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Free download Notre Dame de Paris é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free  ✅ Notre Dame de Paris pdf ✈ Author Victor Hugo – La gran novela gótica de Victor Hugo narra las aventuras de Esmeralda una joven gitana hermosa y altanera ue enamora a cuantos se cruzan en el camino Pero los verdAme eBook #198 humanidad miserable y atormentada y la Catedral de Notre Dame con sus monstruos ue vigilan desde los rincones sus masas de sombras y su ambiente misterioso iluminado por la lunaPor el amor de esmeralda se enfrentan Frollo archidiác. While reading this book I started to notice how little the Hunchback is in it A Goodreads friend mentioned that this is why the title for it in France is actually Our Lady of Paris For some reason English translations chose the the Hunchback for the titleIf other books movies or TV shows named themselves based on a character that was involved as much as uasimodo was in this story here is what they would be calledStar Wars ChewbaccaHarry Potter Neville LongbottomThe Big Bang Theory Howard WalowitzThe Shining Danny Torrance Frozen OlafLost Smoke MonsterAll those characters are important to the stories but they are hardly the main focus While this is the case with this book it is not necessarily a bad thing just a thing to be aware of going in; you really don't get very much uasimodoAfter reading and loving Les Miserables I had high hopes for this book But it was just okay I am glad I read it and I did enjoy it a lot in a few parts but most of it was a slog Hugo spends the first 350 pages or so setting up the story describing Paris at the time of the story etc I think many who try this would have a hard time staying interested Also and I hate to say this because I always want my books to be unabridged but you could probably abridge this to 150 200 pages and still get everythingClassics buffs Hugo fans hardcore historical fiction fans step right up Casual reader thinking about checking out some Hugo step on over to Les Mis

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Ono de la catedral y Febo capitán de arueros Pero hay un tercero en discordia el enano y contrahecho uasimodotambién enamorado de la muchacha ue salva a Esmeralda de la muerte y se la lleva a su fantástica morada bajo los tejados de la catedral.

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Notre Dame de ParisLa gran novela gótica de Victor Hugo narra las aventuras de Esmeralda una joven gitana hermosa y altanera ue enamora a cuantos se cruzan en el camino Pero los verdaderos protagonistas son el París medieval de callejuelas pobladas por una Notre D. Okay I'm glad I read this book if only to find out just how badly Disney ruined the story for the sake of their embarassing excuse for a film the horrendous straight to video seuel which I fortunately only saw previews for will not be spoken of at all Victor Hugo has a gift for the most ungodly depressing stories but he writes very well when he's not rambling pointlessly to stretch out his page count But I can't bring myself to give this four stars and for one simple reason with the exception of uasimodo and Esmeralda every single character in this book is an insufferable dickhead Frollo obviously deserves to be fed to sharks simply for the mind boggling levels of creepiness he manages to achieve over the course of the story Phoebus is even of a fratboy asshole that I'd previously thought and the way he decides to seduce Esmeralda despite the fact that she's the Gypsy euivalent of a vestal virgin made me want to teleport into the story so I could kick him in the nuts Frollo's younger brother Jehan is a relatively minor character but he gets mentioned because in every single scene he appears in he's constantly yammering away and trying to be clever and witty the result being that he makes Jar Jar Binks seem terribly endearing in comparison And Gringoire I had such hope for him He starts out promising but then once Esmeralda gets arrested all he can worry about is the stupid goat because I guess he thinks she's cuter than his fucking wife who saved his fucking life When he joins Frollo to get Esmeralda out of the catherdral he leaves the sixteen year old girl with Pastor Pedo McCreepy and chooses to save the goat The fucking goat One final word of advice skip the chapter entitled A Bird's Eye View of Paris It's thirty pages of pointless babbling about what Paris looks like from Notre Dame and it is impossible to read all the way through without wanting to stab yourself in the eyes with the first sharp object you can reachI know what you're saying Thirty pages Pfft that's nothing I can get through that I read Ulysses First of all you did not Second no you cannot get through these thirty pages Mind numbing does not do it justice It is pointless Don't say I didn't warn you