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CHARACTERS ✓ The Lyre Thief õ [Epub] ➞ The Lyre Thief By Jennifer Fallon – Her Serene Highness Rakaia Princess of Fardohnya is off to Hythria where her eldest sister is now the High Princess to find herself a husband and escape the inevitable bloodbath in the harem when her Her Serene Highness Rakaia Princess of FardohnBehind an even dangerous conflict brewing between his wife and his powerful mother Princess MarlaAnd in far off Medalon someone has stolen the musicTheir uest for the tiny stolen lyre containing the essence of the God of Music will eventually touch all their lives threaten everything they hold dear and prove to be far personal than any of them can imagi. Full review at The Speculative Herald starsThe Lyre Thief by Jennifer Fallon is packed full of all my fantasy favorites Assassins thieves undesirable arranged marriages scandalous secrets switched identities bandits magic Oh and dragons It checks lots of boxes and honestly it does it all uite wellI uickly became engrossed with the characters The story is told through numerous POVs but all are done well and all provide clearer insight to the overall picture uickly you can identify a pair of sisters as being central to the storyRakaia is a princess of Fardohnya which on the surface sounds like a pretty good life Until you learn the real details She is one of scores of daughters of the King who has a harem so lots of wives lots of children In addition to his wives the harem also includes court’esa These are men and women who are experts in the art of sexual pleasure Somehow of out of all the children born to the King from his legitimate wives only one of them is a son The rest Daughters that he can use for political or economic advantage as they are traded off as wives to secure some advantage for the king Pretty much they are just a commodity he has in excessSince she was very small she has been inseparable with her half sister Cherisee Cherries is the King’s daughter from one of the court’esa As she is not a legitimate daughter her role in life has been to be a slave and servant to Rakaia The two girls are close in age as well as close in appearance They become than just servant and princess they become close friends and playmatesBut Rakaia was not destined to keep the pampered life of a princess Her mother has a secret one that makes her fear for her daughter’s safety and future For this reason she works out a deal to have Rakaia sent off to marry a border lord who is probably close to 80 and if the rumors are true also syphilitic Nice What young girl wouldn’t be thrilled with that prospect Now enters the plan of switched identities It will call for Rakaia to flee leaving Cherisee to take her place as princess and bride So Cherisee is left trying to play the role of pampered princess a role where she must learn to think about herself and her own desires instead of always looking to make everyone else happy And Rakaia is left completely on her own needing to leave her royal life as just a memory and learn how to survive in a world she has been uite sheltered fromI would be remiss to not mention the role of gods in this story as well They can walk amongst us humans and do I have to say this added an extra layer to both the world as well as my enjoyment They could be uite entertaining And then there is the conflict of the tiny stolen lyre A token of the God of Music that is worth than you would think Without it everything could changeI can’t say the book is without imperfections but the ones I found I realized I just did not care This is a book that had me reading late into night and I realized before finishing it was also one that would leave me craving the next book because the further I read the less pages I saw remaining the I felt I was just not ready to put the book and story down I eagerly wait for the next installment so I can find out what happens next

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Herself from The Lyre Epubthat too If she can just convince her baseborn sister Charisee to play along she might actually get away with itBut there is trouble brewing across the continent High Prince of Hythria Damin Wolfblade must head north to save the peace negotiated a decade ago between the Harshini Hythria Fardohnya Medalon and Karien He must leave. Where have I been that I have not read Jennifer Fallon's books before She is such a fantastic writer of top uality fantasy fiction Along with a number of titles she has previously written the 'Demon Child' and 'Wolfblade' series both set in the the same world as 'The Lyre Thief' and collectively known as 'The Hythrun Chronicles' Despite this being my first foray into that world it did not take long to come up to speed with the characters their realms and relationships although if you have read the previous series you would have a much better understanding of this world and yes I will be reading her earlier books asap It certainly helped that snippets of past history were included where necessary as well as a list of characters at the end of the book so it did not take long to get a good feel for the world and become engrossed in it I was immediately hooked into the story It starts with two important events which eventually overlap in this book and no doubt future seuels In the first event Mikel a young man imprisoned by the Gods audaciously escapes by stealing a tiny golden lyre belonging to Gimlorie the God of Music throwing an important covenant between the Gods and men into disarray He then makes his getaway into the world where he plans to take revenge on the humans involved in harming him In the second event Rakaia a Princess of Fardohnya is sent off by her father to marry an ancient warlord as part of an agreement over trade and borders Rakaia is pleased to escape her father's harem where she faces an uncertain future and is able to take her lifelong maid and friend Charisee with her for company However she has no intention of playing nursemaid to an old man while stuck in a cold lonely castle and has a plan for escape As the plot unfolds Rakaia and Charisee must both spin a web of lies that will threaten their lives if it it ever starts to unravelThis book has all the best elements that make up great classic fantasy Wonderful clever easy to read prose interesting complex characters and great stories full of love and adventure with twists and turns that keep the plot moving off in different directions and then weaving back together again The story is told from different points of view so that we get to hear the characters voices and get to know them well Most of the great characters are women Rakaia Charisee Adrina Rakaia's sister Marla Adrina's mother in law and R'Shiel the demon child with Rakaia's father Hablet and brother Alaric Mica the minstrel and Kiam the assassin playing important supporting male roles that are likely to evolve in future books I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next in the series as I am so looking forward to the next instalment in this enthralling story With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher Harper Collins Australia for an e copy of this book to read and review


