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Read & Download The Lost Chapters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ The Lost Chapters Author Leslie Schwartz – Leslie Schwartz's powerful skillfully woven memoir of redemption and reading as told through the list of books she read as she served a 90 day jail sentence Ceral recollections of both her daily humiliations and small triumphs within the county jail system Through the stories of others whether rendered on the page or whispered in a jail cell she learned powerful lessons about how to banish shame use guilt for good level her grief and find the lost joy and magic of her astonishing life Told in vivid unforgettable prose The Lost Chapters uncovers the nature of shame rage and love and how instruments of change and redemption come from the unlikeliest of places. I wanted to like this book but for some reason I didn't really I liked parts of it but overall did not really care for it Which I feel bad for because its a memoir This might be due to the fact that I read a book about a man who was on death row for 15 years for a crime he did not commit and then I read this book So I think I was comparing the twoAnywho it is not that long of a book so give it a try

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Y The damage she inflicted that year upon her friends her husband her teenage daughter and herself was nearly impossible to fathom Incarceration might have ruined her altogether if not for the stories that sustained her while she was behind bars both the artful tales in the books she read while there and immediately the stories of her fellow inmates With classics like Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome to contemporary accounts like Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken Schwartz's reading list is woven together with vis. I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 stars so I'll be nice and round up I find that I don't have the energy to say much about this book Sometimes I enjoyed Leslie Schwartz's insights and sometimes she drove me up a wall Sometimes I was entertained and sometimes I was bored This isn't a terrible book but I wouldn't actually recommend it to anyone not with all the other better books out there But you know read the description and decide for yourself whether you want to try it Whatever

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The Lost ChaptersLeslie Schwartz's powerful skillfully woven memoir of redemption and reading as told through the list of books she read as she served a day jail sentence In novelist Leslie Schwartz was sentenced to days in Los Angeles County Jail for a DUI and battery The Lost PDFEPUB or of an officer It was the most harrowing and holy experience of her lifeFollowing a day relapse into alcohol and drug addiction after than a decade clean and sober Schwartz was sentenced and served her time with only six months' sobriet. To my mind this little memoir was really akin to three books in one which could be both a strength and a weakness Its FIRST function was to be a book about books and reading kind of book I know there are a lot of folks who love these; I'll admit they're not my fave However this book offered up an interesting take on the genre You get a lot of time when you’re doing time so within the realm of your control on what specific reading will you spend that timeThis premise resonated with me to the extent that it was probably the reason I bought the book in the first place in addition to the awesome trompe l'oeil cover Nearly immediately upon completing a book I can typically be seen wandering up and down the stairs of my house restlessly shuffling a pile of books in my arms like a sad little library ghost This can go on for a good while Rarely do I ever know exactly what book I want – or need – to read next I MIGHT know approximately which six ish books I want to read next and even that changes per the hour and day So imagine choosing in advance – if you even had the luxury of loved ones who could make your wish list a reality per the stringent mail reuirements of our correctional system – the books you would like to have with you IN JAIL I can barely structure my reading choices effectively around the constraints of vacation packing or the shortened library “hotlist” loan period much less a prison sentenceSo the author spends some time exploring her thought process behind developing her incarceration reading list and then she discusses in depth a few of the books that particularly impacted her relative to her incarceration and the alcohol addiction that preceded it I appreciated hearing how mindfully and deliberately she read while in jail she reads uber slowly smells the pages etc both to savor the words and to relish the physical object And of course we can all empathize when guards are ridiculing her books or holding them hostage within view as she pines away However the book gradually drifted away from this area of focus as the author’s attention was increasingly drawn toward other things – such as you know being in jail and being with other people who are also in jail I was interested in this new focus but the shift seemed a bit sloppy and not cohesive Like at the beginning you have detailed exegeses of entire texts and then that pretty much fades away As it stands I don’t know if there will be enough of the “books about books” factor to satisfy readers who are seeking a book of this sort since books in this vein are not really my thing anywaySo as the book progresses the author still does some reading and writing including with other inmates but she’s also increasingly engrossed in other activities such as teaching yoga attending life skills classes and gardening in Dixie cups This brings us toward the SECOND function of this book which is to document the challenges boredom and the undignified not rehabilitative conditions of incarcerated life she observed and to illuminate the lives of the incarcerated women she met In particular she makes an effort to highlight social injustices that take place within the jail setting especially at the hands of the guards and law enforcement personnel whom the author almost universally describes as despicably verballyemotionally and even physically abusive For instance she reports guards constantly call the inmates stupid and derisively sneer things like “See you back here soon” when inmates are discharged She also endeavors to make an accounting of social justice issues that drive the disproportionate incarceration of people of color people who have experienced poverty and violence or abuse and people with addiction and other mental health conditionsI respected the author’s well intentioned effort to get to know her fellow inmates and to tell their stories This would have easily been my favorite part of my book except for that although the author earnestly attempts to acknowledge her own significant privilege as a wealthy educated white woman authoracademic with a beautiful California home complete w meditation garden and loyal friends and husband whose handsomeness is oft referenced she still has some blind spots In one scene that really stuck with me she is immediately hateful judgmental and aggressively unrepentantly hostile toward another inmate who doesn’t seem to be significantly offensive than any other inmate the author encounters but whom like the author is a white woman and an addict But presumably lacking the kind of social supports and resources the author enjoys as we know this inmate’s children UNLIKE the author’s were taken by social services as a result of her addiction I was like am I not supposed to see this as extreme self loathingprojection – because I don’t get that a meth addict somehow deserves less empathy than an ETOH addictAlso for someone with a meditation practice complete with home Zen garden the author dedicates an awful lot of energy to complaining about people who smell in jail I get it washing is good However there are probably many legitimate risk factors impeding personal hygiene in jail including safety or privacy concerns and fear; mental health concerns like sexual trauma depression or serious mental illness; and the cleanliness and conditions of the washing facilities themselves The author also seemed weirdly prudish about anything to do with vaginas in jail as a discussion topic or as a general presence while at the same time dedicating a lot of space to the discussion of her disgust and annoyance around this – which I found confusing I wished the author had been able to work a bit harder to balance out her MRSA hypochondria with some empathy In any case I appreciate the author’s effort and honesty and I know the author isn’t responsible for her limitations in telling about other people’s stories – she deserves props for making the effort – but still Theirs were the stories I really wanted to hear This book serves as a good reminder that there is really no replacement for Own Voices stories which are incredibly importantWhere the author probably most succeeds in my view is in the THIRD function of this book as an addiction and recovery memoir Any potential failings I’ve identified in the book’s first and second functions have merit and make sense in the context of this book as someone actively making an effort to transform a punishment into an opportunity for self improvement The author does not sit around waiting for rehabilitative therapeutic services that will never be served up to her by the broken system she describes; instead she creates her own healing and accountability program DIY style She works really hard in reflecting on back on the origins conseuences and collateral impacts of her addiction and contemplating preparing for and actively making change It’s okay that she’s not perfectly maintaining just yet – she’s very upfront that she’s still changing And she’s honest earnest dedicated and importantly remains internally motivated in that effort which is a significantly responsible achievement for anyone coping with the oppressive depressive conditions of incarceration I should also mention that I listened to the audiobook and the author does a fantastically sincere expressive and passionate job reading her own work in which this uality really comes across