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N But slowly silently unimaginable horrors were creeping into their midstAt the height of the revelry at the peak of chaos in the fearful silence The past finally catches up with our brackish heroine and her brood as the vengeful ghosts of the men women and children who died so that the Caskeys could prosper return to collect their pound of flesh from the surviving members of this wonderfully rendered cast of southern romantics plotters fools madmen and madwomen and literal monsters After 800 pages and fifty decades of narrative it is painful to see so many once spry and capable characters now aged to decrepitude McDowell treats these characters with a melancholy dignity up until the moment they suffer deaths that are sometimes cruel and undeserved And with a torrent of water and pathos this long story comes to its satisfying conclusion and the reader can't help but admire Blackwater's dense web of intrigue and incident its patient and rewarding characterizations and the air of insouciance it maintains as it sidesteps the heteronormative status uo by presenting positive portrayals of female autonomy and homosexuality A superb reading experience

Book Blackwater VI Rain

Blackwater VI RainOf blackest night preternatural horror pounced upon the Caskeys But still Elinor reigned until her solemn vow of death came true in the final horr The Caskey family is brought to the 70’s in this final book in the series Individually this is not a “horror” story but together there is a horror ghost paranormal aspect If the author based the Caskey’s on a real family I could hardly believe such a family ever existed The baby swapping alone is mind boggling This family is the epitome of co dependency; living next door to each other and staying at each other’s houses I loved them for their deep familial love of each other The narration was phenomenal The narrator had an individual voice for each character I felt like the characters were alive and present in the story telling The narration was fluid articulate and even no sudden screams or voice pitch variations I was so blown away by this book I am going to do something I haven’t done in years I am going to start it all over again I highly recommend this series

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Download Blackwater VI Rain Reader ✓ 190 pages ☆ Gwairsoft á [EPUB] ✸ Blackwater VI Rain ✽ Michael McDowell – As the Caskey family and their town of Perdido rode the crest of prosperty in the 60's matriarch Elinor had a good reason to be proud of her domain But slowly sAs the Caskey family and their town of Perdido rode the crest of prosperty in the 60's matriarch Elinor had a good reason to be proud of her domai WowThe BLACKWATER series was something to digest It was both very epic and very odd The story chronicled the lives of the Caskey family members in Perdido Alabama from 1919 1970 Michael McDowell is a writer from the south and yet he's not really a southern writer other than his use of y'all and gone meaning going to There is no vivid or colorful prose that we would expect to find from southern authors like Ron Rash William Gay and Pat Conroy McDowell has a very matter of fact delivery that on the surface sometimes might appear dry but it is somehow uite engaging I actually read the new 788 page single volume hardcover edition of BLACKWATER recently published by Valancourt Books Despite its doorstopper size I never found myself disinterested in the book nor did I ever have the urge to abandon it I know BLACKWATER is also classified as horror but the horror elements were sprinkled in here and there We get Elinor and Frances Caskey who appear as entirely normal women but who in fact are shape shifting river monsters We also get some ghosts thrown into the mix but we never really learn any details about them I found the handling of these supernatural elements to be rather confounding and too ambiguous I was really hoping for scares as well as background involving the river creatures and the ghosts McDowell didn't have to spell everything out but I would have loved to have known about this vague horror thread that was woven into the lives of the Caskey's For me BLACKWATER is a little hard to rate because I felt it was a mix of 3 5 star sections I also thought the ending was a bit too abrupt and I think an epilogue would have been uite fitting Despite my perceived shortcomings of this sweeping epic I very much enjoyed the story and history of Perdido and the Caskey family In addition McDowell does manage to pull off a few instances of delicious uiet horror I liked The Amulet and The Elementals better but BLACKWATER definitely had its moments too 35 stars overall