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Harem Secrets review ´ 3 À ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Harem Secrets By Alum Bati ✐ – Gwairsoft.co.uk Spring in Istanbul in 1530 should have been a time of happiness but far from being happy Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent ruling the mighty Ottoman Empire was a desperately worried man Just a few month Spring in Istanbul in should have been Sexual depravity grip the city Suleyman scrambles to deflect suspicion from his favourite Khurrem The Sultan turns to Adam Pasha his Chief Justice Before long the scholarly judge finds himself caught in a sinister web of lies and deceit Aided by Murat his trusty Georgian steward and Mikhail a fast rising palace physician Adam sets about investigating Shireen's death But neither the Sultan nor the Grand Vizier Adam's erstwhile mentor seem inclined to make matters easy With the. 1 Istanbul is one of my favorite travel destinations So when I came across with this bookmy main expectation was to immerse myself in the era of Sutan Suleyman the Magnificent It was easily fulfilledbecause the author vividly describes the scenes in Topkapi Palaceunderground cisterns Covered Bazaar Galata Tower area and even Belgrad forestFighting murders and riots take place against those colorful backgroundsI felt as if I was watching an action film 2As a mysterythe plot is well calculated The author keeps attracting attention of a reader till the very end As the story develops the tempo accelarates So it was hard for me to decide when to stop readingas the time to sleep approached 3In short this book is enlightening as well as exciting The author provides abundant knowledge on the 16th century Ottoman Istanbul lives in the court and in the city I believe that the author has a wide range of knowledge on Ottoman history and also had made a thorough research before completing this fascinating book

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Spring in Istanbul in should have been a time of happiness but far from being happy Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent ruling the mighty Ottoman Empire was a desperately worried man Just a few months before Suleyman's armies faced a humiliating retreat from the walls of Vienna His troops are restless The city is awash with spies and cut throats To top it all the beautiful Shireen Treasurer of the Imperial Harem dies in mysterious circumstances As rumours of murder intrigue and. I saw this book a few times in different bookstores in Istanbul Although I picked it up and read the back cover at least two times I hesitated before finally buying it The reason being is that although I enjoyed reading historical novels I did not particularly find the story very interesting Eventually I bought the book and for the reason that I did I was not entirely disappointedThe book was well written allowing the events of the story to leave their mark in your short term memory so that it was easy to draw up later on However having recently walked the same roads as the characters did and witnessed the beauty of this city I was interested in the places mentioned and the description of people places and things The Ottoman Empire was full of colors and traditions; composing a very interesting period in time It was intriguing to learn about parts of it from a different perspective I would only recommend this novel if you are interested in the history Otherwise I would not call it an amazing story And I think that by time it would be forgotten

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Harem SecretsHarem off limits how can Adam conduct his investigation Who will protect him from the inuisitorial and ruthless Grand Vizier himself rumoured to be plotting to seize the throne As he digs deeper Adam Pasha discovers that the State is rotting at its core and his own life is in dire peril Moving from the Topkapi Palace to the fish and naval docks at Galata from the Covered Bazaar and the underground cisterns to the Sultan's hunting grounds this is Istanbul as never seen before. I thought it was a pretty interesting read brings the Ottoman empire to life The first half is a bit slow but the book soon picks up speed and the story becomes compelling and i found it difficult to put it down Would definately recommend it if you love history and thrillers