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Friendswood Characters ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ❴BOOKS❵ ✭ Friendswood Author Rene Steinke – A big moving novel of one tight knit Texas community and the events that alter its residents’ lives forever Friendswood Texas is a small Gulf Coast town of churA big moving novel of one tight knit Texas community and the events that alter its residents’ lives forever Friendswood Texas is a small Gulf Coast town of church suppers oil rigs on the horizon hurricane weather and high school football games When tragedy rears its head with an industrial leak that kills and sickens residents it pulls on the common thread that runs through the community intensifying everything From a confuse. Having grown up in Friendswood Texas I was very interested to read this novel I was curious what spin it would take and if it would be true to the town I know and loveLet me say first that I gave this book 3 stars mostly because I actually finished reading it I think it was disjointed and the two separate story lines running through the book were confusing and poorly writtenLet's also be honest if you grew up in the area you know that the toxic waste business isn't fiction We all know what happened and we also know who was responsible If you are going to change names to protect the wealthyguilty do a better job Also renaming some things but properly naming others is just dumb This includes people Yes I could even figure out a few of the teachersSpoilers comingThe date rape portion of this book pisses me off Yes I know it happens Yes I know that it goes unreported a lot But acting like the whole town is shunning the victim where clearly everyone knows what is happening is crap It is socially irresponsible to make the victim crazy while everyone else is getting off scott free Again I am sure this happened to someone at some point but this is not the Friendswood that I know No teachers counselors nor police officers would let this slide just because the parents didn't want to relive itAlso Real life spoilers they did rebuild homes on the same toxic waste site though people who bought those new homes are either stupid or don't have a clue about the land's historyAnd a small nit pick The geography is off uite a bit It's annoying for people who actually know the area wellI will say from my own family's battles with the City Council trying to get them to take care of business is pretty spot on If they don't want to deal with it they will bury it Literally

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D sixteen year old girl beset by visions to a high school football star tormented by his actions to a mother galvanized by the death of her teen daughter to a morally bankrupt father trying to survive his mistakes René Steinke explores what happens when families are trapped in the ambiguity of history’s missteps when the actions of a few change the lives and well being of manyDriving the narrative powerfully forward is the s. There are two major plot lines in this book and ultimately I don't think they worked well together One plot involves adults Lee whose daughter has died of a cancer she believes was caused by toxic waste and Hal a real estate agent and Lee's neighbor who is recruited to dissuade Lee from her attempts to prove that there is toxic waste on the site of a housing development The other plot centers around three teenagers Willa Cully and Dex Willa is the victim of a rape after being roofied at a party that Cully took her to For much of the book I thought Dex was the strongest character as he attempted to make the rapists pay for their actions At least he was the one character who seemed to think about someone other than himself and to feel something besides guilt and self pity I found myself wanting to shake these people and tell them to look at the rest of the universe I received an advanced reading copy of this book from Penguin in exchange for my review

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FriendswoodUspenseful uestion of the fates of four Friendswood families and Steinke’s striking insight and empathy Inspired in part by the town where she herself grew up this layered propulsive psychologically complex story is poignant proof that extreme public events as catastrophic as they might seem must almost always pale in comparison to the intimate personal experiences and motivations of grief love lust ambition anxiety and regre. In a Gulf Coast Texas town in 1993 a disastrous pollutant sweeps across a development rendering the place uninhabitableand soon the residents evacuateThe story picks up again in 2007 and we revisit the setting afterwards through various perspectives and see how the devastation has altered the lives of several charactersLee is a vigilant do gooder somewhat obsessed with the pollutants that still remain and is trying to avenge her daughter Jess who died of cancer shortly after the exposure As time passes and as she meets resistance her obsession escalatesHal is a self righteous man trying to redeem his alcoholism through religion and by preaching to all who cross his path including Lee A most unlikeable character in my opinion he is in total denial about what is going on around himCully Hal's son is a young man affected by wrong choices while Dex is an older teen who is trying to do the right thing but coming up against those who do not Willa a teen girl who sees visions is vulnerable and fragile because of one wrong afternoon that changed everything for herAnd hovering over them all is the arrogant specter of Avery Taft rich and powerful builder who is determined to expand his kingdom no matter what might happenAs we watch the struggles of these characters there is a strong sense of foreboding that settles over the town as we gradually see what is just out of our line of vision Will they all finally realize that you cannot ignore what is right in front of you Are they all on a collision course that will change their lives once again Friendswood A Novel is a compelling story that reminded me of others in which one character is trying to do the right thing while in opposition are those fighting against him or her and how ultimately there will be some kind of combustion whether philosophical or actual Five stars