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But Nick isn't that seventeen year old rebel any He's a man hardened by invisible scars A man struggling with grief As Derek reads through his childhood diary he realizes what Nick was to him still is today and yet might be NOTE This edition has been expanded and substantially edit. Im saved After reading a string of not so great books I was almost ready to give up It even crossed my mind to try MF Can you imagine The horror Sorry MF fans Thank god I decided to read this This was so good I will be reading this again I want of the MC's My love is red and blue What is yours

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Split Author Mel BosUiet and imaginative Derek O'Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head His fiancé Nathan wonders why Derek hasn't taken any interest in their wedding planning and Aunt Fran his spiritual guru would like to know when her guilt tripping nephew became a kept boy When sh. Ok guys If you are thinking of reading this book prepare to get your heart crushed so many times it turns into mud There was so much pain in it Derek feels so much but he never says anything aloud Having been dealt a crappy hand in life he finds his family where he can amongst the Lunds and it’s in that family he finds the love of his life While it was sweet to read his struggle in the beginning nearing the end I got frustrated with the lack of any emotional growthThe story goes back and forth from present and past to back again And this means that this story should be read in one sitting for you to get the best experience I don’t have much to say in my review because I wasn’t able to accomplish that Real life responsibilities got in the way and everytime I would come back to the book I would feel as if I’ve come from another planet entirelyAlso my biggest issue with this one was with the ending Considering the pain that Derek goes through the intense love he has always had the reciprocal from Nick was almost half hearted in my opinion I would’ve loved to see their romance bloom But rather they fell into a kiss and that was that All was resolved There was a lot of angst in the past and sometimes I even felt that Nick felt something for Derek but none of that was covered When Nick and Derek met there was no conversation only events were happening to move the story forward I really like my romances to be well developed or if there is insta love then some really emotional moments spent together should be described There was neither in this feeling a tad disappointed

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Free read æ Split Author Mel Bossa ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï [Read] ➲ Split By Mel Bossa – uiet and imaginative Derek O'Reilly spends a lot of time watching a movie in his head His fiancé Nathan wonders why Derek hasn't taken any interest in their wedding planning and Aunt FrE drops Derek's childhood journal on his lap he's forced to remember the name he's been trying to forget since he was twelve years old Nicolai Lund Nick was Derek's neighbor and first love Weeks before Derek's engagement party a chance meeting with Nick catapults Derek into the past. First offa big THANK YOU to Cassandra from choosing this book for me to read This book was nowhere near on my radar Thank you for putting it there because what a storyAll these emotions I have just stirring from this book WowI figured I split it down the middle into two parts Dear BumpI'm thankful for the story you're from It was such a touching moving tale with rich characters that I could almost taste see feel and hear themsometimes even with youThough the story is Derek O'Reilly's told from his POV I felt you were an integral part along with him You helped him so much and were so loved by him I hope you know thatDerek's story started and ended with you It moved me sometimes even to tears Because Derek was so deserving of love and I think if you had the chance you would have adored him helped him with his pain Sometimes there are people put into this world to love they were born just for itAnd unfortunately Derek was surrounded by a lot of people who just couldn't do itThank goodness for Aunt Frannie and the Lunds I don't know where Derek would have been or become without them Derek that shy 11 year old with the world in his eyes ignored made fun of his stutterthank goodness he wrote his letters and expressed himself through them to you well mostly there were a few episodes where he didn't and his pain was a visceral aching wound You'll be glad to know he finally overcame thatBump can you imagine falling in love at 11 years old To know you are gay know who you love at such a tender age How can I love someone so much but be invisible to him I closed my eyes and tried to make my heart stop beating I prayed to God Make this heartbeat be the lastBut it never was It's an emotional time let me tell you Bump You think it's etched deep into your bones you're so full of love Everyone else around you thinks it's just a crush or idol worship But not for Derek He was made for Nicolai Lund Derek's best friend's older brother Nicolai was the uintessential bad boywith a disability dyslexic of his own no less What can a damaged 11 and 16 year old do Though nothing romantic happened during that period you felt the connection Bump That connection was so real it was tangible Bump It couldn't be deniedBut Derek he has a problem with sharing his feelings keeping them bottled inside until it's too late If you only knew what mess Derek gets into presently Bump But I'll get to that in my other part of my reviewOh Bump when you were first introduced it was jarring The story telling was at times raw sometimes poetic But Derek's story had to be told this way Bump Split into past and present to make the wholeI wish I could have hugged him for you Bump But like I said thank goodness for the Lunds They provided a model of what a true family bond is don't get me wrong they'er not perfect They are wondrously flawed I enjoyed each member of the Lund family And though Nicolai is Derek's love interest my heart beats for Boone Love himReal life issues Real life drama Real life Bump Luckily this stage was so elouently intertwined with present day Not hard to follow along once you get into itAnd I got into it hard BumpEnjoyed each and every wordAnd your representation might had been a bitter pill to swallow but you represented a sense of hope joy for one lonely little boy Beauty can be found from painSometimesLoveMePS Cassandra continues to have a nice life Dtilts headDear DerekSeventeen years Seventeen years worth of love you have for one boy man And it was felt hon It's not an easy thing for an author to capture every nuance to make years worth of love believable but Derek I believed you 1000%Derek You lost your way you settled you became meek and mild when you always had a spine of steel You were always worthyYou just didn't recognize itThat Nathan mistakeI could ask why did you let it get so bad But I'm not It was what it was Thankfully the bout of domestic violence was brief it angered me Derek You continued to bottle yourself up I knew there was a spark in you I always watch out for the uiet ones they can make their presence known pretty deep when they want to so happy you FINALLY let it out DerekI partly wished we could have gotten Nicolai's POV but you know what As I am writing this it wasn't needed All that need to be saidwas said Even all what you didn't say was appreciated by me and Nick tooIt was great to see all my favorite characters pretty much everyone except your parents Derek grow up And the story Derek apparently gets better with age Just when I think it will all be mucked up a believable HEA pops up towards the end The road Derek and Nicolai take is not without heartache but that's lifeI'm happy you found your wayI'm happy with how it endedKnow I'm totally checking out from this author because those wordswere divine What a great story “O'Reilly I've been running from the worst of myself all my life and now it looks like the best of me just caught up” Derek I love you for what you were and what you are Happy you finally saw what you could becomeLoveMePS If you're reading thisdefinitely check out this book