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Read & Download The Witchs Daughter (Irish Witch #2) è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ❮Read❯ ➸ The Witchs Daughter (Irish Witch #2) ➻ Author Leigh Ann Edwards – Book Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the uest to end the curse of the Glade Dooms any future happiness before time runs out Will Chieftain O’Brien keep their secret from Killian or use it to control her The Witch’s Daughter weaves romance adventure and the supernatural into a tale of lust and longing that whispers darkly “What wouldn’t you do for love”. Review

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Book Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the uest to end the curse of the Glade Witch Forced to contend with the possibility of an arranged marriage Alainn pronounced awlinn McCreary healer witch and commoner struggles alone to control her ever growing magical powers and the yearning. I received this book courtesy of Netgallery and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewOMFGThis is some book I thought the first book was a fluke but this has proven me wrong WTH Nothing of worth happens how can there be two books of nothing happening I can't even recap the first book because I remember nothing about it except how painful it was to read it this one was slightly better Instead of the flight of ideas that was book one this was only slightly coherent just a teensy bit Even with that I don't know why there is a book three This book was 230 pages it had than enough pages for things to wrapped up nicelyAlainia mother put a curse on a clan the curse can only be broken if Alaina is accepted as nobility There is an amulet that basically works like a marriage certificate because when she finds it then everyone will believe she is nobility The amulet is in the dungeon in the keep but the way these people go about it you would think they were journeying to the center of the earth Climb down the stairs and that's it but that didn't happen the entire book ended without that happeningI didn't like Alaina one bit She was just too bullheaded and annoying She went back and forth with Killian the entire freaking book if she's not going on about not wanting to marry him she completely has no regard for her safety She was a nag and a shrew I wanted to shake her really really hard Then her mysterious power It's like the author went on a rampage with her powers think of anything at all Alaina can do it Hear thoughts heal people see aurasshe's a ghost whisperer shes a clairvoyant she's an empath she's telekinetic she's an avatar can control fire water earth and air think of anything she does it she hasn't raised someone from the dead yet but I believe that will happen in book threeI am happy I don't have to read book three I don't think I would be able to survive it

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The Witchs Daughter Irish Witch #2She feels for a man beyond her station Killian O’Brien virile noble betrothed to The Witchs PDFEPUB or a dark eyed Scottish beauty challenges the social fabric of th century Ireland and anyone who would dare dishonor the woman who has captured his heart Can Alainn lift the curse that. I am hooked on this story Book 2 picks up exactly where the first ends with Alainn trying to start over away from the O'Brien's looking for a way to break the curse while hoping that Killian will find happiness in his arranged marriage It backfires when she runs into the one person she is trying to leave As her powers grow the two are fighting for their lives both against mortal enemies and the supernatural forces drawn to Alainn's growing powerThe story characters and setting kept me turning pages and I anxiously await the next bookThis is one story I suggest starting from the beginning as it is a continuationI received an advanced copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review