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Warfare in the Classical WorldSion and admiration in the military academies of the worldThe text is complemented by a running chronology 16 maps 50 newly researched battle plans and tactical diagrams and 125 photographs 65 of them in colo An illustrated encyclopaedia with no illustrations spelling mistakes galore and a fixation with the Roman Empire On the surface it sounds as though I completely detested this book Nothing could be further from the truth Concise summaries useful insights and an ability to look at the bigger picture makes this a standout guide if like me you are a beginner to warfare in the classical world Highly recommended

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Warfare in the Classical World kindle Í Paperback read ↠ gwairsoft º ❴Reading❵ ➶ Warfare in the Classical World Author John Warry – Gwairsoft.co.uk This superbly illustrated volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between 1600 BC and AThis superbly illustrated volume traces the evolution of the art of warfare in the Greek and Roman worlds between 1600 BC and AD 800 from the rise of Mycenaean civilization to the fall of Ravenna and the coll Mr Warry has truly challenged my reviewing skills with this book This book was wonderful to read yet maddening in many ways At times I wanted to throw the book over some seriously poor editing and spelling yet would find pages of absolute brilliance that would make me want to add this book to my Best Books shelves and hand it 5 Stars Frustrations will occur due to the nature of the book; it covers a large period of time so it can only bring into focus bits and pieces of what the author thought was critical The material on the euipment and armies was outstanding though battles really get limited efforts maps when available were great though Eclectic discussion topics like missile weapon development and ship construction were enjoyable and educational I enjoyed the color plates tremendously; as a wargamer these pages are critical to aid in army construction and painting The battle overviews provided are also uite helpful for setup and game table design I appreciated the chronological approach too I think it makes sense to go forward though the period this way so clarity occurs and the changes made easy to see developing I also appreciated the solid documentation of referencesI would have liked to give this book a 5 Star rating and yet would feel justified punishing the publishers with a 2 Star for the horrible editingspelling Splitting the difference makes this a 35 Star rating and I round up this time because what is good in the book is really well done

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Apse of the Western Roman Empire John Warry tells of an age of great military commanders such as Alexander the Great Hannibal and Julius Caesar men whose feats of generalship still provide material for discus This book was so helpful and so interesting My son said it looked like a textbook and it is very unimpressive on the outside But inside is a different story It takes various different conflicts during the ancient world and breaks them down with maps and charts of the battle plans photos of what the area looks like today statues showing what the main figures looked like and illustrations of the ships armor and weapons involved Then it details the action I wasn't able to get through the whole thing before I had to return it to the library but I got through the Greek battles I'm so glad I found this book I need to get it again and read about the Roman wars Definitely recommended for history buffs students or those who are reading about the time period and wonder What did that look like?