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El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You Download ✓ 104 Þ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of You By Reid Hoffman ❤ – Gwairsoft.co.uk La seguridad en el empleo es cosa del pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se ha hecho feroz Todos los sectores económicoIón el cofundador y presidente de LinkedIn Reid Hoffman junto con Ben Casnocha plantean ue la clave para impulsar. Other reviews provide a good summary of what's in the book so I'm just sharing some disparate things that stood out for me Upfront Reid Hoffman states that this is not a job hunting manual It's about giving you a mindset that you need to adapt to the future In his true fashion of always thinking about how he can make an impact on the world he says More broadly society flourishes when people think entrepreneurially More world problems would be solved and solved faster if people practice the values laid out in the pages ahead This is a book about you and it's also about improving the society around you That starts with each individual In talking about professional allies he mentions his friendship with Mark Pincus They invested in Friendster together back in 2002 In 2003 they bought the Six Degrees patent When Peter Thiel and Hoffman were set to put the first money into Facebook in 2004 Hoffman suggested that Mark take half of his investment allocation As a matter of course I wanted to involve Mark in any opportunity that seemed intriguing especially one that played to his social networking background it's what you do in an alliance One of my favorite words is serendipity So I loved it when the book revealed how it was created An English novelist named Horace Walpole coined the word to describe the phenomenon accidental good fortune he first observed in an old Persian fairy tale called The Three Princes of Serendip In the story the king sends his three sons on a journey to distant lands The princes come upon some problems; at one point they are accused of thievery Yet they exercise such impeccable judgment and insight that their father and other rulers decide to grant them the opportunity to become rulers and kings themselves In a letter to a friend Walpole says serendipitous is how he refers to the accidental good fortune of the Serendip princes; they got lucky to be sure but they also acted sagely and wisely in turning unexpected setbacks into opportunities Winning the lottery is blind luck Serendipity involves being alert to potential opportunity and acting on itOverall this is a great book for a high school student or college student It's also helpful for people who need help shifting their mindset for how to deal with the realities of today's job market As you would expect there are a lot of references to LinkedIn but they make sense in the context What is particularly handy is the list of To Do items at the end of each chapter divided into what to do in the next day the next week and the next month There is a ton of excellent advice in this book As it's a uick read it's worth checking out as you're likely to come away with several actionable ideas or reminders of things you've been thinking about doing that are worth implementing immediately

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La seguridad en el empleo es cosa del negocio eres Kindle #214 pasado y la competencia en el mercado de trabajo se. My take aways1 The faster way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be2 The Interesting People Fund concept Set aside a bit of money for going out for coffee lunch or flying to Boston for a meeting with interesting people It's an investment in yourself3 The best way to make sure that lucky things happen is to make sure a lot of things happen4 Talking about negativity bias To keep our ancestors alive Mother Nature evolved a brain that routinely tricked them into making three mistakes overestimating threats underestimating opportunities and underestimating resources for dealing with threats and fulfilling opportunities The result is that we are programmed to overestimate the risk in any given situation Even when there is not much risk side note I highly recommend the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann Excellent book to think about thinking5 In any given situation just ask yourself is the worst case scenario of this decision tolerable or intolerable Change is good and usually tolerable6 You'll never be fully certain Don't conflate uncertainty with risk They suggest this task reflect for a few minutes on risk in your life Rank the projects you're involved in by risk from most to least risky Then think about the downside and upside possibilities Where there is uncertainty are you mistakenly ascribing risk7 Permanent beta Best phrase of the book My goal is forever to be a work in progress and to always be starting

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El mejor negocio eres túThe Start up of YouHa hecho feroz Todos los sectores económicos están experimentando transformaciones radicales Frente a esta situac. What a waste of time this is There is really no information that cannot be found in 100 1000 other business books that are better This is an extended commercial for LinkedIn which I use and really like for the record but I don't need to read the infomercial Also some of the message seems to be its who you know True dat but not very helpful advice unless you are teaching people how to connectBy way of confession I will say I don't really like many business self help books I read them because it is my business to help people grow their businesses To be good at my job I need to share what I know and what other successful professionals have learned I am always grateful for any new insights I can get from others It is rare no matter how little I like a book that I feel I came away with nothing new This is the case here though That said if you like these sorts of books and read to get pumped up and inspired you might like this