in new territory contemplating old age mortality the ghosts of the past and the elusive and unexpected ways the mysteries of the u What is the loudest thing you’ve ever heard? What about the uietest? This collection of short stories starts with a party scene where people are wracking their brains for memories I want to be at this party For a second I forget about the book as I race down memory lane wondering what I would come up with if someone asked me these uestions Seriously these are delicious things to ponder Already this writer has me in the palm of his handFunny I was dreading this book First off what’s with the snooty academic title? I confess I didn’t even know what “largesse” meant—all I could hear was “large” which is NOT its synonym it turns out And sea maidens oh no Are these stories going to be about myths or fairy tales two of my most unfavorite things?And then there’s the blah cover I like purple I really do but this cover is plain Jane and the title doesn’t stand out enough It’s in all caps which I hate And there are lines running through the title—in my editor eyes lines through text mean throw the words the hell out Even though I have the Kindle version and don’t have to look at the book I know it has an ugly cover and lol this made me not want to read it “You can’t fool me cover I know what you really look like” I figured anyone who picked out that blah cover must be peddling a blah book Plus after reading a few reviews I worried that this was going to an academic read that it was Fine Literature full of symbolism and imagery and I’d feel all depressed because it bored me or went right over my headI couldn’t have been wrong You start reading and wham You’re pulled right into that party scene with the two killer uestions But that scene as rich as it is is isolated disconnected from the story In fact all five stories have the meander disease But what I got instead of clean clear plots were these brilliant little vignettes embedded everywhere and I just savored them There are some long ass sentences but who cares I couldn’t take my eyes off his prose Each story is narrated by a man who is looking back at his life There’s addiction obsession guilt estrangement worry death The author has a brilliant sense of the absurd which is his ticket to my heart I ran into sentences like this which made me swoon “How often will you witness a woman kissing an amputation?”The author died of liver cancer in 2017 and this was his last work I’m thinking he was beating the clock and maybe he just didn’t have time to go for cohesion Death is a theme throughout the stories though the collection isn’t maudlin It’s clear that sometimes the author is looking at his own life and there are pieces of him in his characters It’s plain to you that at the time I write this I’m not dead But maybe by the time you read it”I decided early on that it was okay if plot wasn’t Johnson’s thing I was mesmerized by his description of complex down and outer characters by his amazing insight into the human condition And he’s one of those authors who observes the little things that we want to pretend we didn’t see or feel Or maybe it’s not that we’re pretending events didn’t happen maybe it’s just that these little things in our consciousness get trumped by the bigger things Johnson brings the little things back to lifeAs always I liked some stories better than others My favorite was “The Starlight on Idaho” about a guy in rehab writing letters to everyone he knows I’m always a sucker for letters anyway and here I was enrapturedThere was a little work reuired as I was reading Whenever I opened the book I had to reread uite a few pages and concentrate pretty hard I think this is because the stories don’t have an obvious plot and without an obvious plot it’s easy to lose your bearings A minor complaint however The language is so rich I didn’t mind the reread I did run into the dreaded “try and” crime now and then and I’d wince but it was a one off event You won’t find a lot of closure but then again stories short on plot don’t necessarily warrant closure The exception is the last story about a guy obsessed with Elvis That one had a tight ending even though the inside did some meandering I wasn’t crazy about the story at first but it grew on meAnd weird—there are no chicks anywhere Don’t ask me why I noticed this Occasionally a wife or a divorce is mentioned but that’s the only inkling that another gender exists in the universe That strikes me as odd until I remember that we’re supposed to write what we know Johnson knows men He knows how to talk about what goes on in a man’s head Thankfully although the book is masculine there is no machoI got all busy checking out the author on the Internet which I usually do when I love a book I found out that he created this exuisite listThree Rules to Write By Write naked That means to write what you would never say Write in blood As if ink is so precious you can’t waste it Write in exile as if you are never going to get home again and you have to call back every detailI’m not sure I “got” all the meaning in these stories—was there to the meandering than I could understand? Dunno But in any case I was seduced by the polished prose and the intriguing offbeat charactersSo where has this writer been all my life? I must read his earlier works What a shame that the fi