The Lyre ThiefHer Serene Highness Rakaia Princess of Fardohnya is off to Hythria where her eldest sister is now the High Princess to find herself a husband and escape the inevitable bloodbath in the harem when her brother takes the throneRakaia is not interested in marrying anyone least of all some brute of a Hythrun Warlord she's never met but she has a plan to save. 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum fantasy releases have been blasting away all my expectations so far and as a result we’re not even officially into spring and already I have a long list of contenders for favorite book of the year The Lyre Thief is most definitely going to be one of those contenders as I’d known within the first fifty pages This is a book that captured my attention from the startIt was also the first time I’ve read Jennifer Fallon and interestingly I actually hadn’t known that The Lyre Thief was a follow up series until I read the blurbs for Medalon and the other books in her Hythrun Chronicles Demon Child and Hythrun Chronicles Wolfblade seuences Fallon eases us into the world so gently and seamlessly though I felt no disadvantage from not having read the previous series—and you know how picky I can be about such things For one a decade has passed since the events at the end of the Demon Child books so we’re looking at essentially a brand new story Second the author does a superb job of catching new readers up making sure to cover all the important information about the history and the characters I was extremely impressed and pleased at how naturally she worked in what we needed to know without resorting to any info dumps or awkward flashbacking It really feels like a fresh startAt the center of this book is a pair of siblings Rakaia Princess of Fardohnya and her baseborn half sister Charisee a slave in the king’s harem But as it turns out Rakaia is not of royal birth herself Terrified that the king will find out her mother Princess Sophany uickly arranges for her daughter to marry a Hythrun Warlord as a way to get Rakaia far away from Fardohnya and out of harm’s way Sophany hatches up a plan for Charisee to take the place of Rakaia since the two girls have known each other closely since they are six years old and look so much alike that they can practically pass for each other Charisee however knows nothing of the plot right up until Rakaia makes her escape forcing her hapless half sister to keep up with the pretense of being a real princessMeanwhile in far off Medalon a token of the God of Music has been stolen setting off a chain of events that can destroy all the magic that the gods have helped mortals create Who knew that a tiny golden lyre could cause so much trouble Its theft has far reaching conseuences that touch many lives from Rakaia and Charisee to the High Prince Damin Wolfblade and his stepbrother Kiam Miar guild assassin At the heart of it all is R’shiel the Demon Child herself resurfacing again now after ten years of searching for Death and she will not stop until she gets what she wantsThe Lyre Thief is such a rich tapestry of love courage and adventure woven from so many story threads that each carry their own meanings and strengths It is everything I want in a sweeping narrative a cast of interesting characters a setting filled with exotic and detailed locales and a rich world filled with the things that make it feel alive—like history culture and religion The best part is that none of this feels overwhelming even though much of the world building had already been established by the previous series Past events have played no small role in the plot of this story and there are also a lot of characters some new and some returning Still it never got to be too much even as the author explained the complex relationship ties the Wolfblades for instance are a huge extended family or recounted important historical events that led to the current political climate between the various kingdomsThis is also a fast moving tale with an unceasing momentum helped by a strong sense of timing and well chosen POVs My favorites are of course Charisee and Rakaia each experiencing a new life for the very first time and finding love in the most unexpected place Each chapter brought new surprises making The Lyre Thief hard to put down Twists and turns are plentiful and the book also had this tendency to lull me into a false sense of security before dropping major plot bombshells Every so often I would be enjoying the story as it progressed down a pleasant path when all of a sudden something horrific or shocking would come out of nowhere and blindside me I learned very uickly not to underestimate Jennifer Fallon’s storytelling skills She has a real talent for engaging readers and I was certainly captivated by every sceneFor the absolute best results it would probably help to read the first two series in the Hythrun Chronicles first but I want to also stress that it is completely unnecessary if you just feel like diving straight into The Lyre Thief However I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to pick them up after you read this anyway because the novel is just that good I loved it so much I’ve already added the previous trilogies to the TBR because I want to learn everything I can about this irresistible world and the characters Highly recommended and I can’t wait for the next book