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ResilienceCOVID 19 has demonstrated clearly that businesses nonprofits individuals and governments are terrible at dealing effectively with large scale disasters that take the form of slow moving train wrecks Using cutting edge research in cognitive neuroscience and behavioral economics on dangerous judgement errors cognitive biases this book first explains why we respond so poorly to slow moving high impact and long te This new book from Dr Gleb is a great read specially nowadays that a pandemic is happening in every nation This is a very nice book to read because it talks about how to deal when a pandemic is happening It helped me realize all the wrong decisions and wrong thing I am doing during this pandemicI am guilty of the cognitive bias called Hyperbolic Discounting I have been living for a moment and not thinking much of our future Have I read this book earlier I would have saved or invested for our future I realized that thinking ahead and saving money for the future and buying good health insurance for our family is very important to have This book made me realized the importance of being ready for the futureI also learned in this book that planning is good but planning with thinking of potential risks and problem is much better to avoid cognitive bias known as the planning fallacy The plan never always go our way so from now on I will be careful with my decisions and plans and always think ahead Thanks to this book I learned a lot I hope this book will reach a lot of people and leaders of any organization for them to read because this has been very helpful and informative

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Combines research based strategies with real life stories from his business and nonprofit clients as they adapt to the pandemic The Resilience Series is the result of an intensive collaborative effort of our authors in response to the 2020 coronavirus epidemic Each volume offers expert advice for developing the practical emotional and spiritual skills that you can master to become resilient in a time of crisi Honestly I never heard about or read the Changemaker books or its Resilience series But I gave this particular book a chance due to its author and because coronavirus affects all me included I didn’t regret the decision Not because it saved my life it wasn’t necessary fortunately But because It was a worthy read for me for both the private person and the business leader Let’s separate the two cases as the reasons are uite different in one and in the otherAs a citizen you may get uicker and tailored advices and information regarding the coronavirus from some other sources By the time this book reaches the “bookshelves” many of us have already got first hand experience on the restrictions of movements and uarantine Many of us had to learn the lessons in the hard way So why is it still a useful read? Because it is good to know How you can better understand and interpret the news you hear daily What to expect if you live in an area not affected by the virus yet How long this situation can last and what to expect in longer term in the next months or even years  That you are not alone that others have also difficulties in adapting but all of us can learn to handle the situation better How to be realistic and better prepared next time This is hardly the last major crisis in the history of humankind How did we get into this situation and how other countries could avoid the worst Why we shouldn’t trust politicians but simply check them and make them work harder for their position and pay checksSo for a private person this book is a small contemporary history lesson too and only partially a practical guide if you need that This practical guide for you part is not too extensive anyway Upside you can finish that part uickly getting some ideas applicable to youThe book’s business part is far detailed It is hardly a surprise the author makes a living as a business consultant  business organisations have far complex problems than individuals corporates’ adaptation to this new situation and its future conseuences takes longer time so this book is not too late for most of themSo for corporations this book is still a practical guide as they are still in the beginning or in the middle of the adjustments For them this book is like an investment into creating their long term survival strategy

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Ebook ´ Resilience 96 pages Download Ì ➝ [Epub] ❦ Resilience By Gleb Tsipursky ➧ – Gwairsoft.co.uk COVID 19 has demonstrated clearly that businesses nonprofits individuals and governments are terrible at dealing effectively with large scale disasters that take the form of slow moving train wrecks U COVID has demonRm crises Next the book shares research based strategies for how organizations and individuals can adapt effectively to the new abnormal of the COVID 19 pandemic and similar disasters Finally it shows how to develop an effective strategic plan and make the best major decisions in the context of the uncertainty and ambiguity brought about by COVID 19 and other slow moving large scale catastrophes Gleb Tsipursky This book helped me accept some difficult realities about the coronavirus pandemic first that it is not likely to go away soon; second that I was at risk of making some really bad decisions by underestimating the length and severity of the crisis to the detriment of my life and professional career The book helped me resist anchoring one on specific future because the trajectory of the pandemic is uncertain and instead focus on planning for a range of possibilities updating and adapting as the future unfolds Please read this book It will help you through these perilous times