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Uden forbeholdAbigail Winters er desperat Hun er lige blevet alene med sin lille søn og godt på vej til at blive sat på gaden På vej hjem efter endnu et jobafslag møder hun en fremmed mand der stiller hende et forslag hun ikke har råd til at afslå Sim. Five flaming hot stars Sir This book was fantastic the perfect mix of sweet and spicy I love to read a book that makes me fan myself while at the same time creating an emotional connection The depth of the characters and their growth throughout the book will have you rooting for their happily ever after Prepare to laugh cry swoon and be swept away by this well crafted journey of self discovery and love

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Er hun Mr Thorne og opfylder hans mindste behov hvor ekstreme de end måtte være Hun burde ikke nyde det hun burde heller ikke kunne lide ham og hun burde helt sikkert ikke forelske sig i ham og dermed sætte deres forretningsforhold over styr. This is SJ Hooks third novel SJ writes engaging compelling stories that are beautifully written and well thought out Abigail is a single mum her parents disowned her the baby’s daddy left them with nothing Mr Thorne is a highly successful businessman but his personal life is nonexistent They meet when Abigail is at her lowest point she’s broke struggling to keep a roof over their heads put food on the table and just been turned down for a job It couldn’t get much worse for AbigailMr Thorne makes Abigail an offer she isn’t able to turn down so their relationship begins It’s not plain sailing for Abigail Mr Thorne SJ handles the development of their relationship with compassion nothing feels overwrought or done for the sake of it Making it feel realThe characters are all well considered properly developed There is growth in both the main characters and the secondary characters well done It is easy to feel connected to themI loved this book I’ll definitely be reading it again

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Uden forbehold Read ê 6 ó [Reading] ➶ Uden forbehold By S.J. Hooks – Gwairsoft.co.uk Abigail Winters er desperat Hun er lige blevet alene med sin lille søn og godt på vej til at blive sat på gaden På vej hjem efter endnu et jobafslag møder hun en fremmed mand der stiller hende et Abigail Winters er desperat Hun er lige blevet alene med siOn Thorne er rig flot og succesfuld og lidt af et mysterum Egentlig skulle deres forhold være rent forretningsmæssigt for Abigail kan aldrig lade sine to verdener mødes I den ene er hun en kærlig mor for sin lille søn og i den anden opvart. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I have read SJ's works when they were online and I loved every one of them This story was new to me I will admit it took me a while to get into the story In honesty the premise of this story is not one I would choose to read myself Maybe that is the reason I didn't feel the chemistry between Mr Thorne and Abigail right away At one third of the book however things started to pick up and I read it through in almost one sitting Crossing the Lines tells the story of Abigail a single mom with a little boy who goes to desperate measures to make ends meet She meets Mr Thorne who takes pity on her and who sees something in her that Abigail hasn't noticed herself For a hefty pay he hires her for services both sexual and non sexual Like I said especially at the beginning I had trouble believing Abigail's thoughts and emotions so it was difficult for me to get into the story After a while that all started to fall into place and I really enjoyed this book Abigail is a strong person which not only shows in the way she cares for her son but also in the way she interacts with Mr Thorne her parents and her friend Jo I like that she has people around her to help her out it gave the story a lot of extra depth to me Also her character development was very believable as well as Mr Thorne's While the story is predictable in the best possible way the way the plot is written and twists and turns in unexpected ways made this story a delight to read I loved how here was to Abigail's life than just her relationship with Mr Thorne and how she was strong enough to deal with everything that was thrown in her path I think the relationship with her parents deserved a little attention mainly because it would have shown how Abigail became the person she was and how she was able to deal with everything that happens in the book But I also love the psychology of relationships so maybe that's my own preference talking That's why I also kept hoping that Mr Thorne would open up giving the reader insight into his mind He was a mystery even after the book had endedCrossing the Lines is a very comforting nice read The kind of book you want to read on a rainy Sunday afternoon with blanket and a hot drink of choice I know I will be reading this book again in the future and any book that SJ will write from this point on