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Royally Trained Royals of Colania #1Create an heir for his country Forced by responsibility he Trained Royals of ePUB #10003 turns to the one man who can give him the best of both worlds But will Prince Anton find what he’s searching forDamian is the ruler of The Dungeon He is the Teacher and the only man Prince Anton can trust to provide him with what he needs He is on a mission to find a. I received an ARC of this novel for an honest review I was in no way compensated For those of you who follow my reviews I don't give a 5 star lightlyand this was a easy 4 12 star read for me A fantastic debut novel I am honored to have been a part of helping to introduce to and review for future readers This novel is a uniue adaption of current government ruled by a historically influenced royal family Prince Anton has a sordid past which has shaped him into a sexual sadist Being forced as the ruling body to marry and produce an heir to continue the bloodline he has enlisted the help of Damien to find him a life mate In a world where the sex industry is legal and prevalent Teacher Damian is the best of the best in the art of domination and instruction of those willing to be trained as a submissive Mellissandra is desperate to save her sick brother and help her parents care for him but when she willingly volunteers to become Prince Anton's life mate she has no idea the danger she has signed up for Her innocence and purity are desired but will her sheltered upbringing and fiery temper help her or hinder her The powerful have secrets that the common public does not know about Can Prince Anton suppress his dangerous and destructive carnal desires to do what is expected of him Can Damian assist Anton in finding the perfect submissive Will Mellisandra stay true to herself and fulfill her goals or will she be tainted by lust and devoured by loveI was completely and utterly intrigued by the characters in this story Prince Anton I absolutely could not stand in the beginninghe was arrogant demented and crueloh I could go on and on However as the story progressed the author did an amazing job bringing out that which made him the way he wasand the transformation that occurred within him was fantastic Damian from the start was the epitome of the jackass alpha male and I loved him completely for itthough I felt like slapping him several times Mellisandra was strong though uite bratty at points she overcame all that she was subjected to and overcame ither strength survival instinct and growth throughout the story was inspiring Aside from the three main characters were several others who played active roles in the storysome you will love others you will despise and some will shock you I can honestly say that there were times I wish there had been a little back story on the basics of how the society was runthis is not a historical though it has the historical feel with reference to the royal influence on the government Sometimes I would have a scene pictured in my head one way and a sentence or comment from a character would make me have to alter my inner movie of the story because it did not fit with what was in my headI know I may be weird but this is what my brain does when I read Without giving spoilers it's hard to express what I felt was missingbut it in no way takes away from the story I thought this was a well written novel filled with secrets lies intrigue and pure craziness that will keep you engaged as to how it will all work out That being saidif you are someone who is not comfortable with the aspect of sexual domination and submission descriptive sexual scenes foul language and calculated murder this is not a story for you However if you are one who likes lots of sex deception and murder surrounded with love and dipped in a whole lot of crazy get your one clicker ready I really enjoyed this bookespecially the fact that the setting kept me on edge wondering how the behind the scenes worked in this societyit kept me enthralled and though there is clearly an opening for a seuel it was not a cliff hangerwell not completely I honestly hope that the author has in store for us in the lives of Anton Damian and Mellisandra because I will definitely be one clicking away to continue on with their story if she does

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In a country stuck in the dark Royals of PDFEPUB #230 ages is a world filled with sex and scandal Governed by royalty those in power have many deep rooted secrets that span generations Prince Anton’s sordid Royally Trained PDFEPUBpast has forged his future He finds his only pleasure from being a sadist but he knows he must continue the royal bloodline and. OMG Immediately after reading this book I had to go research this author to find out if Royally Trained was truly her first book I was shocked to discover that it indeed is her first Author Diana Ames is very talented This book was amazing It reached out and grabbed me and held me captive until the end Honestly if you want a book to escape from reality until the very end then this book is for you and you need to one click now I was totally unable to put it downIt had everything in it in just the right amounts There was mystery suspense love scorching hot erotic love scenes and much I laughed I cried happy and sad tears I laughed and I screamed at my ereader It was just amazingIt was one of the best written books I've ever read The author and editor are an awesome team The characters and the plot were well developed The plot moved smoothly The dialogue was amazing and occurred flawlessly with absolutely no confusion The point of view changed between the characters freuently but was done in such a way that there was NEVER any confusion The reader always knows whose point of view is being used Very Impressive Ms AmesI don't do spoilers I will say that I was cheering out loud at the ending I just can't put into words how much I enjoyed this 5 star book It is a must read I will be reading the rest do this series as well as any other books that this brilliant author releases I do highly recommend both this book this author and anything else she releases

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Royally Trained Royals of Colania #1 Read & download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î ❰Reading❯ ➿ Royally Trained Royals of Colania #1 Author Diana Ames – In a country stuck in the dark ages is a world filled with sex and scandaVirgin submissive to become the prince’s life partner What happens when the Teacher falls for the woman he’s been ordered to train As lust and love spiral out of control Prince Anton and Damian find their lives change unexpectedly because of one independent and defiant woman CONTENT DISCLAIMER This novel contains language violence and sexual situations. Let me start by saying the cover is stunning First impression I would definitely grab it up because of that But it wasn’t just the pretty cover that sucked me in the story itself was enough to make me a lifelong fanIf you only prefer light fluffy reads this may not be the book for you It has a darker tone—and I think that was one of my favorite things about it I was a huge VC Andrews fan when I was younger So it stands to reason that darker themes appeal to me Let’s start with Prince Anton; he is dark and a tortured soul We first and foremost see that side and the damage he leaves in his wake But he completely three dimensional and by the end you love him You won’t even remember when the switch from hating him to loving him occurredNext Teacher Damian fansself he is brooding sexy and protective Even though several times in the book you will find yourself screaming at him to shut his trap he is really a big sexy teddy bearMellisandra—I don’t even know where to start with this woman I think she is one of my favorite heroines ever What she does is so selfless and what happens to her as a result literally had me in tearsThe world building—holy smokes I loved it it was like a historical but in modern time I don’t know how to explain it exactly but it is completely uniue and I was hooked by the tone It’s like modern day medieval times Seriously one of the most fascinating worlds I’ve read in a long timeAll around these are perfectly flawed characters you find yourself sucked in and truly caring about them Some of them were perfectly wicked and the villain OMG That is all I will say about that This book is truly a gem of a find and I can’t wait for the next one