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CHARACTERS ¹ Miss Fosters Folly ð ➻ [Download] ➸ Miss Fosters Folly By Alice Gaines ➺ – Manhattan 1886Juliet Foster has just become the wealthiest spinster in town Her domineering and thoroughly unpleasant father has died and left her millions She's free to be her own woman and seek a li Manhattan Juliet FFMiss Juliet Foster is perfect and eager for seduction But when he wants than a few nights of passion Juliet runs like the devil's on her heels Can the maruess convince her that marriage isn't a trap but the greatest freedom of a. This sounded like a cute story when I got it The heroine had inherited all the family money and intended to set off on an adventure Except her adventure sounded really strange Why would a gently raised rich young woman decide to take a bunch of lovers This intention just was Not motivated to my satisfaction anyway Then since she's going to pretend to be a widow to take all these lovers she decides she needs to get her virginity out of the way But the hero of the story an impoverished nobleman has decided he needs a rich wife and the heroine is the one he's set his mind on She just wants him to relieve her of her inconvenient virginity She runs away from him to England he encounters her there and continues his courtship Which isn't particularly court y He manipulates her takes her off to his country estate and won't let her leave etc etc and a whole lot of etc There's a whole lot of nooky going on in the middle of this book plus a spanking scene which I did not find at all reasonable that she would wind up Liking it But then while I realize some might like spanking it is Totally not my thing most especially when it begins as punishment I simply can't conceive that it could somehow turn into something erotic So that's probably just that it ain't my kink Mostly though I found all the sex really boring There wasn't enough other stuff that didn't annoy me to keep me interested It was okay I read the whole book


ReDavid Winslow Maruess of Derrington is in search of a wife who can break the Winslow Curse Every second generation heir inherits a restless defiant nature that can only be tamed by a mate as independent and rebellious as himsel. I thoroughly enjoyed it A truly witty read filled with romance and tons of passion For lovers of erotica I would definity recommend this if you also enjoy the victorian eraD

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Miss Fosters FollyManhattan Juliet Foster has just become the wealthiest spinster in town Her domineering and thoroughly unpleasant father has died and left her millions She's free to be her own woman and seek a Miss Fosters PDFEPUBlife of adventu. Miss Foster's Folly by Alice Gaines is truly a delightful and passionate historical romance Set in the beginning in Manhattan Island New York 1886 and through the travels to London heroine Juliet Foster becomes a wealthy spinster at age 32 at the passing of her Father Her father Gerald Foster was an intolerable man with a nasty disposition Juliet is determined that she would never marry after seeing her father's misery anger and emotional neglect to his children after the passing of their mother She never wants to experience losing as he had She does so want to experience passion Her plans are to pass as a widow with her friend Millicent Rhodes and experience lovers throughout England and beyond But has a minor inconvenience of needing her virginity broken That's where the hero David Winslow Maruess of Derrington Derry comes in She's thrilled upon meeting him and responds so passionately to his touch Juliet is a very independent heroine and strong too in her endeavors She's very determined to never marryDavid Winslow Maruess of Derrington often called Derry has different plans for Juliet when she blurts out her need to him He's determined to break the Winslow Curse As cited in the book 'Every second generation heir inherits a restless defiant nature that can only be tamed by a wife as independent and rebellious as he is' Juliet fits this perfectly Winslow men who found the “cure” enjoyed long and joyful marriages Derry has loved and respected his grandfather Hugh and grandmother Harry and determined to break this curse You will so laugh at the visit from his grandmother Harry Derry is determined to marry before doing the deed but Juliet won't have it With Juliet's stubbornness and escaping to find someone else to do the deed Derry chases her along and gives in in hopes she would change her mind and fall in love with himAt times I laughed out loud and often smiled reading MISS FOSTER'S FOLLY by Alice Gaines Juliet is resolved to seduce and drive him to distraction so that he doesn't ask for her hand in marriage There's some fun uirks between them such as he can only ask her once a day to marry him Derry was so good to her a very ideal hero without being overly alpha You could feel them both falling in love as the story progressed but no over unraveling or over analyzing it in the book It moves along as a fast pace and adventurous As a full novel in ebook nothing is lacking with building the relationship with Juliet and Derry The author gives us a chase between them that each time becomes intense and passionate then the last Knowing and understanding about the Winslow Curse would of made it important in the story He does recite a letter from his grandmother that gives a little insight and reuirements of his wife to his pursuit because of the curse Its Derry goal but he falls for her adventurous and fun ualities uite early and throughout the book It's a totally 'good feel' read one that will make the reader feel that cheer that the hero and heroine posses Long after reading this book the reader will recall scenes and smile in remembranceIt would be a awesome to re visit Juliet and Derry with Juliet's friend Millicent Rhodes to read about her own HEA Happily Ever After Her background as an orphan with no family and having been a charity case at Miss Sedgewick’s Academy for Young Ladies which Juliet also attended is interesting Would be great to find out about her But either way I so look forward to from this author Alice Gaines