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review Ú PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Shannon Kirk Foreboding threat and for Mop the grave suspicion that to discover Aunty Liv’s secrets is to become a prisoner of themHow well do we know the people we love How well do we want to know them The answers are as twisted as a tangle of vines in this throat clutching novel of psychological suspens. 45 rounded up yes yes yes for the audio This book is insane I read twisty “shocking” books just about daily but nope this 1 just about takes the cake The author has somehow managed to inject genuine feeling dare I say beauty Into this incredibly stunning Armageddon ish family drama It was so good And absolutely terrifying I don’t want to say much you should just go in blind Buckle up descend into madness And as the story is revealed you’ll realize that you just may understand some of these people and oh I don’t know I loved them😂 Outrageous macabre but incredibly well done It was an incredible ride and then I absolutely LOVED the end Am I gushing yet Just be lucky you don’t have to listen to me in person😂 Oh if you ever listen to books on audio please listen to this 1 The voices were PERFECT I swear I was in a creepy mesmerizing horrifying movie Ugh SO GOOD

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In the Vines review ↠ 100 ¼ [PDF / Epub] ✅ In the Vines Author Shannon Kirk – Family ties so strong you can’t escape Mary Olivia Pentecost known as Mop was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country—and one of the most guarded Now two years after her mother’s Family ties so strong you can’t escape Mary O Family ties so strong you can’t escape Mary Olivia Pentecost known as Mop was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country and one of the most guarded Now two In the PDFEPUByears after her mother’s mysterious death Mop is seeking closure on the disuieting tragedy by returning to t. Holy crap This book is about as odd as they come The story centers around Mary Olivia Pentecost Mop to her loved ones and the mysterious death of her mother Johanna two years prior What happened that night that her mother threw her burning body to the churning waves below Chapters alternate between Mop and Aunty Liv past and present and both are telling us a dark and disturbing story that lead us to this treacherous night The first chapter is perfection In present time Mop is hiding in a burnt out cellar while a hatchet wielding mad woman is screaming and trying to break in If that doesn't hook you then I don't know what will This book has me so torn Some parts were brilliant Other times I found myself confused A lot of this book is really over written with long wordy descriptions I liked it in the beginning but as I got closer to the end I began finding it tedious and just wanted everybody to get to the point For a book under 300 pages it seemed to take forever to read Kudo's to Shannon Kirk for creating one of the CRAZIEST characters I have read about in awhile Actually TWO of the CRAZIEST characters I have read in a while Heck it may even be three but I really can't be sure That's how bat shit crazy this book is 4 stars Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review

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In the VinesHe New England seaside estate of her cloistered Aunty Liv once her closest relative and confidanteBut behind the walls of the isolated estate the shadows of the past are darker than Mop imagined The puzzles of the family history are not to be shared but unearthed With each revelation comes a new. The poem at the beginning of the book penned by Shannon Kirk is so dark and profound it left me breathless And thenAND THEN I read the first chapter and knew I was a goner The first scene of this story left me horrified for a narrator I had yet to meetThere is a woman in black with a nail gun firing it into the sky and screaming at the woman with the hatchetSeriously what in the actual helicopter is happening This story is like a ride on a derailed crazy train told from the view of two protagonists Mop and her Aunty Liv boomeranging between the past and the present seamlessly Mop has returned home after the tragic death of her mother two years earlier only to find her beloved Aunty Liv is no longer the woman she once knew and is plagued with secrets that Mop is determined to uncover What follows is a head first dive into the utter madness that has consumed her Aunt's life All craziness aside Shannon Kirk's writing is beyond compareThis book reads like a 277 page poem penned by Poe It's horrifyingly beautiful like a Tim Burton production contained within pages Certainly not a style that everyone will enjoy but for those that are so inclined prepare yourself for a slow descent into the heart of this story This is the longest short book I've ever read 277 pages felt like 500 though I can't explain why I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review