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Read Sommerhaus später doc » Paperback Ô gwairsoft ½ ❰Download❯ ➶ Sommerhaus später Author Judith Hermann – In nine luminous stories of love and loss loneliness and hope Judith Hermann's stunning debut collection paints a vivid and poignant picture of a generation ready andStless man hopes to find permanence in the purchase of a summerhouse outside Berlin A young girl trapped in a paralyzing web of family stories and secrets finally manages to break free A granddaughter struggles to lay her grandmother's ghosts to rest A successful and simplistic artist becomes inexplicably obsessed with an elusive and strangely sinister young girlAgainst the backdrop of contemporary Berlin possibly Europe's mos In vers short sentences and with little words strong images of the outside and inside world are provoked For me it was really a book about people in their thirties living a life without making real choices and always longing for something bigger Very recognisable Only the first story was different because there the past is a burden for the protagonist and there is a sense of winning freedom by letting that past goAll other stories are marked by an abundance of freedom where every house is temporarily as either a car hotel room or old shag Ready to be abandoned when life takes another turn No ideals except drinking a place at this the bar where you can exchange your troubles to someone else waiting for the world to rescue youI would recommend everybody to read this work if you are able to accept the writing style Often very short sentences little words in a rhythm set by commas’

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In nine luminous stories of love and loss loneliness and hope Judith Hermann's stunning debut collection paints a vivid and poignant picture of a generation ready and anxious to turn their back on the past to risk uncertainty in search of a fresh if fragile euilibrium An international bestseller and translated into twelve languages Summerhouse Later heralds the arrival of one of Germanys most arresting new literary talentsA re a collection of short stories by German literary sensation Judith Herman The Summer House Later is subtitled A book about the moment before happiness This collection of melancholy uietly spoken mediations is a varied lot For the most part not much happensCharacters drink tea coffee vodka smoke cigarettes pot hash go out stay in get together break up If there is one discernible thread it is the almost intangible air of discontentThere is great craft at work here but I must admit that I think that Herman’s style might be better suited to a longer form She has a great skill at capturing the ordinariness modern life particularly its tedium and loneliness and manages to hint that there is always something is stirring beneath the surface The problem with the short form is that for all of the set up and building of characters nothing happens There is no climax no dénouement or hope of resolutionUltimately – for this reader at least – it makes for dissatisfying reading Recommended only to the keen

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Sommerhaus späterT vibrant and exhilarating city Hermann's characters are as kaleidoscopic and extraordinary as their metropolis united mostly in a furious and dogged pursuit of the elusive specter of living in the moment They're people who in one way or another constantly challenge the madness of the modern world and whose dreams of transcending the ordinary for that narrow strip of sky over the rooftops are deeply felt and perfectly rendered One star for The end of something and Sonja the only two short stories here that aren't just a kitschy excuse for making some futile characters lose their time while being depressed over losing their time or is it over being futile? I wish I'd learned something I wish I felt for this book some emotion apart from irritation I wish there was a touch of humour I wish I could see something to admire for a moment or something relevant meaningful gripping memorably happy or unhappy that would make these pieces of text feel like stories Alas